TMF STEAMLine hand pump sprayer (302-B)

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STEAMLine 302-B One-hand Sprayer, 2 Liter, (EPDM pH 7-14)

Fats, oils and protein residues are stubborn substances in the kitchen and food processing areas that require the application of alkaline cleaning solutions. These solutions are also used for cleaning glass, de-greasing components in the metal industry, or for cleaning jobs in the car industry.

EPDM seals effectively protect connecting seams on TMF STEAMLine Sprayers. Apart from alkaline cleaning solutions, EPDM is also suited for the application of disinfecting solutions such as those used in hospitals and swimming pools. To guarantee a long service life, all mechanical parts of the

TMF STEAMLine Sprayers are sealed to protect from coming into contact with the chemical. Special, high-quality nozzles ensure an even and consistent spray pattern.

  •  Durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tanks are resistant to UV ray impact and are corrosion-resistant and transparent.
  •  High-quality seals fitted to all parts that come in contact with the chemical.
  •  Ergonomically-shaped operating components.
  •  Efficient, heavy-duty pumps for quick and effortless pressurization.
  •  Corrosion-resistant plastic parts.
  •  Equipped with chemical-resistant EPDM seals for use with alkaline and disinfecting solutions.
  •  Light, sturdy and translucent tank with easily visible fill volume graduation marks and large opening.
  •  Smooth, sealed pump with large pump handle for quick and efficient pressurization to maximum 45psi.
  •  Automatic pressure relief valve can be manually operated to release pressure.
  •  Plastic adjustable spray nozzle.
  •  Large ergonomically-shaped handle.
  •  Stable three-footed conical-shaped tank.

Comp Model: SOLO STEAMLine

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    Hand-pump sprayer

    All is well with this sprayer other than when under pressure I'll accidentally press the sensitive sprayer and it will spray where I dont want the spray to go. My bad. Might need some getting used to.

    Stephen D.
    United States United States

    non working

    I love the fact that it has a great fan spray and is easily adjustable. but iv already bought two. the first one I bought just dint work. so got upset through it away and started using a different pump sprayer. after a while bought a 2nd steam line. I was really on edged cause the first one just dint work brand new out of the box. I received the 2nd one in the mail and was happy for two weeks had a great sprayer. go to upholstery job and the damn thing will not spray no matter how many times you this point idk what to do cause I love the steam lines but they do no last. I want to buy another one but im pretty scared its just gonna end up not working and by then ill be almost100 dollars in on pump sprayers

    Harlan g.
    United States

    Do not recommend

    Broke after a couple uses.

    Oscar R.
    United States

    2 at sprayer

    Love it finally found a sprayer that replaces my old 2 qt hydro force sprayer they no longer make .

    kurt g.
    United States

    Best spray we’ve ever purchased,

    Our multi-truck company has been in business over twelve years and has literally purchased hundreds of hand sprayers from every manufacturer imaginable. The TMF sprayer is quality made, rugged, and “sprays right” every time. We highly recommend this sprayer.

    Troy L.
    United States