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You can now purchase this product ONLY from Interlink Supply and other distributors.

Here is the hottest new tile & grout cleaner on the market. Designed exclusively by Truck Mount Forums with no fillers, unnecessary additives. This 3-n-1 cuts through grease and stains on natural and man-made stone like nothing else you have ever tried. It also has incredible boosting power for Preload Prespray to help get rid of organic stains and odors while brightening carpets naturally. Say goodbye to inferior tile & grout cleaning products and say hello to the best on the planet at an unbelievable low price!


  • PH 12.5 Gently buffered!
  • Always test for colorfastness
  • Brightens tile & grout without bleach
  • Diluted gallon RTU costs less than a dollar!!
  • Not recommended for wool
  • Do not take internally
  • Wash hands after contact w/skin
  • Super Concentrated & Pure
  • Free rinsing


  • Pump-up sprayer 2oz per gallon hot water
  • Mix 18 oz in inline sprayers
  • Spray and let dwell 15 minutes
  • Agitate grout with grout brush & use deck brush for tile
  • As a carpet booster add 4-8 oz to inline sprayer with your prespray mix
  • Rinse with clear water!

NOTE: Orders are now shipped 6 days a week, Mon-Sat!

*Shipping rates will vary for International orders.

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Customer Reviews
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    Best tile and grout cleaner on the market

    Tile Master is hands down the best tile and grout cleaner I have ever tried, no more scrubbing and hoping it cleans up. Ever since I started using Tile Master my confidence in tile and grout cleanings have sky rocketed which has allowed me to raise my pricing and schedule even more work.

    Jason F.

    Just AMAZING!!

    I been using Tile Master for a few months now and I love the results the grout lines look brighter after cleaning and is safe around furniture and stainless steel, I recommend this product

    Luis U.

    The best tile cleaner I have ever used

    I used Tilemaster for the first time the other day and it was AWESOME! I have been cleaning tile for 10 years now and I have used several different chemicals and Tilemaster beats them all. The first house I cleaned with Tilemaster was a house that I clean every year and I have cleaned their tile 5 times now. There was 300 square feet, and the job always takes me 45 minutes (I am already all set up because I do the carpet too). With Tilemaster the job only took 20 minutes, a little less than half the time. I was amazed at how easily the grout came clean and how fast I was able to move. Tilemaster costs a little more than the cleaner I have been using, but when you factor in the time and labor you save from being able to move faster the job cost is actually less. You get what you pay for and the same is true with Tilemaster. I give Tilemaster 5 stars and definitely recommend it to everyone!

    Todd C.

    Worth Trying

    For most jobs I use Prochem Tile & Grout cleaner at a cost of $21/gallon. To date, this has been the most economical and best product I've tried to date before giving Tilemaster a try. Tilemaster is being offered at $159/case of 4---$40/each. Don't let the price fool you! Tilemaster does cost twice as much but the savings are incredible to say the least. 

For example: With Prochem, I mix 16oz for every gallon of water in my pump up pre-sprayer for a total of 8 total gallons of cleaning solution, which works out to approximately $2.63/gallon. With Tilemaster, I mix 1 scoop per gallon in my pre-sprayer and there are 52 scoops per 6 lb container which equates to 52 gallons of cleaning solution at a cost of .77/gallon!

    Bill G.

    Best Product I've tried to date

    I recently had the pleasure to speak with Rob on the phone about tile & grout cleaning and he recommended trying his Tilemaster product. Since he was nice enough to return my phone call, I decided to give it a try. As it turns out, I'm sure glad I did. This product is simply amazing! We used this on a floor that I've cleaned for the past 5 years. I've tried just about every product on the market to clean these floors and absolutely nothing cleaned it better and more easily than Tilemaster. It powered through all the dirt and grime like a hot knife slicing thru butter. The end results were nothing short of incredible.


The other important aspect to this besides the savings in overall cost is the high concentration powder in the Tilemaster. No more measuring liquids. I simply put 1 scoop in my 1 gallon pre-spray and I'm done. No messy spills! I would definately recommend this product to anyone cleaning tile & grout. As Rob also mentioned to me--not only is it a great cleaning product, its ***** proof! It can be used on any type of tile without causing any harmful side effects such as etching.

 Do yourself a favor and give this product a try. It will save you money, increase your profits, and do a fantastic job cleaning your floors.