SuperCap Oxy X 3 Encapsulation Cleaner


When you need to bust an ENCAP on a rat nasty, who do you call? Calling SUPER CAP!! This product is high performing encap/bonnet, low moisture and hot water extraction pre-spray that blends detergents with insanely good smelling organic solvents and peroxide that murder oil, grease and soil right then and there. Even at lower water temperatures, SUPER CAP has incredible working power with T3H encapsulating polymers that allows you to suspend and remove the encapsulated soil. This is a mighty power, and professional carpet cleaners should be the only ones wielding it’s power.

9 in 1 Cleaning Product!

  1. SuperCap is an encapsulating carpet shampoo.
  2. SuperCap is an encapsulating upholstery cleaner.
  3. SuperCap is an encapsulating encap pad/bonnet cleaner.
  4. SuperCap is an encapsulating hot water extraction detergent.
  5. SuperCap is an encapsulating spotter.
  6. SuperCap is an encapsulating car floor+upholstery cleaner.
  7. SuperCap is an encapsulating syntethic rug cleaner.
  8. SuperCap is an encapsulating traffic lane cleaner.
  9. SuperCap is an encapsulating de-browner.

SuperCap Oxy 3X Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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Dane S.
United States

Great Encap

This is my go to on the really bad carpets. I love the foaming action, really seems to take it to the next level!


Amazing product

The new free and clear is amazing. Cuts right through the nastiest of soils. It will make you a hero in your clients eyes. Way to go TMF.

Will P.
Birmingham, AL

Every Carpet Cleaner Needs Rob's Supercap Oxy 3X!!!

Many cleaners, myself included, like to go green whenever we can. And we all like to avoid the costs and potential negative reviews that come with having to re-clean due to browning or wicked back stains, so we often choose to Encap instead of HWE. Since I purchased my Orbot Vibe in 2017 I have been gradually using up my cases of Environ HP which is an encapsulation cleaning chemical made in California by and for Hos to meet California's strict environmental standards. Environ HP is environmentally friendly for all walks of life, smells great, and is a powerful cleaning product that I am proud to use. The following experience compares Environ HP to Rob's Supercap Oxy 3X and as you will see, there is a clear winner. Even though I have been in business for 3 years, back in March I was still a part time cleaner that worked primarily with 3 top Real Estate Agents that kept me afloat. This job was typical. My agent had clients with nasty carpet that had probably never been professionally cleaned and I had to help them get ready to sell their home which was inhabited by two large dogs, two boys aged 7 and 10, and two adults. The whole family did MMA so they rolled on the carpet a lot, and the dogs were house trained but lived inside. Wouldn't you know, the belt on my vacuum broke on this job, so the customer let me use theirs before going off for their MMA tournament. Because their vacuum picked up so much dog hair that mine missed, I have since bought myself a Shark and swear by them. But that's not what this review is about. Anyway, I started to clean one of the boys bedrooms using my Orbot Vibe and the Environ HP. Even after changing superzorb pads, it just wasn't getting as clean as I'd hoped. I decided to put Rob's Supercap Oxy3X to the test in the hopes I could forego hooking up my portable. After all, I really didn't want to risk over wetting, browning, or wicking stains. I cleaned that bedroom again with Supercap Oxy3X and got it as clean as I knew it could and should be. I have high standards, so this made me extremely happy and I kept going. I finished off the entire house with the sample Rob was kind enough to supply. It was about 2000 sqft of Berber carpet including trashed Berber stairs and heavy traffic lanes in front of the door, the sofas, the hallway, and in the home gym. The clients were thrilled with the before and after pictures I sent them, and even called to thank me when they got back from their tournament. Rob's Supercap Oxy3X has more cleaning power than the Environ HP, by far. In fact, it is better than Environ HP in every way other than the smell. Unlike the Environ HP, there is a chemical odor as you are cleaning with Supercap Oxy3X, but it disappears once it's no longer in the air as a spray. In other words, the odor is gone after the particles have settled onto the carpet. And get this. Environ HP has a tendency to clump up with solids that have clogged my jets on the Vibe more than once. In fact, I now use a screen on the jugs to stop the solids from entering my Vibe as you can not always see the clumps when pouring it. Supercap Oxy3X does not do that at all. So when these last 3 gallons of Environ HP are gone, it's nothing but Rob's Supercap 3X for me! Whether it's for a wick back, for a job that is further out than your hoses can reach, for high rise apartments/condos, for clean-outs, or to replace a chemical that can stop up your jets or if you need the most powerful free and clear encap cleaner on the market, Rob's Supercap Oxy 3X needs to be on your truck! I know it will be on mine!!!