Coronavirus COVID-19 Chemicals, PPE, Equipment


    These products from the manufacturers have stated they work best for the Human Coronavirus and possibly the new Coronavirus COVID-19 Disease virus for Professionals use only. The new strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has not been tested against specific/any disinfectants at this moment, these products has been very effective at similar viruses such as Human Coronavirus and others as it states. Until TMF has further information from the CDC/WHO/EPA and manufacturers we will update this page at any given time so please check back often for updated information.

    • CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
    • WHO – World Health Organization: WHO Coronavirus
    • EPA – Environmental Protection Agency: US EPA
    • These products haven't been tested for the current strain coming out of China, although efficacy on other strains is a good indicator. 
    • Novel coronavirus is thought to be spread primarily via airborne transmission, however, the CDC still advises surface disinfection.

    o   Coronavirus Triggers EPA Emerging Viral Pathogens: Coronavirus Cases Trigger EPA

    TruckMountForums cannot make a determination of the effectiveness of a product in fighting pathogens like Coronavirus COVID-19. For questions related to the effectiveness of any product not please contact the manufacturer directlyTruckMountForums makes zero claims on any products but rather listing only from the manufacturers website and listed recommendations from the CDC, WHO and EPA - TruckMountForums claims no responsibility over any chemicals sold, dropshipped or listed information and under any responsibility or liability in relation to the Coronavirus.  TMF shall not be responsible for any action taken or fines or penalties assessed by any personal, company/business, governmental agency against the chemicals sold  due to any requirements or regulations of any governmental agency or with a notification issued must be handled direct to the manufacturer of these listed products of this Collection. Purchasing and using these products are used at your own risk and you claim 100% responsibility.