Demo and Used 15" TMF Multi-Clean Counter Rotating Brush (CRB)

  • Machine base 15" MODEL
  • 1 set of renovators
  • 1 set of dust covers
  • 1 transport trolley
  • 1 set of standard blue brushes
  • 3 ft power cord
  • NO WARRANTY with DEMO/Used Models

This machine does it ALL! With this machine, you can tackle residential carpets, commercial carpets, AND hard surfaces!! With tandem capabilities, you’ll be breezing through work in no time- and not to mention with its encap power these floors will be dry on a dime, letting your customer get on with their day, and allowing you to get the most out of your investment. This unit is built solidly with stainless steel and aluminum, ensuring that the build will last through the toughest jobs. It can tackle most hard surfaces, allowing your business to offer several different types of cleaning all with one piece of equipment!! The organic compound use is tough on heavy traffic, and in an effort to respect and do our part for the environment, this unit uses less water and reduced energy without loss of quality! So now the biggest question you have to ask yourself is: WHEN ARE YOU GETTING ONE?