This is a PREORDER and SHIPS Early November 2019!

Find out What's New on the IPS PRO V8 and comparing to the previous model below the whats included content:

What is included in the IPS Pro V8 Full Pack?

  • IPS Pro V8 Sprayer
  • 2 x Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Super Quick Charger
  • 25' PVC Hose 6/9 mm
  • Telescopic Wand
  • Nozzle Kit
  • Hose Clip
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Instruction Manual 'English'
  • Accessories Included! See image
  • 1 Year Warranty

What has been upgraded and fixed?

- Option to spray continuously :
This option is not new but we did not communicate so much on it earlier so I guess almost nobody knows that if you turn on the automatic flow button you just need to pull the trigger once to start or stop spraying so when you hit the trigger it turns on but stays on until you hit the trigger again. That's just an option so you can use it like you used to use it if you prefer but for large jobs it can help.

- We add New Brass Quick connector for the priming hose

We listened to what YOU as a buyer wanted us to change from last years version of the IPS Pro V7 were:

The Telescopic wand was too heavy and too long for the carpet cleaning industry + some of them were leaking. We have fixed this issue!

1: New short telescopic wand 20" to 40" is included in each pack. It is a light weight wand and don't need to be supported by 2 hands. 

The wands will not leak anymore as we have a new quality control team so any single pack will be tested before shipping.

2: Battery died if we did not remove it after the jobs. The new battery is a very high quality battery from Samsung Electronics.

Why were some customers were complaining about the batteries in 2017/2018?

Most of the customers do not read the instruction's manual so they did not remove the battery after the jobs. After few days the battery was empty and "dead"...

We have solved this problem :

Sounds like people would prefer to remove the battery after the jobs instead of waiting few seconds to start spraying so we kept the same system so we added 1 new Power Button to provide another way to stop the IPS circuit board and avoid battery issue! You need to press the Power Button 1 time to start and 1 time to stop the IPS Pro V8.

Actually if the customer wants to keep his batteries working fine for a long time, he will have 2 choices :

Remove the battery
Press the Power Button ON /OFF so the battery will not die even it is always plugged on the IPS.

3: The last issue we have seen so far was the circuit board wet, burned or damaged by cleaning solutions. The liquid passed through the plastic body gun and damaged the circuit board, a very small amount of customers had an issue like that. We have fixed this issue by protecting more the new circuit board so it will be difficult to get the circuit board wet and damaged.