ShuBee® Black Gauntlet® Gold Edition Black Nitrile Glove X Large

• Extended Cuff

• 3x the Puncture Resistance of Latex or Vinyl

• 5.5 mil Thickness at Palm

• 7.5 mil Thickness at Fingertips

• Superb Tensile Strength

• Powder Free to Not Compromise Adhesive Seals or Fresh Paint

• Latex Free Alternative for Latex-Sensitive Workers

• Great Barrier Protection

• Textured for a Reliable Grip, Wet or Dry

• Oil Resistant

• 100 Gloves per Box


Get in the black and out of ordinary nitrile gloves. Black Gauntlet® Gold Edition gloves provide a distinctive, professional look without sacrificing the tough nitrile protection you’ve come to expect. With a first class look, fit, feel, and grip, Black Gauntlet® Gold Edition gloves are quickly becoming the gloves that techs and professionals prefer.

Our Black Gauntlet® Gold Edition gloves have a five mils thick construction, an extended cuff, and three times the puncture resistance of comparable latex or vinyl gloves, making our nitrile gloves an excellent choice for your industrial jobs. These industrial grade Black Gauntlet® Gold Edition gloves contain no latex proteins, and no powder that could leave residue. Textured for enhanced dexterity.