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The Marinator Complete Decon. System

A complete system for the most thorough decontamination process ever developed for area rug care professionals.  Can be used with OR without The Rug Sucker Multi-tool.  Performance is greatly magnified with BOTH generations of The Rug Sucker Multi-tool when paired with The Marinator.  

Lightweight, compact and portable, The Marinator Decontamination/Wash System developed by The Rug Reviver brand of area rug care tooling is the most affordable and highest, end-product quality submersion-type setup that has ever been available for rug care professionals.  The specialized material that this trough is made from is custom made to size(custom sides available upon written request).  The duty-built pump circulates massive amounts of cleaning solution(s) THROUGH the textile, cleaning that ever elusive, third side of the area rug that other systems cannot penetrate.  

Each Marinator system includes:
(1) Sized holding pond(folds away when not in use and includes a patch kit).
(1) Marinator pump(with fitting assemblies) made to our specifications for heavy duty submersion vacuum and flow.
​*System does NOT include The Rug Sucker Multi-tool.
**It is the responsibility of the user to determine the risks associated with each rug for this application.  We are not responsible for the users lack of experience or improper handling of rugs while using The Marinator.
*The black pond style gives the best performance for scuffs and wear.