The Marinator Complete Decon. System


Forget about multiple rounds of washing and endless flipping of rugs with the new Marinator System from Rug Reviver.  This new innovation gives the 'quality-minded' rug care professional the ability to cleanse the inner and most difficult 'side' of the rug like NO other system or method has been able to accomplish before.  The heavy-duty pump can move up to 80 gallons per minute of solutions THROUGH the rug with the aid of The Rug Sucker, creating an UNbeatable method of quality and continuing our motto of 'affordable automation' from the Rug Reviver brand of tooling.

Each pond is custom made-to-order in FIVE sizes, four colors to choose from and includes:
(1) Pump with the appropriate hardware to join the pump to The Rug Sucker Multi-tool(if desired).  
(1) Discharge hose for the flushing functionality.
(2) Bungees for securing the discharge hose to The Versa Wash Station.
*Weighted, waterproof sandbag(s).
*Note-The 10.5' & 13.5' Marinator BASES include (2) sandbags, the 4.5' & 7.5' bases include (1) sandbag.  The 16.5' & 19.5' BASES include (3) sandbags.  These increase the shipping weight but we believe are worth the additional cost to have a complete, functioning system.