The benefits are beautiful

Premium Chemistry

Field tested by cleaners, concentrated formulations, and loved by professionals worldwide.

Profitable Options

We offer bulk buying, slow/sea freight, and distributor pricing liberty to maximize end profit.

Marketing Assets

Many of our marketing assets are yours to use; including reviews, product images, and more!

Distributor Requirements

Premium products need premium service

Existing Customers

At this time, we are limiting our distributorship offerings to suppliers with an existing customer base.

Customer Support

Transactional and technical customer support via email or phone must be available with less than 48 hour response times.

User-friendly Website*1

Your website must be mobile friendly, online ordering enabled, and proper UI/UX design principles followed for a seamless experience.

Ready to make the world a cleaner place?

About TMF

Truck Mount Forums started as an online community for cleaners worldwide to share their methods, failures plus successes, and information to make the world a safer, cleaner place. 

 When we saw there was a need for higher quality products, our Secret Formula became the confidence for every cleaner entering a customer’s residence.

Distributor Application

Why Refer a Distributor to TMF?

Save Money

Whether across the coast or across the ocean, buying from your local distributor saves money on many shipping and handling costs.

Faster Delivery

Local shipping and pickup options with distributors will allow you to stock up for those last minute jobs and still have premium chemistry.

Referral Reward

After the first order, we’ll give you $500 in product, credit, or PayPal payment as a thanks for helping the world become a cleaner place. *2

Premium Chemistry

No need to settle for lesser quality. Minimize your client call-backs with the tried and true quality ofStronger, Safer Solutions from TMF.

Want your distributor to carry TMF Products?

Get $500 for every distributor referral *2

Refer a Distributor

As our goal is to make the world a cleaner place with our Stronger, Safer Solutions, we also want to make it as easy as possible to access premium chemistry. 

Once you fill out the referral application, send this page directly to your distributor.

Referral Application

*1 USA distributors are exempt from website requirements unless otherwise noted by TMF.*2 $500 is in the United States dollar. This may be redeemed by Store credit, direct PayPal payment, or free products. If referring a distributor outside the US, the credit may be received through your distributor. This referral promotional offer is valid after distributor places first order meeting our Wholesale MOQ.Promotional offers are subject to revision or removal at any time, for any reason, at the discretion of TMF.