Start Your Carpet Cleaning Business in 5 Simple Steps

There is nothing quite as empowering as starting your own business and reclaiming your time and financial future. If you are looking for a business opportunity that is always in high demand, jumping into this $5 billion industry and starting a carpet cleaning business may be the perfect opportunity for you. 

Whether you decide to market yourself as a residential or commercial carpet cleaning business, spotless carpets and rugs are universally important to people. Starting a carpet cleaning business and immediately setting yourself up for success involves a few simple steps that we have outlines below.

1. Write a Carpet Cleaning Business Plan

The first step in starting any business is to organize your dreams and goals and structure them on paper. A well organized business plan provides a detailed road map that will serve as the foundation of your business. Your carpet cleaning business plan will grow and change, but will always serve as the overarching plan for your business. Address the following questions:

  • Who will you serve? Homeowners? Commercial accounts? 
  • What service packages will you provide?
  • How will you market your services? 
  • Will you have a contract?
  • What are your financial goals for your business?
  • What will be the biggest obstacles and what are some ideas for overcoming them?

2. Create a Budget

Your carpet cleaning business will require start up money. Create a budget that details how much you have on hand to invest in your new business and how much you will need to launch your new business. Consider the following costs in your budget:

  • Equipment Costs
  • Business Licensing
  • Business Insurance
  • Training and Certifications
  • Daily Operational Expenses

Use a small business budget template and track everything so that you can build and grow a profitable business.

3. Train Yourself and Your Employees

 Before opening the doors to your new carpet cleaning business you want to be an expert in your field. Your clients are trusting you and you and your employees need sufficient training to ensure that the quality of your service is top notch. Online training is the most convenient way to learn the trade. Rely on TMF Academy to teach you about everything from commercial and upholstery cleaning to Facebook marketing. 

4. Purchase the Right Equipment

Now that you have decided what types of services you would like to offer, you can begin to research and purchase the right equipment. If you are serious about developing and scaling a business that will profit for years to come, it is important to invest in high quality, durable equipment. Consider starting out with the following equipment:

As you grow and expand your services, you can add grout and tile cleaning equipment, power washing equipment and duct cleaning as auxiliary services designed to bring additional profit.

5. Tie Up the Loose Ends

Now you have your plan, you have a budget, and you have your equipment. Obtain the necessary business licenses and registrations (this will vary based on your location). Once you have your business paperwork, head into a bank and open your business bank account. Calculate how much start up funding you need and apply for a small business loan through your bank or the local SBA. You may also decide to apply for a personal loan for business. Another option to purchase your equipment is to apply for a business credit card. 

It is time to open the doors and start scheduling carpet cleaning appointments. If you have any questions thruoghout the process, feel free to reach out to the experts at Truck Mount Forums, who are happy to help.

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