Carpet Cleaning Chemicals now includes free TMF Academy Courses

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Purchase carpet cleaning chemicals from TMF Store and receive free TMF Academy online courses. Learn carpet cleaning training online from Rob Allen and other instructors today!

WARNING: As you grow others will come to resent your success. Why do I say that? When I was poor starting out my neighbors loved me. When I got to 5 carpet cleaning trucks in a few years, worked less, had new cars, took vacations, played golf and doing other leisure activities I noticed a change. They became passive aggressive, stand offish and gossiped. How do I know? One neighbors had a large party and invited one my friends. He said “Rob they all just sat around and talked about you the whole time. They said no way a Carpet Cleaner could be that well off. He must be selling drugs or something”. I laughed. He said aren’t you mad? I said no “I actually feel sorryfor them as they are only hurting themselves”. Taken back a bit he said “how so”? I said “if they are wasting their time talking about me then they will probably never get anywhere in life”. So I highly recommend that you remember with growth others may resent your success. Don’t resent them. I've moved on. Guess where they are? So just smile, wave bye and keep chasing your dreams. 😁 - Rob Allen

5% OFF chemicals over 500 + 1 TMF Academy Courses 

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These work with the current discounts set in place too, so you can double up the savings! To get the TMF academy courses, Which online training courses would you like from' Rob Allen* courses ? Just reply back to your order with the list of courses you'd like. 

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