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You know, injection sprayers are money making game changers for our industry. They save you a ton of time and we all know that time is money. They're very easy to use, they're very convenient and they do a great job. However they must be working right. And I've found throughout the 35 years or so I've been doing this that most planners have no idea how to use one, how to maintain one and to make sure that it's working correctly by testing it. So I feel like this video, like the injection sprayer is going to be a game changer for you. I'm going to walk you through how to use it, how to maintain it, and how to test it. So let's go now into the back school. I'll get started, you know, before we head into the back end, actually one to explain to you exactly what an ejection system is. (read more below these links below)

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The proper terminology is a adventure siphoned system and it can work off a high pressure or low pressure. So you're moving the liquid through through pressure and it goes in here and the venture are you action draws up your product. Whether you using your carpet cleaning pre spray deodorizer or a protector and delivers it evenly and consistently every single time to the carpet when it's functioning properly, which I'm going to help you with in the back to make sure it is working properly, and this was so much more superior then a popup unit because the pump up unit we'll give you a larger drops, smaller drops depend on what's in there, how much pressure you have in there, and it's very inconsistent, so you get inconsistent results and we know as professionals we need very consistent results and customers deserve that. Also, remember this, that or is a metering tip in here and this metering tip is set at eight to one.

Now if you take that metering tip out, which is what I do and I'll show you more in the back, it delivers it four to one every single time. All right Now remember this also that you can go ahead and raise your pressure up to 500 psi or more and that will dilute the product more. Now if you've got a carpet, this really hammered lower down to 300 psi and you're going to deliver more product to the carpet. Okay With that in my watches, couple of second video with Brian and I'm a head on back here and give you more information.

Okay Okay.

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Okay, let's talk about the proper use of an injection sprayer. Number one, you want to determine the product you're going to be as inside the home. Remember, every home and every client is is unique. There's different soil levels, there's different expectation levels and you want to make sure that you're using the products to fit each home. So first thing do is I'll go ahead and take out my metering tip. That way the unit will be four to one instead of eight to one. That way I know this will generally do one home, no problem. That way I can refill it and go into new next home and do the same thing. Now how do we determine what the right product is Well, what if a client wants a 100% green What if you want to use a powder This 99% green What if he need something extreme

Also, remember there's five different soil types in America, so you might need to try our sample pack and find out what works best in your area. There's different hardnesses of water and there's different types of soil all throughout the Americas. You want to make sure you get the right product for your area that fits your cleaning needs and what's cool is every single home being different, you might need to boost it. You might need to adjust the ratio. You can easily do that on the fly from home to home when you're running at four to one. Now let's talk about how to mix it properly. When using powder sometimes takes a little bit longer for it to dilute. A lot of people think, well the hotter it is, the better it is. That's not true. If you exceed 180 degrees when using an injection sprayer, it will cap, it will cause cavitation and it won't draw and you're not going to get any push back down on the, on the carpets and you're not going to do a good job.

We might just get a small amount on it and you can't really tell what's going on and you get an effective cleaning job. You don't want that to happen. So what I like to do is I'll take up like a protein mixing ball for a drink. Uh, I prefer aside fill port. I'll go ahead and drop it inside there. I'll fill this halfway with hot water, generally tap water and I'll have my product and they'll shake it up real good. Then I'll fill it up the rest of the way. Shake it up real good. And now I know I've got a really great dilution going on. I'm going to go in and set my truck mounts at about 1500 rpms. That way, the heat, not too high. I'm going to go ahead and set my psi at 400 Psi because that's what this is calibrated to work at 400 PSI is the ideal.

And I'm going to go ahead and I'm going inside the home and I'm going to start spraying. Now I like to spray about 12 inches from the ground. I don't want the lance too high and I don't want it too low and I don't want to just sit in one section and really overdo it. So I like to lay it down in layers because a fiber, what, what can happen to you is the products can run down the fiber real fast and you can force it. Now it can miss some of the different soil types that are sitting on there and it won't cause property emulsion or suspension. So I'll lay it down a layer. So it kind of sits on the top and it does its job and it breaks it down and it flushes and easily comes off of the carpet. That's very important.

And then lastly, I like to usually, generally I'll spread the whole upstairs first. I'll go ahead and clean. I'll come downstairs and sprayed the downstairs working from my cleanest area to my dirtiest stabber area, but just remember, never allow their pre spray to dry. If you find it dry and Glenn missed it down, give it another coat. Also, if you come across an area that's very impacted with oils or urine, you can boost it accordingly to, so that's really nice. Okay, so that covers everything for the use and if you stay tuned at the very end of this video, I'm going to have some extra bonus footage. Now, let's on to how to maintain your injection sprayer.

Okay, let's talk about maintenance and less illustrate how important maintenance is. First of all, if you've ever gone inside of a home and you've sprayed and you forget to kick the hoses out of the way and your gut and pretty spray that area and you appreciated the hose not under it, you'll notice as you're cleaning, you've got this area or this stripe, there's not as clean as the rest of it. That shows how important it is to put the proper amount down and also to pre spray the carpets to get the ideal appearance that you want for your client and for retention and for repeats and reviews. Right All right, so now you want to make sure you maintain the unit and this is how we're going to do it. We're going to break it down to daily, weekly, and monthly. First of all, for daily, you want to make sure that your filter, whether it's this type here or the acorn type, you want to make sure it's nice and clean and nice and clear so we can draw properly.

Also, notice this unit here doesn't have a little clamp on it. Uh, I like to go in and put a clamp on it and if there's any air leakage in there, it won't draw also. Okay. And lastly, at the end of the day, I'll go ahead and pull this out and I'll go ahead and just let it flush. So it would just clear water runs through it and you're not running anything through the machine and the chemistry put it back together. Now for weekly. I'll go ahead and take this apart right here and you're going to notice there's a ball and a spring in there and this can get clogged. Sometimes there's a filter, a tough long ring in there, some come with, some don't, but most of all you want to make sure that ball in that spring is nice and clear and it can move properly. She drop it back in there.

Be careful not to lose the small components. Put the spring in, put the ball back on top, screw it back together, put your hose on there and you're good to go. That's your weekly now once a month, and this is probably the biggest area of concern I've seen, we'll cleaner's coming into my shop all the time is they do not realize and don't clean the filter this inside their handle, there was a cone shape filter in here. You go ahead and just screw it apart course and you're going to notice this filter who was catches all your sediment and debris and this affects your psi and it won't draw properly and you're not going to get the proper amount of pre spray down and you're not going to get ideal results. If you do all these things right here, you're going to notice that it's going to perform and it's going to be much more efficient and you're going to get greater results. Okay Now, however, how do you go about testing it to make sure that it's putting the right amount of product Now let's move on to testing.

Okay, what do I mean by testing I want to make sure that it's drawing the proper amount of chemistry out to do the job correctly. How do I do that Instead of getting involved in all the math, the easiest way to do it when using a one to four sprayer and get yourself a 32 ounces and I like to add a little bit of acid rinse in there and I'll do this once a week. That'll help flush out the unit, extend the life of it, and also clarify the chemistry to send there and I can see it exactly how it's working. So I'll go ahead and pull this out. A hotel by the handle. I'll drop it inside of my acid rents here. I'll go ahead and take my lance and I'll point it in here and I'm going to get a little bit over a gallon because remember it makes five gallons.

It's gonna clear easily five gallons out of home. So I'll get a little bit over a gallon, maybe 1.4 gallons. I know it's working properly. As long as I'm over a gallon, I'm happy. Okay. Another thing that can affect your dilution ratio is your tip and the tip size. The ideal size is eight zero zero six and this gives you the perfect fan right there. So that way the droplets aren't too large and they're not too small where you're having to breed the vapor and it's not vaporizing on. You. Also remember to replace the tip at least every year because it's going to change with pressure and with use. And also remember this too, if you're blocked, does stop working or it goes bad and we have these in the TMF store and it's a lot easier just to replace the block and they're replacing the whole unit cause the whole unit last practically forever.

It's generally just a block that goes bad. So keep that in mind. Now I'm going to go ahead, we're going to go back to the pre production studio and I'm going to show you some video footage and break down each little thing and it's that where you could learn and get a few more tips and tricks. Okay. To conclude, I'm going to just show you a couple of little points and some exploded views. Now you notice where we took the filter out and the handle. Look how much debris and sediment in this end there. There's no way this machine could breathe and the objective spray or be able to deliver your product. Okay, let's move on to the next point. Um, we're going to go ahead and show you now a demonstration of me actually peep pretty sprang. Now if you noticed, I'm about 12 to 16 inches from the surface and I'm using a fan and I'm cutting it off at the end of each stroke I'm doing in the middle.

Then I went up high to show you. That's an improper way cause then you're breathing the product to closer oversaturating the carpet. So keep yourself about 12 to 16 inches across. And notice I'm not staying in one place for a long time. Okay, I'm just working my way back and forth and then I'll go ahead and change directions here just to get the outside. For demonstration purposes, I'm still cutting it off at the ends and when I go to, if I want some more extra pretty spray, I'm going to go ahead and remember I said earlier putting it on in layers. So now notice I'm putting a whole nother layer on there. This gives me a whole lot better results when I go to clean. Just layers. Don't oversaturate it, but keep it wet. You don't want your priest prayed to drive. Okay. Now here's a little breakdown of the whole block unit.

Here you can see the metering tip which I took out. You have to filter down here your hose. Make sure you put a clamp on the hose if it doesn't have one or make sure it's not leaking any air cause that'll stop it from pulling. Also up. You can also see the ball, the spring and the Dema blocking. Remember we sell those blocks. You can just replace the blocks if necessary. Here's the whole unit right here. Remember I would like to side port and some of them come with an adjustable the, I believe it's called the revolution. You can get that and it's adjustable. That's kind of cool with a handle on it. Usually it's about five courts and you like operating a four to one and the last picture here, here's the whole set up of the whole Dema block with the hose and that's how it comes from us.

 Now remember I said that the injector sprayer is a game changer and now you know if it's operating properly, it does a great job, saves you time and may show a ton of money. Also remember that TMF is a game changer. Also, if you don't mind, please subscribe to our youtube channel that we, every time a new video comes out, you'll get an alert for it. And we built this production studio for you to benefit. So it raises the quality and the bar of the whole industry. Don't forget we have the largest forum truck, not we also have a Facebook group where you get instant information and the answers to all your questions. And I'm generally, there are a lot so I can help you with just about anything. Also TMF academy team f where you get all these fine products. I really appreciate all your support.

 Remember we're just a father and son team who built this from nothing and we've done it all for the betterment of the industry. Well, I'm Rob Allen with truck mount forums. Have yourself a great day. Hey, are you tired of the old outdated chemistry Well, so where are we And that's why we got into making our own products. We built a great reputation, often grout master bio pro spiked and rob secret formula and addresses all your different pre spray needs. And we're constantly tweaking it to make it better and better, and we can do it on the fly. Speaking of getting better, we have three brand new priests. Praise coming out. Watch for it very soon. You're going to love him.

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