Tips to Remove the Top 5 Worst Carpet Stains

If you own a carpet cleaning business, it is bound to happen. A customer frantically calls your office looking for immediate assistance with a nasty carpet stain. Not all stains are created equal, so we are sharing tips for what to do in the following cases.

1. Fire and Smoke Debris

When it comes to cleaning carpets after a fire, it is important to first consider what kind of damage and how extensive it is. Damage from actual heat is irreversible and water damage mixed with soot is exceedingly difficult also. If the customer is looking for help with smoke damage, the cleaning process is fairly simple. 

The first step is to sanitize and neutralize the carpet with Rob's Reefer Rid. Specifically formulated to remove cannabis and tobacco odors, this solution works amazingly well with house fire smoke odor. Follow up with application of a Vaportek EZ Disk, which will continue to keep smoke odors at bay until the debris has been completely removed and the home has had time to be repaired and aired out. 

2. Pet Urine and Feces Stains

One of the most common requests of any residential carpet cleaning company is to get rid of pet stains and odors. Pet stains can present a big challenge for professional carpet cleaners. In extreme cases, the first step is to spot treat severely affected areas. Once those areas are pre-treated, the only next step is to clean the carpet with USOR Unchained

We couldn't find a cleaner that was strong enough to remove pet stains and odors without damaging carpet fibers. That is why we developed USOR Unchained. It has incredible boosting power and you will leave your customers' homes looking like a hero.

 3. Ink Stains

Ink is one of the most dreaded fabric and carpet stains. With lots of trial and error and experiments with cleaning technology, we have the answer to ink stains. PIG Out, our proprietary paint, ink, and grease stain cleaner is an advanced blend of solvents, surfactants, and copolmer that allows ink (and even magic marker) to be easily removed. Following treatment with PIG out, clean the remainder of the carpets as normal. 

 4. Kool-Aid Stains

In the 80's, most US homes had at least one memorable Kool-Aid stain on the carpet. The red and purple stains left behind years after the children have left the home were inevitable. Thankfully, now there is Red Action. Chemically designed with an ammonia formulation, Red Action will not only remove impossible Kool-Aid stains, but also other food dyes, fruit juice and soda stains.

5. Rust Stains

Whether your rust stains are from an old piece of furniture or a misplaced object, they are notoriously tough stains to conquer. A gentle, yet effective rust remover for all types of rust stains is Rust Out. Use it on rust carpet stains but also keep it on hand for rust stains on upholstery, drapes and other fabrics. 

The best way to get great reviews, secure repeat customers and grow your business is to become the professional carpet cleaner who gets out the stains that no one else can. These recommendations will get you there.


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