Advanced Carpet, UPH, VLM, Tile, Grout & Stone Class TMF Store
Advanced Carpet, UPH, VLM, Tile, Grout & Stone Class TMF Store

Advanced Carpet, UPH, VLM, Tile, Grout & Stone Class

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As of now we have only offered private mentoring but were now set up to break up the classes. It will consist of HWE & VLM for residential and commercial. Covering carpets, upholstery, tile, grout and stone. Also knock your socks off customer sales & service will be emphasized. It will be a two day class limited to 20 people. Just gauging who would be interested in this? And what day of the week would be good or is the weekend better for you?


What's Included?




Hot water extraction has been the staple for carpet cleaning for almost 100 years. Times have changed rapidly and so has equipment, tools and chemistry. From portables to  truckmounts to rotary extraction tools to wands with wheels and all kinds cool stuff. On top of it carpet construction has changed from wool and nylon that was easy to clean to polyesters and olefins which have an affinity for oil. These are difficult to get clean and you need to know the ins and outs. You also want to make sure your equipment is operating efficiently and how to test it, maintain it and even repair it. There is virtually no stone left unturned in this video. From equipment demonstrations to tips and tricks to trade secrets. If you apply yourself then in no time you too will become a HWE carpet cleaning expert! 

($300 Value)




Like carpet, fine furnishings like upholstery have also changed construction. Its important to be able to identify to make sure you don’t damage it while delivering fantastic results! However you need to know the proper equipment and tools to be able to deliver impressive results. We will walk you through the proper chemistry, tools and cleaning procedures to help you become a furniture cleaning expert in a thorough, easy to understand practical video! 

($300 Value)


3-VLM CLEANING (Encapsulation)

  VLM, very low moisture, has been around for decades. But not until recently has the chemistry evolved to take VLM/Encapsulation to a new level. Learn the difference between film formers, crystal formers and which cleaning situations either is more effective. Plus there are many advancements in machines and application pads, bonnets and scrubbing pads. Learn the difference between planetary, rotary, OP (oscillating pads) and CRB’s (counter rotating brush) machines. Which ones are best? Believe me, VLM can make you a lot of money and has a low overhead but knowing whats on this DVD can make the difference between failure and success! 

($300 Value)



Wow. What can we say. Hard surfaces are quickly taking over the flooring market. Why? Because of their durability and attractive look. Not to mention the diminishing quality of carpet construction these days. The problem is most cleaning professionals have no idea how to clean or maintain hard surfaces. Tile and grout can be a nightmare for homeowners but sadly it is for professional cleaners. But not any longer. With this video you will learn how to inspect, identify, clean, seal and even how to sell it to clients. Learn how to tell the difference between faux stone and natural stone with many tricks and tips from pros that took years to develop. Many trade secrets in this one!

($300 Value)


** Limited Seating Available. Discounts available for multiple company attendees. 



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