Black Label Soap Free Rinse Infused with Sweet Breeze


THIS IS A *PREORDER* AND WILL SHIP BETWEEN 11/30-12-20-21 This product comes in a larger container in an 8 lb and 40 lb options vs the regular 6.5 lb and 36 lb Black Label powdered rinse is highly concentrated and is a revolutionary dual method soap free, suds-less rinse and cleaner for virtually all soft and hard surfaces. It works great in residential and commercial settings. 

-HWE carpet rinse
-HWE upholstery prespray and or rinse
-HWE rug prespray and or rinse

-VLM carpet prespray
-VLM uph prespray
-VLM rug prespray

You will love Black Label Soap Free rinse for whats not in it…

-No VOC’s
-No butyl’s
-No Ammonium
-No bleaches
-No solvents
-No Alcohol
-No acids
-No polymers
-No sticky residue
-No machine damaging build up

This new Black Label soap free rinse has tons of cleaning benefits;

-99% green at RTU
-100% Soap free
-Smells amazing
-Emulsifies soil upon contact
-Contains anti-soil redepositing agents
-Crystalizes for easy vacuuming
-Helps Removes urine deposits
-Helps Removes urine odors & stains
-Removes organic & oily soils
-Won’t void carpet warranties
-Works on residential & commercial carpets
-Free rinsing
-Leases fibers silky soft
-Amazing 1-2 punch to strip away prespray suspended soils
-Infused with Unchained Sweet Breeze
-So safe can virtually be used on any surface that can be cleaned with water!

Mix Instructions

Primary use as HWE rinse;

-10-12 oz in 5g mix tank metered at 2-4 for regular soil
-12-24 oz in 5g mix tank metered @ 3-4 for heavy soil loads
-2-4oz per 10g depending on soil loads

Secondary uses;
-2oz per gal for upholstery prespray for VLM or HWE
-2-3oz per gal for VLM carpet prespray or use in an Orbot machine

Tips & Tricks;
-Allow 8-12 min dwell time as a prespray
-For VLM pad extract using pads or bonnets
-Test natural fibers
-pH-8.5-9.5 depending on use & dilution
-Application-Residential & commercial
-Works on nylon, polyester, olefin, most wools and as a hard surface rinse