Chief TruckMount w/ Honda GX800 Complete Package

Chief TruckMount w/ Honda GX800 Complete Package

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TCS CHIEF Truckmount Detailed Specifications

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Meet the TCS CHIEF, the zenith of our single-wand truckmount offerings, designed with an emphasis on longevity and low maintenance. Ideal for extensive residential and commercial cleaning jobs, this unit promises superior extraction and cleaning efficiency up to 500 feet from its base.

Key Features

The TCS CHIEF features an accessible open design for easy maintenance and cooler operation. Powered by a Honda-endorsed iGX800 EFI engine, it delivers strong vacuum and pressure without overworking, complemented by a Gardner Denver DSL blower for optimal airflow. The system is equipped with a high-pressure heater and an Emporer HTX1810S pressure pump, alongside a 55-gallon water tank and a durable recovery tank for efficient wastewater management.

Detailed Specifications

  • Honda iGX800 EFI engine for reliable, high-power performance
  • Sutorbilt 4M DSL dual belt-driven vacuum blower for maximum airflow and suction
  • General Emperor solution pump HTXS1810S, delivering robust pressure
  • Little Giant 3HT high-pressure heater with safety relief valve, ensuring consistent high temperatures
  • 250′ black painted vacuum hose reel for extensive reach and durability
  • 225’ vacuum hose 2″ with connectors & vinyl cuffs for versatile cleaning tasks
  • 25′ vacuum hose 1.5″ with vinyl cuffs for targeted cleaning in tighter spaces
  • 250′ continuous high-pressure solution hose with live reel for efficient cleaning operations
  • 100′ continuous supply hose with live reel, ensuring uninterrupted water supply
  • 100 gl recovery tank with 2-stage filtration & automatic shut-off, optimizing waste management
  • 55 gallon fresh water supply tank with automatic shut-off, ensuring ample clean water availability
  • 5 gallon chemical injection container with holder for convenient chemical application
  • 12” 2-jet stainless steel wand for precise and effective cleaning

Additional Customizations

Truckmount Options:

  • HTXS Pump with 2000 PSI & XP Heater
  • Automated Vacuum Reel
  • Expanded 100-Gallon Water Tank
  • Extra Hose Sets
  • High-Grade Titanium Wand
  • Sophisticated In-Line Filtration
  • Automated Waste Ejection Pump (APO)

Vehicle and Trailer Enhancements:

  • Durable Spray-On Bed Liner
  • Robust Steel Partition for Vans
  • Multi-Level Aluminum Shelving
  • Comprehensive LED Lighting System

Note: Promo codes are not applicable on truckmount purchases. Any applied codes will be billed separately. Contact us for a detailed quote on upgraded options. Orders may take 1-3 weeks to process.

Installation available in VA or GA for $1,400. Additional costs for Fuel Tap Kit and/or Battery based on your vehicle specifics.

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