Floorwash 5000 Battery TMF Store
Floorwash 5000 Battery TMF Store
Floorwash 5000 Battery
Floorwash 5000 Battery

Floorwash 5000 Battery

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Namco Battery Operated Floorwash 5000 is a cordless floor cleaner that has an advanced control system capable of cleaning a variety of floor types. Floor types include carpets, grouted tile, concrete, hardwood, marble, profiled ceramics, vinyl, rubberized floors, escalators and more. Remarkable performance resulting from bristle brushes counter-rotating at 780 RPM actively lifting dirt, water and grime from the floor surface. This machine can operate for 60 minutes on one charge. 14" cleaning width.

Namco Floorwash 5000 Floor Cleaner, Battery Operated

The Namco Floorwash 5000 is an ultra-compact upright floor cleaner that is perfect for cleaning 30 types of different floor types, including tile, ceramic, wood, concrete, carpet, rubber sport flooring, vinyl and more. The unique design of the Floorwash 5000 makes it ideal for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. With a cleaning surface area of 14 inches, this auto scrubber is ideal for use in hotels, schools, and sports facilities along with gyms, restaurants, schools, and more.

This multi-surface floor cleaner features 2 counter-rotating brushes and a central pick-up roller that effectively lift dirt, water, and grime—leaving you with a slip-resistant, dry flooring surface. The Floorwash 5000 has a 90° tilt angle, allowing you to clean in all the hard-to-reach areas in your facility.


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