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Hydro-Force Pro Solution Hose 25 feet

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High Pressure Solution Hose

Pay less and get more with our super tough Hydro-Force Pro 4000 solution hose. The Pro 4000 has been proven in engineering tests to outlast any other comparable solution hose used by carpet cleaning technicians. Rated at 4,000 PSI, this non-marking hose has a tough, yet flexible polymer coating that will survive being dragged across concrete, and yet still look good inside your customer's home. Try it out and discover for yourself why it's become our best-selling hose.



Competitive hoses lose more than 2x as much material as the Hydro-Force Pro when tested using ISO standards.

Hose Type Loss of Material
Hydro-Force™ Pro 4000 PSI 0.3 grams
Good Year™ Neptune 3000 PSI 0.7 grams
Signa 3000 PSI 0.8 grams

Abrasion Test Specification: ISO 6945. Test Resquirements: Loss of mass measured after 2,000 cycles with a vertical force of 50 N.


Have confidence in your hose with the highest PSI ratings in its class.

Hose Type Burst PSI
Hydro-Force™ Pro 4000 PSI 17,000 PSI
Good Year™ Neptune 3000 PSI 14,000 PSI
Signa 3000 PSI 14,200 PSI

Burst Test Specification: SAE J343


  • Length (25, 50, 100 or 150)
  • ¼" diameter
  • Rated at 250 degrees and 4,000 PSI
  • Blue
  • Steel-braided
  • Non-marking

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