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Padman Floor Scrubber

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The PadMan is our top of the line Orbital Floor Cleaning machine, ideal for commercial jobs (large hallways, ballrooms, etc). It does the big jobs faster and easier than all its competitors. It cleans carpet, stone, tile and grout, concrete, wood, and more! PadMan is perfect for the serious business owner. Includes on-board sprayer with a 5 gallon solution tank.

  • Patented Speed 3 Oscillation
  • 168 lbs. total w/ 84 lbs. head weight
  • 1 1/2 Hp stainless steel wash down motor
  • Inverter has variable speed up to 3750 RPM’S
  • Attached spray system w/60 psi pump
  • 18″ profile head
  • Ultimate high speed polisher
  • Cut and polish natural stones
  • Financing available!
  • Available in four colors (custom colors available for extra charge)
  • Made in the USA!

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Patented Orbit
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PadMan Details

The ONLY PATENTED Orbital Floor Machine features a three-speed system, offering a choice of cleaning speeds. Unlike old-world small orbit machines, which clean slower and require careful operation to avoid damaging carpet fibers, this machine excels in performance.

The onboard spray system transforms your PadMan into a super-speed encapsulation machine. It utilizes a 5-gallon jug setup, allowing for easy refilling or the use of multiple jugs to eliminate spillage. The dual sprayer head delivers an even spray pattern directly onto the carpet fibers.

The sprayer handle is durable and easy to use, giving you complete control over the amount of solution applied. The fold-down handle simplifies transportation and truck storage. The easy-flip up base allows for convenient pad or orbit speed changes by pulling the machine backwards.

The 17-inch pad driver ensures optimal cleaning speeds that are unrivaled in the industry. The 10-inch wheels are perfect for navigating stairs, avoiding the issues encountered with 8-inch or 12-inch wheels. Soft, easy-rolling wheels make maneuvering the PadMan effortless.

With extreme oscillation of 180 pounds, the machine's power and movement are unmatched. The handle adjusts with a single twist pin, locking securely into three settings: folded up for storage, daily transport, and comfortable operation during cleaning.

Made 100% in America, the design is rigid and maintenance-free. Powered by an industrial 2 HP 3 Phase Leeson motor with an inverter, it offers more power and RPMs of up to 3700. The electrical cord is a 50-foot 12/3, lightweight yet ample for the low amperage motors.

The easy-touch lever control sprayer operates with a touch of the finger, making it easy to use and extremely durable. The red bristle pad driver can run virtually any type of pad, including cotton, blends, fiber, or even diamond pads. No gliders are required as the PadMan operates at such high speeds that it is gentle on carpet fibers while cleaning them efficiently. The machine is very easy to operate.


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