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Preload 5 Powdermax

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You can now purchase this product ONLY from Interlink Supply and other distributors.


We are really excited about our new Preload 5. After testing in the field (not a laboratory with fake dirt) I personally feel it could be the best pre spray ever created. Believe me I know what a great pre spray is. After cleaning for 30+ years in the field,being on the pulse of our industry through Truckmountforums and trying everything in our industry I know what we needed.

One thing overlooked by chemical manufacturers is testing on ALL 5 US soil types. By testing in the field in their area explains the mystery why a pre spray may work in one area but not another. So I have spent countless hours with my chemist formulating & re-formulating to finally get to what I consider the "holy grail" of pre sprays. So much so I will back it up with a money back guarantee (minus shipping and handling fee). Here is what makes me think it will be the best carpet cleaning pre spray ever created;
  • Tested on ALL 5 US soil types
  • Tested on ALL synthetic fibers in then field
  • Mixes easily & completely
  • Contains built in booster
  • Cleans & brightens carpet over night
  • Cuts oil even on dreaded poly's
  • Light natural fragrance
  • Rinses easily & completely
  • Virtually eliminates possibility browning
  • Removes many organic colored stains
  • Cuts easily through rat nasties
  • Kills urine salts & odors
  • Virtually residue free
  • No fillers or additives
  • Reduces need for spotting & spotters
  • Extremely economical powder
  • Powder low cost shipping
  • Patented hot or cold H2o2 activator
Rob Allen

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Reece M.
United States

Preload powermax

This product has been one of the best pre sprays I have ever used, it is a very versatile pres pray ranging from residential to commercial and it does a very good job at removing dirt and grime from carpets even with little to no agitation l.

Adam S.
United States

15 Year Old Carpet Looks New Again!

This product was easy to use and got a really rat nasty carpet at a relatives house very clean. No fuss, just vacuumed, sprayed, agitated with the 175 and extract. I watched 15 years of dirt come up and my waste water was jet black. I will continue to use this product for sure. Smells great too!

Rob Mueller

World's best pre-spray

As a carpet cleaner with over 10 years in the industry. I got to say TMF'S new preload 5 is one of the best if not the best pre-spray of ever used.. The closest thing to a "magic bullet" that you can get.. I found my new go to pre-spray...

Vincent Assogna

Preload 5 Works

I used Preload 5 for the first time a few days ago and I was very happy with the results. The carpet was a Berber that I usually have trouble with but this time it came out great. There was a huge stain by the foot of the couch where the owner peels his orange in the morning and it started to come out when I applied the Preload. Thanks Rob


My new favorite of presprays

With the simplicity of mixing, to the awesome fragrance, and power of cleaning...My customers are always "Wowed" when they see the results of what this prespray does. And when the chemical is created and tested by the industry's well known carpet cleaner, it brings confidence in investing in these chemicals.