Rug Smack Cleaner (Natural & Synthetic Fibers)


Are you tired of rugs not coming clean and bright? Introducing a never seen before product, TMF has a powdered rug cleaner that smacks rugs clean, in plant or top down. This unique and versatile product with oxygen bleach cleans brighter, is safe, smells great and cleans like crazy. With a neutral pH range, Rug Smack is safe on allnatural rugs and  synthetic rugs. It contains special soil suspending agents for easy soil removal. Rug Smack is buffered to maintain pH for optimum cleaning even at low dilutions, plus it rinses out easily and completely. Rug Smack is one of a kind. So, instead of going crazy over rugs, that won't clean properly, just spray Rug Smack on the rug and let it do its magic.
PH 7-8 @ RTU
Check carpet for colorfastness 
As an in home top down pre-spray:
Use 4 oz to 1 gallon pump or electric sprayer 
Use hot tap water-agitate-rinse and groom 
16 oz in 5 gallon tank metered 2-3gph low to medium soil 
16 oz in 5 gallon tank metered 4-5 for heavy soil 
Set heat at 180 F or less 
1 oz per gallon hot water low to medium soil 
2oz per gallon hot water heavy soil 
In Plant Cleaning: 
Ready-to-use solution (The ready to use solution should be between 0.15% and 0.2%)
Mix: 2 ounces of powdered RSF Rug Smack in 5 gallons of warm water. 
Concentrated stock solution 
Mix: 2lbs pf powered RSF Rug Smack in 5 gallons of warm water or 50 lbs. in 125 gallons of warm water. Mix until dissolved. 
To make ready use solution from concentrated stock solution: 
Mix: 1 part of concentrated stock solutions, with 20 parks of water, (20 to 1 dilution)

Rug Smack Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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brett harmon

Rug smack

Great rug cleaner and it smells great! Love it!

con dounis

deserves a ribbon

first time used rug smack with my recently ugraded rotovac cfx15 3stage, its like 2 mates going for a run, great product

A TMF Store: Carpet Cleaning Equipment Customer
Johnny B.
United States

Rug Smack

Product is excellent. The only drawback is based on the dilution rate for use as a pre-spray, it is way expensive compared to say Magic Want products.

Reuben Brumby
Chicago Illinois

The absolute best natural fiber/wool cleaner I have ever used!

This stuff is the business! It smells great, cleans up extremely well, makes the wool look even without the splotchy results of other cleaners I've used. It brightens considerably! Very economical! Dissolves quickly. Good wetting power(doesn't dry before you can extract). Very low foam! AWESOME KICK *** RUG CLEANER! Cant wait to use it again!

Raymond Morgan

Rug Smack

Excellent product for rugs and upholstery. 5 Stars all around.

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