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Do not buy another piece of equipment, attend another cleaning expo, school, distributor, buy a franchise or consult another cleaning industry “Guru” until you read the following from Rob Allen!
This could literally be the difference between success and failure to your company!

There is something unkempt in our industry. Something not right residing just below the surface. Just like the carpets we clean, the majority of the grime is deep down and takes immense effort to truly clean out. Many in our industry fail to see it, and fall prey to it before they realize what is really happening. I do feel the time has come to shed light on the fallacies that circulate around and threaten our industry. Before I continue, I would like to present my qualifications for those who may question my background.

I have spent a combined total of 35 years in the cleaning industry, and as the owner and administrator of TruckMountForums I have produced over 250 “How to” YouTube videos, including a complete DVD on how to perform carpet, UPH, spotting and tile/grout cleanings. I founded the first and largest cleaning industry mobile app and digital magazine. I have attended multiple shows nationwide, and have lent aid to several other industry professionals who had fallen down on their luck.

"I can say with certainty there isn’t much I haven’t seen or experienced at this point”.

One thing has stuck out and become glaringly apparent- there is a serious lack of proper education.
Its a large reason why we have so many people representing themselves as professionals, driving the price down, and giving the rest of us a bad name. It makes it that much more difficult for those of us who do quality work to charge what the job and what WE are worth.

There is an issue with some companies who sell subpar equipment and watered down chemicals- and this is unacceptable in my eyes.

Then you have scores of cleaners who have spent many thousands on equipment and chemistry to only to have it collecting dust in their garage or shop. Why? The reasons range from not personally testing it, doing comparison testing to see if it fits their business model, or even their cleaning style. This is usually a result from lack of experience, over zealous sales reps, to blindly following online fads. Schools should help, right? No! I’ve seen countless people go to schools and learn little to nothing about real world cleaning, no on hands training and limiting equipment to “brands” that they only sell. Comparison testing and demoing is the best way to buy equipment, tool and accessories, hands down!

Schools should be the resolution to the aforementioned problems but in essence they have become the promulgators of cleaner aggravations: unnecessary prices and inability to clean many furnishings properly. Some offer certs, but its been reported that some of these places don’t even send the certificate of completions out or if they do its not in a timely manner. What about expos? I love them especially for camaraderie. But I’ve attended countless big expos and see cleaners buying the latest and greatest of everything, to only leave not knowing if it fits them or their business model properly. The selection is good but still limited to whats on display and biased sellers of their wares promising its the end all to all your cleaning woes. Not good!

I’ve received letters from mom and pop companies from all over, that are quite frankly heartbreaking, because they can’t catch a break and can’t get their business to where it needs to be. Why? Because along with the problems associated above they don’t have a good business model to emulate or information on the latest technology used to promote their business. There are just no schools or classes that teach proper online promotion skills and sales ability. So what can one do? You’re probably fed up like me and asking the question below. So...

Enough with the problems. What is the solution? We have been busy for the past year working on just that.

Introducing the TMF Training School!


This is unlike anything the industry has ever seen. How so? The program consists of a 3 day course that can be broken up to fit you, your cleaning style, and business model. Gone are stuffy classrooms, outdated cleaning protocols and biased programs. Certs will be issued immediately upon completion. This cert will mean something. It will be the highest cert available and will be only available to those who are truly dedicated to the not only “knowing" but “delivering” the higher quality cleaning and customer service experience possible. Hacks, splash-n-dash and sleepy salesmen need not apply! TMF cert is for the few, the proud and the deserving. So what does this class look like?

TMF 3 day training class  (Friday / Saturday / Sunday

• Day 1 Carpet & Uph cleaning
• Day 2 VLM / tile & grout cleaning.
• Day 3 Rug Washing / Chemicals

Breakfast snacks / coffee is provided.

Lunch is included each day.

Dinner is not included


Get ready for a very different executive classroom and on-hands setting- limited to 10 people or less. This way every person gets the individualized attention that is really necessary to learn what you are seeking to do, and take your business to the next level. We are here to teach you what fits your business model and cleaning style best. This is a completely unbiased, cutting edge teaching course. We know that classroom settings are not enough with our comprehensive 1/4 million dollar build out, we stocked virtually all the top equipment and tools the industry has to offer. A place where you can test and use all the top brands in one place. Our executive classroom is like no other offering state of the art productions and plush seating arrangements that dignify you as the successful entrepreneur that your are.

To do this we have set up 10 stations like an expo setting that is broken down into 10 sections:

1. VLM
2. HWE
3. Rug Cleaning
4. Service & maintenance of equipment
5. Rotary equipment- all top rotaries in one location!
6. Complete inventory of all types of tools/accessories
7. Top 10 cleaning wands
8. Tile and stone cleaning, sealing & color sealing
9. Chemistry section with all the top brands
10. Executive state of the art classroom

• Station 1 - VLM -Here you will find, demo and be taught how and where to apply VLM cleaning with the virtually all the top machines from rotary, to counter rotating crush to planetary to oscillating pad. Learn the proper chemistry, brushes, pads and how to address spots and urine with VLM and much more!

• Station 2 - HWE - Test and compare top line portables and truckmounts. Learn what tools and accessories fit your machine best for optimum cleaning results. Find out what PH, best type spotters that work in conjunction with HWE and proper cleaning techniques that will separate you from your competitors!

• Station 3 - Rugs - Heres a biggie. Big money maker and a big liability if you don’t know what your doing. There are simple ways to eliminate virtually all liabilities and clean rugs efficiently in a boots-on classroom. I have a ton of tips and tricks to show you how to make a lot money cleaning rugs while avoiding liabilities! Learn quickly how to address bleeders, tufted and other specialty fibers. Nothing beats hands on for rug cleaning, nothing!

• Station 4 - Your only as good as your equipment and if its not working properly then your quality will suffer. And lets face it, at the end of the day, clients want clean carpets and carpets that stay clean. You must learn how to keep your equip opening at 100% and that your tools and equipment are tuned to machine specs to deliver the optimal cleaning results!

• Station 5 - So many rotaries and so little time. Not anymore. Now you can test each one against the other. Put it in your hands and compare or let us help you see what fits you, your machine and business model the best. On top of it Ill pass on some great tips and tricks to get the bets out of rotary cleaning!

• Station 6 - Uph tools, stair tools and other accessories are extremely important to proper cleaning results. Let us show you and help you decide whats best long with when and where to utilize them!

• Station 7 - Wands. There are so many and so many opinions. But did you know the wrong wand, hose diameter and jet configuration can mean the difference between average results and optimal results? Let us help you be the best cleaner possible by fitting you with the proper wad!

• Station 8 - There is a ton of easy money to be made in tile and grout cleaning. But you have to know what your doing and the proper chemistry. We can show you quickly and easily how to ID and address any hard surface and look like a cleaning hero while adding tons to your bottom line. On hands with the best!

• Station 9 - Chemistry. Ever changing but with some simple information you will know whats right for your business and any cleaning situation that you come across. Often clients call me the “miracle” worker. Chemistry has played a large part. Learn encapsulation, proper prespray for different fibers and scenarios, how to nuke those rat nasties and what chemistry is hazardous and whats safest. Lastly, what works best on urine, how tho use it and how to sell it!

• Station 10 - Last but not least our class. Here you will learn how for a short duration of a day the basics of cleaning and then the rest of the day on-hands. However don’t underestimate this classroom. Set up in an executive plush setting, you will learn social networking, website tips and tricks and how to promote your business online. Powerpoint and video presentations of all the above to acclimate you before you get your hands down and dirty

So as you can see you now have the unique opportunity to learn how to add 1000’s dollars in sales, diverse services and proper cleaning procedures immediately to your company. On top of it think of the 1000’s or 10’s 1000’s you will save by not wasting it on unused equipment, schools, downtime and unsatisfied clients not repeating, reviewing or referring your services. Break through the glass ceiling nd take your business to the next level. Now you have the opportunity to test chemicals, machines, you’ll get to see what feels right before you spend your money on these things. This school really offers up the chance to map out and become masters of your craft. Come and become one of the few, the proud, the TMF Certified. Yes its time. Take your business to new heights, and let us help you take it there!


Rob Allen

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    Worth Every Penny

    Training from one of the industry's best. Some of the best chemicals on the market and a great CRB. The training alone is worth the investment!

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