Below all equipment items have a different promo code that YOU MUST ENTER in at final checkout to get the deal. Chemicals you do not need any promo code as those are discounted already as tiers as shown on each chemical product page. 

$300 OFF: Complete Orbot Vibe Package (2 left!)  Promo Code: BOT

$500 OFF TMF Academy Online Training Bundle! Promo Code: TAMF

$120 OFF TMF Limited Edition Swivel 14" / 2" Wand (all 14" styles come with NEW HEAD DESIGN!) Promo Code:: CYBF

$120 OFF 1.5" TMF Limited Swivel Wand (New Head Style) Promo Code: CYBF

$120 OFF TMF Multi-Clean 15" CRB -Promo Code:: CYBF

$120 OFF Rotovac Bonzer -Promo Code:: CYBF

$120 OFF Rotovac 360i -Promo Code:: CYBF

$120 OFF Rotovac 360 XL -Promo Code:: CYBF

$120 OFF Orbot Vibe Encapsulation Machine Promo Code: CYBF

$400 OFF Nautilus Extreme with Hose PackagePromo Code: NEXU

$220 OFF TMF 16" / 2" Limited Edition Swivel Wand (These are the previous head style and not the wide sight glass versions) Promo code: OLDHEADSALE