How to Get Ash Out of a Carpet

If you have a carpet in your home, it has probably fallen victim to ash stains from candles, cigarettes, or the fireplace at some point.

Sadly, it is not that easy to know how to get the ash out of a carpet. In most cases, care needs to be taken to avoid permanent damage.

In this article, we will outline all the easiest ways to get the ash out of a carpet. We will look at ways to deal with various types of ash stains and include some top tips on removing ash stains without a vacuum.

We will also look at how to deal with some of the tougher ash stains, such as burnt stains.

The good news is that ash stains are not the end of the world. If you follow our trusty guide, your carpet will be good as new in no time.

What this article covers:

How To Get Black Ash Out Of A Carpet

how to get ashes out of carpet

Step 1: Remove The Excess Black Ash

Black ash on a carpet can be very frustrating as it often leaves an unpleasant dark stain on a light carpet. Luckily, these can be easily removed.

Before starting the cleaning process, use a blunt utensil such as a spoon, and scoop up as much of the black ash as you can.

This is to prevent the black ash from being pushed down further into the carpet. 

If you are only dealing with a little bit of black ash, you can also use a paper towel to collect the ash from the surface. 

But, if you are dealing with a stain that has already penetrated the carpet with no visible pieces of ash on the surface area, you can move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Apply Powder

The next step is to apply a commercial carpet cleaning powder to the black ash stain. 

We highly recommend Pure O2 Cherry Bomb Stain Remover because of its divine scent and its ability to rid your carpet of even the toughest dark stains.

how to get ash stains out of carpet

This is exactly why this carpet pre-spray is a favorite for removing muddy footprints out of a carpet as well.

Don’t have professional carpet cleaning products on hand? Don’t worry. You can also use baby powder, cornstarch, or baking powder.

Take your powdered cleaner of choice and sprinkle it generously over the black ash-stained area. Allow the powder to penetrate the stain for at least an hour before moving on to the next step.

 how to clean ash out of carpet

Step 3: Vacuum

Ideally, you will want to use a professional carpet cleaning vacuum (like something from the Rotovac carpet cleaner family).

how to get black ash out of carpet

But, if you don’t have one, you can use your everyday vacuum for this step as well.

Start vacuuming the baking soda (or other powder of choice up). 

You should see the stain starting to come off too. Use the nozzle head setting (as opposed to the brush cleaner head) for the best results. 

This is because the brush head may cause the ash to penetrate deeper into the fibers.

Step 4: Apply A Strong Stain Remover

If your vacuum gets rid of the stain entirely, you can skip this step. But, most black stains (especially on a light carpet) will be more stubborn and need some additional stain removal procedures.

After vacuuming, soak a clean cloth in a mixture of a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide mixed with three tablespoons of water. 

You can also use rubbing alcohol or a professional carpet stain remover, such as PIG Out.

how to get candle ash out of carpet

Bot the stain with your soaked cloth until the stain is removed.

Because of the strength of the cleaning agents listed here, you may want to consider testing them on an inconspicuous part of the carpet before applying them to the stained area.

This will ensure that the color of your carpet is not affected.

Step 5: Blot with Water

The last step requires another cloth, this time soaked in a bit of warm water. Blot the stained area with a warm water cloth. The cloth should be damp, but not soaking wet.

Continue blotting the area until you are sure most of the cleaning product you applied in the previous step has been removed. 

Don’t make the carpet or stained area too wet here as it can cause mold to grow.

Then, allow the carpet to air dry. You can open some windows or doors to increase ventilation or even put a fan near the carpet to ensure that it dries a bit quicker.  

How To Get Ash Stains Out Of A Carpet

Step 1: Sprinkle Powder

If you are dealing with an ash stain that has been on the carpet for a while, the first thing you want to do is apply baking powder, corn starch, or a commercial carpet cleaning powder to the stain.

These powdered cleaning agents will work to deodorize the stain while also working to remove it.

If you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning chemicals for this step, we highly recommend our Cotton and Linen Shampoo with Sweet Breeze scent.

how to remove ash from carpet

Not only is this product useful for tough stains, such as removing marker stains from a carpet, but it also has a divine scent that will keep your carpet smelling fresh after cleaning.

When you are ready, apply a thin layer of the powder of your choice and leave it to work into the stain for an hour.

Step 2: Vacuum

After allowing the powder to work, grab a vacuum and vacuum up the powder (and residual ash) that remains on the carpet.

Use the slow setting on your vacuum to prevent the ash from spreading around the carpet too much.

Step 3: Blot

The next step is to blot the stain. You will need a clean white cloth or a damp sponge for this step.

For best results, dip your cloth in a liquid dry-cleaning solvent or mix your powdered cleaner from earlier with a little water.

You can also use a mixture of dish detergent and cold water.

Gently blot the stained area with your cloth, working from the outside edges toward the center to avoid spreading the stain.

Move to a clean part of the cloth as the stain transfers from the carpet to the cloth. Repeat the blotting until all of the stains have been transferred to your cloth.

If the stain persists, repeat steps 1 to 3.

Step 4: Sponge

After the stain has been removed, use a sponge dipped in water and sponge the stain to remove any residual cleaning liquid or solvent.

Then, allow to air dry.

How To Get Ash out Of A Carpet Without A Vacuum

Step 1: Collect Ash

The best way to deal with any stubborn carpet stain, such as removing dried paint from a carpet, is by using commercial carpet cleaning equipment.

remove ash from carpet

But not all of us are lucky enough to have this on hand when stains occur. You may not even have a household vacuum to help.

If this is the case, don’t fret, because there is still a way to deal with ash stains without the help of any machines.

The first step is to collect the ash.

This means removing as much of the residual ash as you can. If you have a heap of ash, you can use a spoon to carefully spoon up the ash.

If you are dealing with a very thin layer of ash, you can use a lint roller or damp sponge to collect the ash.

Gently work the lint roller, or damp sponge, over the ash to collect as much as you can. Avoid pressing too hard here because you don’t want to push the ash further into the carpet.

Step 2: Sprinkle Baking Soda

Ensure that the area where you collected the ash is completely dry, especially if you used a damp sponge in the previous step.

Then, cover the stained area with baking soda. Apply a thin layer of baking soda to deodorize the stain and absorb residual stain marks.

You can also use corn starch or a commercial carpet cleaning powder with deodorizing effects (we highly recommend pure O2 powder with a citrus scent).

how to get ash stain out of carpet

Leave your powder cleaning agent of choice for at least an hour. Place a piece of furniture over this area to avoid people stepping over it.

Step 3: Wipe Up

Now, you are ready to wipe up the cleaning powder and ash. For this step, you can use a lint roller, a dustpan and hand broom, or a clean dry cloth.

You can also use duct tape which will act in a similar way as a lint roller to remove the ash.

The most important thing is to not introduce any water at this point, which will make matters worse.

It’s okay to use a little force here, especially if you are dealing with a thin layer of ash, but avoid spreading the ash out too much.

Step 4: Blot

To finish off, grab a damp sponge or cloth and blot the area. 

Squeeze out your sponge or cloth as often as needed. Continue the blotting process until the stain is removed and the residual baking soda or cleaning powder is removed as well.

Allow the stained area to dry and take your carpet out for a good shake afterward. If you have a large carpet, you can hang it over a fence or wall and give it a good whack for a broomstick.

If it is a washable rug, you can also pop it into the machine for a quick wash to finish off the cleaning process.

How To get Rubbed In Ash Out Of A Carpet

Step 1: Double Vacuum

how to clean ash from carpet

Getting rubbed-in ash out of a carpet is almost as difficult as removing ground-in dirt from a carpet.

This is because rubbed-in stains have started to penetrate the carpet fibers and are far harder to remove than fresh surface area carpet stains.

Luckily, you can remove rubbed-in ash easily with the use of a vacuum. Use the suction-only function of the vacuum (and not the brush) and vacuum the area where the ash got rubbed in.

Then, apply baking soda to the stained area. You can also use a commercial carpet cleaning powder, such as pure O2 powder with a citrus scent. Leave the powder on the stain for two hours.

Then, vacuum again. This time, focus on vacuuming the powder you applied, still only using the suction function of your vacuum.

Step 2: Blot & Repeat

Take a clean white cloth and dip it into a cleaning solution of your choosing. A diluted carpet shampoo will work well here but you can also opt for a liquid dry-cleaning solvent.

You can even use a mixture of dish detergent or water, but you may need to repeat this step several times to get the desired result.

Take your damp cloth and blot the stain. Continue blotting until the stain is completely removed.

Afterward, take another damp cloth dipped in warm water (or a sponge) and blot the stained area with water. This will ensure that all liquid cleaner is removed from the carpet. Allow the carpet to dry.

How To Get Fireplace Ash Out Of A Carpet

how to clean ash off carpet

Step 1: Remove Debris

Fireplace ash can be hard to clean up since fireplaces generate a lot of ash.

Don’t worry, as long as you have your vacuum, you are ready for the first step. Start by sucking up any residual fireplace ash from the carpet.

Step 2: Add Baking Soda

After vacuuming the fireplace ash, chances are that a dark ash stain might remain on your carpet. This will be particularly visible on a light carpet.

If this is the case, you will want to start by pouring a generous amount of baking soda over the stain.

Let it rest for about an hour.

Step 3: Mix Vinegar Solution

While you wait for the baking soda to work its magic, mix a solution of 2 cups of warm water, a few drops of dish detergent, and two tablespoons of white vinegar. Stir this mixture until it is foamy.

Then, when the time comes, pour the liquid over the baking soda. You should see everything starting to bubble.

Then, use a clean cloth and dab the stained area. You should see the stain starting to lift from the carpet.

Let the solution you applied to the stain dry completely and then vacuum it up.

How To Get Cigarette Ash Out Of A Carpet

how to remove ash stains from carpet

Step 1: Vacuum

If you or someone you know smokes in the house, cigarette ash is bound to reach the carpet at some point. In this case, the sooner you act, the better.

Grab a vacuum as soon as you spot the ash and vacuum it up. Use the nozzle function to target the area of the ash spill. 

In some cases, this is all that is required, but if a nasty ash stain remains, move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Sprinkle Baking Soda

After vacuuming, apply baking soda to the cigarette ash stain. Leave it to work into the stain for at least an hour and then vacuum the area again.

Step 3: Blot with Rubbing Alcohol

If the stain still remains after Step 2, you want to apply some rubbing alcohol to the ash stain. Dip a clean white cloth in rubbing alcohol and gently dab the affected area.

You should see the stain transferring onto the cloth. Repeat the process until the stain has been removed.

If necessary, you can follow this process by dipping a new cloth in a mixture of dish detergent and warm water. Blot with this mixture until the stain is removed.

Step 4: Rinse

After the dabbing process is complete, take a damp cloth dipped in warm water and blot the stained area with water to remove all residue of the cleaning agents.

Blot any residual moisture out with a dry cloth or a towel and allow the area to dry before walking over it again.

How To Get Candle Ash out Of A Carpet

how to get ash out of carpet without vacuum

Step 1: Vacuum

Lucky for you, candle ash is much easier to remove from a carpet than candle wax (ask anyone that has had to remove wax crayon from a carpet).

To start cleaning up the candle ash, take your vacuum and vacuum up any excess candle ash from the carpet.

Step 2: Dab with Paper Towel

After removing the candle ash, you will want to deal with the remnants of ash that may still be embedded in the carpet.

Dampen a paper towel with some warm water. Add two drops of dish soap to the paper towel and rub it together till it starts to foam. You can also use a clean white cloth for this step.

Then, start to dab the ash stain with the paper towel or cloth, working from the edges of the candle ash stain inward.

Step 3: Rinse

Take a new paper towel or cloth and dip it in warm water. Then, dab the stained area with warm water to remove any of the soapy mixtures that remain.

If the stain is not completely gone yet, repeat this process.

Step 4: Add Cornstarch

After removing the stain, add a generous amount of cornstarch to the stain. This is the final step in getting the last of the ashes removed from the carpet and it assists with the drying process.

Let the cornstarch sit overnight.

In the morning, vacuum up the cornstarch to complete the process.

How To Get An Ash Burn Out Of A Carpet

how to get rubbed in ash out of carpet

Step 1: Sand

Sometimes the ash stain on your carpet comes with a nasty burn mark.

Burn marks may have hardened edges of burnt carpet attached to them, which make the process of removing them almost as hard as removing hardened playdough from a carpet.

In this case, you want to start by taking some sandpaper and sanding away the burn mark.

Then, take a vacuum, and vacuum up the debris of the sanding.

If there are any burnt fibers on your carpet, you can cut away the burnt ends carefully with a scissor.

Step 2: Mix Cleaning Solution & Blot

For the next step, mix one part of Hydrogen Peroxide with ten parts of water. 

Then, soak a cloth with this cleaning solution and gently blot the stain. 

Work from the outer edge of the stain, inward, to avoid spreading the burn stain.

Step 3: Allow to Dry

After applying your cleaning solution spray the area with warm water. 

You can also dip a sponge in warm water and blot the stain with water. The goal is to remove the Hydrogen Peroxide from the burnt area of the carpet.

Leave the carpet to dry.


After reading our comprehensive guide to getting ash out of a carpet, you should be well-equipped to deal with any ash stain that comes your way.

Whether you have a vacuum, or not, ash stains can easily be removed with a few key carpet chemicals or household items.

Just follow our steps and watch the magic happen. If you apply these methods, your carpet will be ash-free (and cleaner) in no time at all.

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