How to Clean a Faux Fur Rug

With its fluffy surface, cleaning a fur rug might seem like a daunting task, but you can handle it if you are equipped with the right products and methods.

The furry material can trap a lot of dust and debris over time, so it does need to be cleaned every so often to maintain its composition. 

We outline the most effective ways how to clean a faux fur rug with quality products and easy steps to follow. With our help, your rug will be consistently soft and fresh. 

What this article covers:

How To Clean A Large Faux Fur Area Rug

how to clean a faux fur rug

A large faux fur area rug will generally be large enough to cover a vast space on the floor. 

Rugs of this size will be commonly found in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, etc. and they will often have furniture around or on top of it. Paired with being in a commonly used area with higher foot traffic, it is inevitable that the rug will gather dirt and dust over time. 

For this, you will need to know how to clean a large area rug.

Because of the composition of the fur, you will need to be cautious about how you approach cleaning it. You will be careful when cleaning, like when you clean a jute rug. The process should be gentle, and you should use products that are not overly harsh or toxic.

Move The Rug Outside 

To wash a faux fur rug, particularly one that is quite large, it is best to move it out of the room to an outdoor space for the cleaning process. This will protect any furniture you have indoors, and make it a lot easier for you to move around and get the job done well.

You may need an extra set of hands to assist you with carrying out a larger rug. Move it to a clean space outside, like a patio or balcony, where it will not be exposed to sand, soil, or other messy elements. If you only have grassy patches available, you can lay some paper or plastic underneath the rug to protect it. 

You will also want to do this on a clear day when no rain is expected. 

Vacuum The Rug

Next, you will need to get rid of any excess dirt or dust sitting in the rug fibers. You can either do this by shaking the rug vigorously or using a vacuum to suction up the dirt. If you can do both, you should, as it will be most effective to remove as much excess debris as possible. 

how to clean a fur rug

Combine Your Solution

Mix two tablespoons of liquid soap with 6 cups of warm water in a large bowl or a bucket. You may need more, depending on the size of your rug, so follow this ratio accordingly. 

Apply Solution

Soak a soft, dry cloth in the solution, squeeze it out lightly, and then dab the rug with a bit of pressure. Do this 2-3 times on each spot, and then move across the rug so that you do not miss a spot. You should re-soak the cloth intermittently throughout. 

Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the rug, as this can damage or tear the fur fibers. The same would apply when cleaning a cowhide rug.

Rinse Rug

Fill up a small bucket with plain, cold water and once again soak a fresh cloth into this, and then dab the carpet exactly as you did previously. This will rinse out the soap from the carpet, and also draw out any remaining dirt. 

Dry Rug

To dry the rug, you can use a vacuum to suction up the excess moisture. If you do not have this handy, blot the rug with a dry cloth to absorb as much liquid as possible. 

Once only slightly damp, leave it to air dry overnight before returning it to its original spot. 

How To Clean A White Faux Fur Rug

how to clean fur rug

A fur rug is delicate to clean, and can even be as delicate as cleaning a silk carpet. So when you are dealing with a white faux fur rug, it can be twice as stressful to handle. But fear not, as there is an effective way to keep it bright and fluffy. 

As with any white rug, the upkeep is more demanding with more regular cleans needed to keep a tidy appearance. Like cleaning a white wool rug, it should be done once to twice a month so that there is no major build-up of dirt, which can cause irreversible damage to the rug. 

Prepare the Rug

First, move the rug to a space that allows you to wash it without damage to surrounding objects. This can be a bathroom, garage, or outdoor space, depending on the size of the rug. 

Use a vacuum to suction any loose dirt or dust particles in the rug fibers so that the next steps are made far easier. 

Wet the Rug

Fill up a spray bottle with lukewarm water and 1-2 tablespoons of liquid soap. Spray the entire rug with the water and soap solution, generously enough to soak through the fibers. Ensure you cover the entire rug with this.

Scrub Down

Using a soft sponge, gently lather and scrub the carpet using small circular motions. Avoid scrubbing too hard and damaging the fur - it should be a very light touch. 

You should also avoid floor machines as they may work well when cleaning polyester carpets, but can be slightly too harsh for this type of rug.

If there are any noticeable stains on the rug, focus a bit more on that area, and scrub until it clears. 

Rinse Out

how to clean furry rugs

Once you have cleaned the rug, you will need to rinse out the soap. If the rug is small enough, you can run it under a shower or dip it into a bathtub to rinse out. 

If it is larger, you can use a spray setting on a hose to rinse off the soap. 

Dry Completely 

Once the soap is rinsed out, use a vacuum to dry up as much of the liquid from the rug as possible. You can then leave it out to air dry overnight, and return to its spot once fully dry. 

How To Clean A Faux Sheepskin Rug

A faux sheepskin rug is a very unique fabric that should be taken care of when it is being cleaned. You will take a similar approach as you would when cleaning a shaggy rug

Cleaning a sheepskin rug regularly is key to preventing dirt from building up in the fibers. Vacuuming the rug should be done weekly (if not more often), but you should also do a monthly deep clean to prolong its lifespan and keep it tidy. 

To do this, it is best to use professional carpet cleaning products. With these, you can rest assured knowing your rug will be effectively cleaned out, and will not be at risk for any damage or change in appearance. For tile cleaning, you can use a professional concrete cleaner.

how to clean a white fur rug

Vacuum Rug

First, vacuum the rug well to lift any excess dirt and debris sitting in its fibers. You should rub over the rug at least thrice to properly clean this out. 

Pick and Prepare Cleaner

The next step is choosing the best product or pre-spray. One of the best available is the Truck Mount Forum Ultimate All Fibre Rinse, which not only removes any dirt, odor, and bacteria but also leaves the carpet brighter and fresher.

how to clean a large faux fur area rug

Mix the cleaner according to the instructions on its packaging, and then transfer it to a spray bottle. 

Apply Cleaner

Spray the solution generously onto the rug, making sure to cover the entire surface without missing a spot. Leave it to settle on the rug for 10-15 minutes. 

Once the wait is over, use a dry cloth to blot the entire rug with pressure to absorb the solution, along with any dirt present. Continue this until you have lifted as much liquid as possible. 

Rinse The Rug

Fill the spray bottle with plain cold water and spray the rug again, generously enough to soak through the fibers and rinse out any cleaner. Use a fresh cloth to blot the rug vigorously to remove the liquid, and then leave the rug to air dry overnight before returning it to its place.  


A faux fur rug might seem like a bother to clean, but it does not have to be a difficult task if you are equipped with the know-how and the right methods. 

For delicate and/or white rugs of this kind, professional carpet cleaning products work best to effectively clean without damage. These methods can also be used to target specific stains on the rugs, like when you spot-clean a sisal rug.

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