How to Get Grease out of a Carpet

When it comes to stains, a greasy spill can often be the most stressful as it tends to be stubborn to remove. Floor spills are inevitable, so it is important to know how to get grease out of a carpet.

Despite how tricky they are to remove, there are several ways in which you can do it relatively easily, and effectively. It is always crucial to get started on cleaning up a stain as soon as it occurs, or shortly after, as this makes it easier to remove. 

In this article, We’ll break down some of the best ways, and products, for you to remove grease from a carpet. 

What this article covers:

What Will Remove Grease From A Carpet?

When it comes to removing grease from a carpet, it is not just about the method. the products you use are arguably the most important part. 

Thankfully, there are many fantastic solutions available, from common home ingredients to commercial carpet cleaning equipment and products for you to choose from. If you do opt for the equipment, ensure you have all supporting accessories needed, like velcro straps.

remove grease from carpet

Baking Soda

If you are looking for a simple home remedy to clean a fresh, minor grease stain then look no further than baking soda, a household item you will likely already have on your shelf. 

Baking soda works exceptionally well for most cleaning needs by dissolving dirt and bacteria with a soft abrasion. It also works well to eliminate any odor that may be present on the stain in the process. 

Paired with a light soap/detergent and water, you can remove most types of stains from your carpet. 

White Spirit Vinegar

Similarly to baking soda, white spirit vinegar is another everyday household item. You will probably already have a bottle for cooking purposes, or other cleaning processes like removing limescale from a kettle. 

Paired with cleaning liquids/detergents, and even baking soda, it contains acids that are also found in many cleaning items, so it works well to eliminate dirt and grime. It is also a popular choice for the removal of nasty odors. 

Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing soap may be used for cleaning dishes as its primary function, but it is incredibly versatile and can be used to get rid of most stains. 

This is particularly good to use for smaller, fresher stains that just need a light cleaning to remove. It is gentle on the carpet so you do not have to worry about damage, and it lathers very well to soak into the carpet and get rid of any present dirt and bacteria.

Carpet Rinse

If you are dealing with a large or more stubborn stain, a carpet rinse is an ideal product to wash out all dirt present and leave your carpet as fresh as new. 

A good option is our Ultimate All Fiber Rinse, which effectively removes any stain and stickiness on the carpet fibers. The pleasant scent eradicates and replaces any bad odor caused by the spill, and the carpet looks brighter after use.

remove grease carpet

A rinse is effective in removing harder, stickier messes like getting glue out of a carpet

The rinse also acts as a preventative product, protecting the carpet against discoloration. This product would work very well to get rust stains out of a carpet.

Extraction Tools

If you need a heavy-duty cleaning and want to rinse out your carpet, you will need a good water extraction tool to dry the carpet quickly and effectively so that there is no lingering dampness that will cause even more damage. 

how to remove grease from carpets

Extraction tools are good to rinse and get bleach stains out of a carpet.

Extraction tools work well to absorb liquid from a carpet in a short time, to avoid high levels of humidity in your home for a prolonged time. Our Flash Xtractor II is a flexible, fast tool that is lightweight to carry and use. 

grease on carpet how to remove

Rotary Carpet Cleaner

To get the all-in-one experience, a rotating brush carpet cleaner that wets and dries to create the complete cleaning process makes the task of cleaning up a grease stain far easier for you. 

remove grease from carpets

The Rotovac 360i is a popular model for this purpose. It works well for a deep clean by rotating the cleaner, spraying water out of its jets, and drying quickly with its powerful vacuum. 

how to remove grease from carpet

If you have an old or stubborn grease stain, or you need to deep-clean the entire carpet, this is what you need. 

An Orbot Carpet Cleaner is also a great cleaning machine for this purpose. A smaller, simpler option is the Gekko SX7.

how to get a grease stain out of carpet

How To Get A Grease Stain Out Of A Carpet

Getting a grease stain out of a carpet does not have to be a difficult process, especially if you spot it and attend to it straight away.

If it is a smaller stain that is still fresh, you can use a simpler home method that should get it out of your carpet. With some baking soda and liquid soap, you can create a highly effective solution to erase the stain. 

Absorb Grease

First, you need to use baking soda to absorb as much grease as possible. 

Apply the baking soda generously onto the stain, enough for it to be fully covered in a layer at least 2mm thick. Next, use a small cleaning brush or toothbrush to gently scrub the baking soda into the carpet.

Mix And Apply Solution

Next, you will combine one cup of warm water with a tablespoon of liquid soap. Mix well, and transfer to a spray bottle for easy application. 

Spray the solution generously onto the stained area, generously enough for it to dampen and soak through the carpet fibers. 

Blot Area

Use a dry, absorbent cloth to blot the area with pressure to soak up as much moisture as possible. Continue with this until the cloth comes up dry. 

Leave the carpet to air dry for a few hours, until completely dry. 

how to get grease stain out of carpet

Check Carpet

Once fully dry, check the area to see if the stain has cleared. If not, repeat the process. 

If the stain is gone, you may need to use a broom or vacuum to clean up any excess baking soda on the carpet. 

How To Remove Old Grease Stains From A Carpet

It happens to all of us: you spill on the carpet and vow to get to it in a minute, and then it slips your mind. Or perhaps you drop a bit of food while cooking or cleaning, and you do not notice it until a week later. 

Old grease stains are inevitable on carpets, and unfortunately, they are a lot more difficult to get rid of than fresh stains. But with the right professional carpet cleaning product, such as a rinse or pre-spray, you will be able to get old grease stains out of a carpet. After all, it is formulated specifically for this type of stain. 

how to get grease stains out of carpet

Always check the ingredients on any new products to ensure they are compatible with your carpet fabric, and test it on a patch of carpet that is behind a sofa, or not fully visible. 

Scrape Off Excess Grease

If you are dealing with an old grease stain, it might be hard and crackly on the carpet. Use a butter knife to gently scrape off any excess debris from the carpet, which will make it easier to deal with the stain. 

Use a brush, broom, or vacuum to clear the debris from the area before you continue. 

Prepare Solution

One of the best products you can use for this is our Ultimate All Fiber Rinse. This product has helpful acids to cut through the dirt and grease and eliminate all bacteria and odor. 

It also makes the carpet softer and brighter after use. After the stain is removed, it will act as a protectant against browning, yellowing, discoloration, and fading. It also comes in two scent options, Sweet Breeze and Original Citrus Scent, which leaves a pleasant smell on your carpet. 

Follow the instructions on the bottle to mix it correctly, and then apply it generously to the stained area on the carpet. 

Leave it to sit for 5-10 minutes to allow the solution to soak into the fibers. 

Scrub Area

Next, you will need to use a cleaning brush or brush machine to scrub the solution into the carpet and remove all staining. A water extraction machine works best here, as it cleans the carpet as well as vacuums up the water so the drying process is taken care of, too. 

how to get grease stains out of carpets

Check Area

Once the carpet is dry, check to see if remnants of the stain are present. If so, repeat the process. 

How To Get Black Grease Out Of A Carpet

Black grease can be caused by several things like charred food, oil from machinery, and more. When it taints a carpet, it sticks out and looks unappealing. 

When you have a black grease stain to remove from a carpet, ensure you clean it as quickly as possible. This will make it simpler to remove completely, leaving your carpet looking fresh and untouched. 

When cleaning a black grease spot, be gentle so as not to spread the color even more across the carpet, making the stain worse.

Combine Solution

First, you will mix 2 cups of warm water with 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid soap and 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Combine well, and then transfer to a small bowl or jug.

This solution works well for other dark stains, like getting ink out of a carpet.

Spot Test and Apply

Before applying, test the solution on a hidden patch of carpet to make sure it does not cause discoloration or other damage that may require a carpet patch kit.

how to get black grease out of carpet

Use a dry, lint-free cloth to apply the solution to the stain. Dip the cloth into the solution, then blot the stained area of the carpet with slight pressure. 

Continue doing this for a few minutes, until the solution is sufficiently pressed into the carpet fibers and able to pry off the grease. 

Rinse Carpet

Next, you will need to rinse out the solution to avoid long-term fading or discoloration. Fill a spray bottle with cold water, and then generously spray it onto the affected area. 

Make sure you hit all spots that have the cleaning solution and apply enough water to soak through without flooding the carpet. 

Draw Out Liquid

Use a fresh cloth that is dry and absorbent to dab the carpet repeatedly, and with pressure, to draw out the liquid. Continue this for as long as it takes for the cloth to come up dry - you may even need to switch out for new cloth, depending on how large the stain was. 

Once you have removed as much moisture as possible, leave the carpet to air dry for a few hours, or overnight. 

how to remove grease stains from carpet

Check Carpet

Check the area to see if the stain has been completely removed. If not, repeat the process from the start. 

How To Get Car Grease Out Of A Carpet

Car grease tends to go everywhere without you noticing. Whether you get some on your clothing while climbing out of the car, or tread on some outside before walking into your home, you may get a nasty surprise of a car grease stain on your clean carpet. 

To get rid of this as efficiently as possible, using ammonia can help to cut through the grease and strip it off of the carpet. Its formula breaks down oils or grease effectively, helping to clean it out completely. 

Mix Solution

First, you will need to combine one teaspoon of ammonia, three teaspoons of liquid soap, and three cups of warm water in a bowl. Then you will transfer this solution to a spray bottle - ensure the water is not too hot that it will melt the plastic of the bottle. 

Apply Solution

how to get rid of black grease stains on carpet

Apply the solution to the stain by spraying it on the entire affected area. Make sure there is enough to cover the surface of the stain and soak through the carpet fibers. 

Leave the solution to settle into the carpet for 5-10 minutes before proceeding to the next step. 

Rinse Carpet

Next, fill up your spray bottle with cold water. Spray the water onto the area, enough to rinse out the solution without flooding the carpet. 

Use an absorbent cloth to blot the carpet repeatedly to draw out the moisture. Continue until no more liquid comes out. You will likely see the stain transfer to the cloth in this process, which indicates the process is working. 

Leave the carpet to air dry overnight. 

Check Area

Once the carpet is dry, check to see if the stain is gone. If not, start the process again from the beginning. 

How To Get Cooking Grease Out Of A Carpet

clean grease from carpet

A splatter from an egg pan or a drop of oil from a plate, and you have yourself a cooking grease stain on your carpet. But fear not, as there is a simple way to get oil out of a carpet, especially when done shortly after the stain occurs. 

Vinegar is not only a great way to cut through the grease with acidity, but it also removes odor very well. This is particularly helpful with cooking grease, which is sure to carry an odor that will not age well. 

Remove Excess Grease

First, you will need to remove as much excess grease as you can get off the carpet. Try a small spoon to scoop it off gently, without spreading it or pressing it further into the carpet.

Apply Baking Soda

Next, you will apply baking soda to the stain, enough to cover the entire stain with a 2mm thick layer. 

Leave the baking soda to absorb as much grease as possible for 5-10 minutes. 

Spray On Solution

Combine 2 tablespoons of vinegar with one cup of warm water and one teaspoon of detergent, and then transfer to a spray bottle. 

Spray the solution generously on top of the baking soda to cover the area, and dampen the soda. 

how to get black car grease out of carpet

Scrub Area

Use a toothbrush or small cleaning brush to gently rub the solution and soda into the carpet fibers to remove the stain. Make sure you scrub the entire area before proceeding. 

Rinse Carpet

Spray plain cold water onto the area to rinse out the cleaning solution and baking soda, without flooding the carpet. 

Use a dry and absorbent cloth to dab the area with pressure and draw out as much liquid as you can until the cloth comes up dry. Once it does, leave it to further air dry for a few hours, or overnight. 

Check Area

Once fully dry, check the area to see if the stain remains. If not, you can repeat the process. 


There are many methods to remove grease from a carpet, with each type of grease stain requiring something slightly different. 

As soon as you spot a stain, get going with the cleaning process immediately. This will save you time and effort in removing it effectively. 

If a stain has settled into the carpet, that is when you need to bring in professional cleaning products. It will be more stubborn to remove, but you can clear it with items like pre-spray, carpet rinses, water extraction vacuums, and so on.

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