Best Products to Clean Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is trendy, but cleaning it can be a challenge if you are not familiar with which products you should be using. Before you attempt cleaning, it is best to know the best products to clean wood furniture. 

The wrong product can result in irreversible damage to the wood, which is sensitive to harsh cleaning chemicals and certain formulas. You should either go for milder cleaning chemicals, or specialist wood cleaning products, as these are formulated for safe use on wood. 

This article lists the best products you can use to clean your wood furniture and explains what type of cleaning you would need to use for each of them. 

Best Products to Clean Wood Furniture

Flat Mop

Cleaning smaller items of wood furniture might be easy, but when the item is quite large, it does require a few reinforcements to assist the process. 

A flat mop is a mopping tool that has a long, flat panel on which you install a cloth cover, and then use it as a means to clean and polish tile or wood.

best product to clean wood furniture

Our Truck Mount Forum Flat Mop Finish Applicator is a great option for this purpose. It uses a Terry Cloth Cover to apply the wood finish but works just as well to clean and polish it, too. 

While mops may most often be used on floors, they can be just as handy with furniture. You can use it to clean large furniture items like cabinets, cupboards, and tables. It is ideal for use inside a large wardrobe structure and can be used for hard-to-reach areas, and can even be used to clean wood walls

2-in-1 Polish and Cleansers

When it comes to cleaning products, you cannot be more efficient than with a 2-in-1 product that serves two functions with one application. 

product to clean wood furniture

For cleaning wood furniture, the ideal dual product to have on hand is a 2-in-1 polish and cleansing product. This is best as an oil-based product, as it is then effective in removing dirt and stains while also polishing the wood to leave it looking brand new. 

Most cleaning products of this nature will come in a spray/aerosol bottle, so you can easily spray it on the wood surfaces and then use a dry, soft cloth to polish it into the wood. It will then leave behind a clean, shiny (non-greasy) finish on the wood. 

Wax Polish

One of the best ways to keep wood furniture clean is to keep it well polished, as this top layer protects the wood against scuffing, stains, and dust build-up. 

A good wax polish is the best way to polish wood effectively. Not only will it remove any existing dirt from the floor, but it will protect the wood from further dirt collection. It also acts as a preventative against fading of the wood, as the oil base keeps the wood from drying out too much. 

what is the best product to clean wood furniture

The best way to use wax polish is by applying a small amount directly onto the wood and then using a dry cloth to rub it into the wood. This works especially well for cleaning and polishing mahogany furniture.

Floor Scrubber & Extractor

For proper cleaning of your wood furniture, you need to turn to larger equipment. This is ideal for a deep clean every few months, over and above your regular light cleanups. 

The perfect tool to use is a floor-scrubbing machine. This will act as a heavyweight polisher to properly polish out any stubborn stains, leaving the wood looking and feeling brand new. 

top products for cleaning wood furniture

Our Lindhaus LW38 Lindwash Bare Surface Floor Scrubber and Extractor is the perfect piece of equipment for this purpose. It uses water and cleaning solution in just the right amounts to clear out any dirt and grime from the wood. 

The water extraction machine process is important as it prevents moisture from seeping into the wood, which can cause major damage. The scrubbing attachment is also softer, so it will not cause abrasion on the wood surface. 

Although this works best on wood floors, it can also be used to clean large furniture items like wardrobes or cabinets. 

best product for cleaning wood furniture

Furniture Wipes

Occasionally you may have a small spot or spill to mop up without wanting to clean the entire floor, and for these moments furniture wipes are super convenient to have on hand. 

Various furniture wipe brands are formulated especially for use on wood, which is perfect as you can trust the product not to damage the furniture. You can use it on wood tables, chairs, cabinets, decor items, etc. They are useful to clean white wood furniture, as even the smallest stain is visible. 

All you need to do is pull one out and gently wipe the affected area to remove the dirt or grime in question. This will quickly and easily remove the mess, and leave the area polished. 

Cleaning Brush

If you are either cleaning out a stain or spill from your wooden furniture, or you are just performing a general cleanup, you will need something to work in your solution. A quality, a soft-bristled brush is a good tool to have available for this. 

product for cleaning wood furniture

Our hand-fit horsehair brush has horsehair bristles that are firm enough to effectively clean an area but are not too rough that they can cause damage to the wood surface. To use it as safely as possible, it is also best to apply very light pressure when scrubbing so that there is no abrasion on the wood. 

The brush is also flexible enough to be used on any part of the furniture, whether it is thick or thin, without hassle. It works on any type of wood, such as when you are cleaning solid oak furniture


Cleaning wood furniture is not just about cleaning off the visible dirt - it is also about getting rid of any nasty bacteria that are lurking out of sight. 

what is the best product for cleaning wood furniture

A disinfectant is a crucial product to have in the cleaning cabinet, as it should be used on wood furniture regularly to remove invisible grime. If there is visible dirt on the wood, this can effectively get rid of it, too. 

It is easy to use: all you need to do is spray it onto the wood surface and then wipe it off with a cloth. Any bacteria on the wood will come off with it. This is especially useful for countertops or dining tables, to clean out any underlying dirt before eating on the surface. 

Odor Removal Blocks

If you are cleaning old wood furniture, or if there is stubborn dirt that has been on the wood for a while, it can cause an unpleasant odor in the room in which it is situated. 

most excellent product for cleaning wooden furniture

To deal with the lingering odor, you can use our Fresh Blocks to keep the room smelling fresh and fantastic. You can break off parts of the blocks and disperse them around the room to eliminate any odor, or you can simply open up the packet and leave it in one corner of the room. The blocks are so strong and effective that even the smallest bit goes a very long way. 

Silicone Polish

To achieve a super glossy finish on wood furniture, you cannot go wrong with a silicone polish. 

This type of polish works well to clean any stubborn dirt from wood and then leaves behind an impenetrable layer of gloss on the surface. This is perfect for wood that was originally quite shiny but just needs a boost to bring it back to its former state, like when you are cleaning antique furniture.

The silicone polish works well to clean cherry wood furniture, to return the gloss to the surface. This should only be used on wood furniture and not on wood floors, as it can make floors quite slippery which poses a safety risk to those in your household.

wood furniture cleaning product

Handheld Vacuum

A small handheld vacuum is a must if you have wood furniture, as it is the easiest way to remove dust from the surface of your items. 

This tool can be used for regular cleanups of your furniture, to remove any buildup of dust or debris. Set it to the lowest setting so that you do not damage the wood. 

This is especially useful to clean outdoor wood furniture, as this tends to gather a lot more dust. 

Pick a handheld vacuum that has a thin attachment that allows you to reach corners and smaller areas of your furniture. It is a worthy investment, as it can work just as well to clean fabric items. 

UV Light

If you think you do a good job of keeping your wood furniture but would like to check just how clean it is, our UV Light V4 kit is perfect to keep handy for these checks. 

which is the top-rated product for cleaning wood furniture

Sometimes we can remove as much dirt as possible, but invisible dirt lingers where you cannot see it. A UV light will show you where any bacteria still sit so that you can target those areas when cleaning. This is especially useful if you are cleaning a room with poor lighting, or if you’re dealing with urine stains. 


Whether you are cleaning teak furniture, oak, or any other type of wood, it can be a challenge because you have to be very careful of which products you are using to avoid serious damage to the wood. 

Several types of cleaning products are safe for use on wood and effectively remove any stains or dirt from the surface. It is generally best to go for milder products or products that are specifically made for wood. 

In addition, you also need tools on hand to use alongside the cleaning products. This includes vacuums, brushes, and more. These are especially handy for deeper cleans or extremely stubborn stains. 

If you pick the right product and have the best equipment on hand, your wood furniture will be clean and polished at all times without any damage or abrasion, which will prolong its lifespan. 

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