How to Clean Wood Walls

Installing wood walls in a home is a trendy decor statement that adds a touch of modernity to any space. But with this type of material, there is the need to clean and maintain it well. 

If you want to prolong the quality and lifespan of this feature, you will need to know how to clean wood walls. Wood is sensitive material, as it cannot handle harsh chemicals or rough cleaning techniques. 

This article guides you on how to clean wooden walls safely and effectively so that it always looks as good and as polished as new. 

How to Clean Wooden Walls

Regular Clean

This should be done once or twice a week at the very least, as this will keep the wood in good, polished condition. 

Dust Off

First, you will need to remove any loose dust or dirt that has settled onto the wood panels. Use a feather duster to sweep off any dust from the wood panels. 

If you are susceptible to sinus issues, you may want to wear a mask for this step to avoid the dust falling onto you. 

clean wood walls

Apply Solution

Combine 3 parts warm water with one part liquid soap, and mix well. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle. 

Spray the solution onto the wood panels, making sure you cover the entire surface. Then use our Flat Panel Mop, topped with a Terry Cloth Cover, to wipe off the solution while cleaning the wood simultaneously. 

Rinse and Dry

Leaving any type of cleaning solution on wood can result in damage or fading over time, so it is important to rinse off any remainder from the walls. This should also be done when cleaning old wood furniture.

Fill up a spray bottle with plain, cold water and spray the entire wall. Then replace the old Terry cloth on your mop with a fresh one, and mop off the water once again. This should remove any remaining solution from the wood. 

Leave the wall to dry for 20-30 minutes, and look over it to ensure that all dirt has been removed.

how to clean wood panelling walls

Deep Clean

Wood walls need to be cleaned regularly, but if you have neglected to do so for a while then it may need a deeper clean to remove dirt and grime that has built up over time. You can also use this method to clean old antique furniture.

Remove Debris

The first step is to dust off any loose dirt or debris from the wood surface. Use a feather duster to do this. If the tops are hard to reach, you can even use a soft broom to get to all corners. 

Gently Scrub

Simply wiping down the wood may not be sufficient, especially if there is stubborn dirt on the surface. It is best to use a brush for this step, which also applies when cleaning old mahogany furniture

how to clean wooden walls

 First, combine a mild liquid soap with warm water and apply using a spray bottle onto the wood. Then use a soft cleaning brush, like our Horsehair Brush, to gently scrub the soap into the wood, dissolving any stubborn dirt. Apply very light pressure to avoid damaging the surface.

You can also use a CRB machine for this step.

Rinse and Dry

Next, dip a cloth into cold, plain water and wring out to remove any excess liquid. Wipe down the entire wall to remove all of the soapy solutions. 

Leave this to air dry for 30-60 minutes before continuing to the last step. 

Polish Wood

Apply a specialist wood wax onto the wood, and use a fresh cloth to shine and polish the surface. This is a good product to clean wood furniture, too

clean wooden walls


Whether you are cleaning new wood furniture or wood walls, wood can be challenging to clean due to the sensitivity of the material.  But with the right products and methods, you can do so with ease and efficiency. 

It is important to clean the wood walls regularly so that no build-up of dirt then requires a deep clean, as this makes it easier to maintain in the long term. 

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