How to Clean Mahogany Furniture

Mahogany furniture is one of the hardest woods, making for durable and easy-care wood for home furnishings. It’s also very attractive, with a deep reddish-brown hue. But like other woods, it is susceptible to damage from moisture. So what’s the best way to clean it? 

All wood furniture is easy to care for when you have the know-how and the right tools. Learn how to clean mahogany furniture with ease, in this concise cleaning care guide. You’ll soon have your mahogany furniture looking like new.  

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Best Way to Clean Mahogany Furniture

Wood furniture is prone to damage from harsh household cleaners. To keep your treasured items looking their best, you need to know how to clean wood furniture safely.

how to clean and polish mahogany furniture
Likewise, mahogany wood furniture is easy to care for if you follow these simple steps:

Remove Surface Dust

Use a soft dusting cloth to regularly remove surface dust from your furniture. Surface dirt, when exposed to moisture in the home, can easily become impacted and sticky. Never use a rough cloth or sponge to do this. 

Wipe Down Surfaces

Sometimes dusting alone won’t do it. Wipe your mahogany furniture down with a damp cloth. 

Take note - damp, not wet! All wood will sustain damage if exposed to excess moisture. Follow this wipe-down immediately after, with a soft, dry cloth to remove all traces of moisture. A microfiber cloth will also do the trick. You can clean wood paneling walls in the same way.

how to clean old mahogany furniture

For Sticky Wood

Adding a bit of a mild, soapy solution to the damp cloth is probably the best way to clean old wooden furniture. Especially if it's very dirty or sticky. But use bleach-free cleaners only, don’t apply directly to the furniture, and don’t use very hot water. Once again, ensure that you wipe with a clean, damp cloth to remove traces of detergent, and follow that up with a soft, dry cloth right after. 

Use Furniture Wax

Want to polish your mahogany furniture to a gleaming finish that also protects the wood? Use proper wax furniture polish, like beeswax. It’ll give your wood furniture a renewed glow, and protect a layer of protection against water, dirt, and grime. Use this at least every 6 months, or as needed.

Mahogany Maintenance Tips

It’s not enough to know how to clean and polish mahogany furniture. Just like the Orbot floor machine helps you maintain the beauty of wood floors, these tips will help you get the most out of your mahogany furniture:

how to clean mahogany wood furniture

Keep It Out Of The Light

Is your mahogany furniture in the path of direct sunlight? You can clean wooden garden furniture with the steps set out above. 

But it’s best to seal the wood with a professional sealant to protect it from the elements. Like our UV-resistant Robs’ Solvent Sealer which coats all your surfaces with a layer of protection.

But even indoor furniture can be exposed to a heavy dose of sunlight if in a sunny room or near a window. Repeated UV exposure will cause your mahogany furniture to fade and crack. Move it away from excess light if possible.

best way to clean mahogany furniture

Avoid Excess Heat Sources

Heat is as damaging as light. 

Move your mahogany furniture 3-3 feet away from heat sources like indoor heating panels or fireplaces. This is not only safer but also keeps your wood looking good for longer. Like sunlight, repeated exposure to heat can cause cracking and discoloration of the wood. 

Avoid Spray Polishes 

This is where many of you may have been getting it wrong, especially when you clean old antique furniture. Do you know those spray polishes you saw at the store that claims to work on all surfaces? Don’t use those on your mahogany furniture! 

These are not the best products to clean wood furniture. This is because they often contain abrasive and harmful chemicals that will only serve to discolor and damage your furniture.

how to clean mahogany furniture


With the right advice and the right products, every surface in your home will gleam and sparkle. We have the widest range of floor cleaning products and equipment, designed for wood floors, carpets, and even stone surfaces and upholstery. Let us help you give your home a deep clean that lasts, today. 

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