How to Truck Mount a Pressure Washer

Ever wondered how to truck mount a pressure washer? We’ve been there, and after 31 years in the business, we’ve got the inside scoop! TruckMountForums is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you get the job done and excel at it!

So, let’s dive deep into this step-by-step guide, peppered with our success stories and nuggets of wisdom from over the years.

What this article covers:

Learn How to Truck Mount a Pressure Washer: 6 Simple Steps

truck mount commercial power washer

1. Pick The Right Size Equipment

After years in the field, we’ve come to learn that bigger isn’t always better. The biggest pressure washer on a small pickup just isn’t going to work. It’s vital to match the washer size with your truck’s capacity.

Make sure you choose a truck that’s big enough to support your equipment. Whatever size pressure washer you go with, you’ll need a truck with quite a high weight capacity.

2. Positioning

Positioning your washer correctly is the key to stability and easy accessibility. 

Balance the weight, ensure easy access, and keep safety in mind. That way, you’re not playing an endless game of musical chairs with heavy machinery.

3. Securing Your Precious Cargo

Always ensure you’ve invested in high-quality mounting brackets and that they’re secured tightly. They can make or break the truck mount carpet cleaning equipment average life

pickup truck mount pressure washer

4. Power & Water Connection

This step might seem basic, but trust us; it’s a common mistake. Ensure your power source is connected correctly, and double-check the water connection.

5. The Test Drive

It’s simple, run the washer for a few minutes, ensure no leaks or strange noises, and you’re golden!

6. Maintenance and Care

Here’s a bonus step for you! Always, and we mean ALWAYS, take care of your equipment. Regular checks and cleaning can go a long way in ensuring a long and efficient life for your machinery. It’s like tending to a garden – the more love and care you give, the more it thrives.

Dos and Don’ts of Truck Mounting a Pressure Washer

Let’s face it, even the best of us can sometimes miss the mark. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts, just to ensure that while you’re on the road to cleaning success, you don’t hit any unexpected bumps (or pressure washer mishaps). Ready to become a truck mounting maestro? Buckle up!

truck mount for pressure washer


  • Regularly inspect your equipment: The mantra to prolong your equipment life.
  • Train your team: Proper training allows you to use your equipment efficiently and optimally.


Benefits of a Truck Mount Pressure Washer

truck mount pressure washers

Ever wondered why so many professionals are raving about truck-mounted pressure washers? It’s not just a trend but a game-changer in the cleaning world. 

Dive into the myriad advantages of this powerful equipment and discover why it’s time to upgrade your cleaning game.

    1. Increased Mobility: No more lugging around heavy equipment! With a truck-mounted system, you’re ready to roll anytime.
    2. Enhanced Efficiency: Say goodbye to multiple trips back and forth. With everything mounted, it’s a one-stop cleaning solution!
    3. Safety First: Having everything securely mounted reduces the risks of accidents. Plus, it looks professional!
    4. Greater Power: Often, truck-mounted systems are more powerful than their portable counterparts, ensuring a deeper clean.
    5. Convenience: You don’t need any extras. You don’t need an extra water tank, and your heating and pumping systems can be connected to your truck rather than an external source.


There’s an art to mastering the perfect truck-mounted pressure washing system. But with Truck Mount Forums by your side, you’ve got three decades of expertise backing you up. 

power washing truck mount

Simpy pick the right equipment for your truck, position correctly, secure and connect everything, give it a test run, and you’re good to go.

And when it comes to the best equiptment and supplies - we’ve got you covered. From carpet cleaning equipment to water extraction machines, everything you need is right here at Truck Mount Forums.

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