Truckmount Forum Best Professional Carpet Spotting Kit

Welcome, fellow professional cleaners! You've landed in the right spot if you're on the hunt for the ultimate professional carpet-spotting kit. If you're considering starting a carpet cleaning business with truckmount, this guide provides insight into the best products and methods. 

Without further ado, here’s the Truckmount Forum best professional carpet spotting kit. Let's dive in!

Truckmount Forum Best Professional Carpet Spotting Kit

A carpet spotting kit is your ultimate toolbox to combat those stubborn spots and stains that regular cleaning misses. It's a blend of products that include a carpet prespray, stain remover, spotter machine, and cleaning wand, all aimed at restoring your carpet's original beauty.

truckmount forum best professional carpet spotting kit

Mix this kit with a truckmount carpet cleaner, and you’ll maximize the benefits you’re getting.


From our experience, prespraying with the right product prepares the carpet fibers by loosening soil, grease, and embedded dirt, setting the stage for a successful cleaning round.

Enter the Black Label Sweet Breeze Prespray. This prespray has a delightful scent that kicks off the cleaning process with a fresh and invigorating aroma, masking the odors of cleaning chemicals.

truckmount forums best spot kit

Best for hot water extraction cleaning, this prespray will have your carpets looking  - and smelling - great in no time thanks to its fast-dissolving capabilities.

With no butyls, sticky residue, or fillers, it’s non-corrosive, 99% green, and will soften your carpet fibers like nothing else.

Stain Remover

This stain remover is not just another product on the shelf; it's a solution to the age-old problem of stubborn spots. From our experience, we've found that when paired with truckmount carpet cleaners, Rave Spotter becomes a powerful stain-fighting ally.

truckmount forum professional carpet spotting kit

Rave Spotter consists of a specialized formula that penetrates deep into the fibers, attacking the stains from the core. It breaks down the bonds that keep the stains clinging to your beloved carpet, allowing them to be lifted away effortlessly. Its non-resoiling, no-rinse formula means that even the peskiest of stains will be removed with zero time or effort wasted.

Why Rave Spotter? Because it's versatile. Be it oil, wine, coffee, ink, or mud – it tackles them all with grace. Its consistency is just right, allowing it to be applied easily without running all over the place.

It’s also non-toxic, making it environmentally friendly and safe for pets.

Carpet Spotter Machine

Allow us to introduce you to the TMF Heated Pro Spotter Machine.

This spotter machine is a marvel of modern cleaning technology. But what makes it so special? Simply put, the heat element. From our experience, we know that warmth plays a crucial role in dissolving dirt and stains. 

best truckmount forums spot kit

This machine capitalizes on that knowledge, providing a heated cleaning solution that penetrates deep into the carpet.

The design is sleek, the function robust, and the results? Nothing short of impressive. It's lightweight, easy to handle, and comes with a vacuum hose and upholstery tool that reaches places you didn't even know needed cleaning. It's like having a personal assistant that knows your carpet inside out.

Carpet Cleaning Wand

Ah, the wand. It might not grant wishes, but in the carpet-cleaning world, it comes pretty close. The 1.5 Inch TMF Swivel Modified Carpet Cleaning Wand, is a must-have in any professional carpet spotting kit.

truckmount forums best spot kits

Now, carpet cleaning wands might seem like simple tools, but don’t let the minimalist design fool you. This wand is all about functionality and finesse. It swivels, it turns, and it reaches places ordinary wands would shy away from. 

From our experience, we've learned that it's often the small details that make the big difference. The swivel feature on this wand allows for an ergonomic cleaning experience, saving your back and wrists from unnecessary strain. Cleaning doesn't have to be hard work, and this wand proves it!

But why the 1.5-inch modification? Precision, my friend. The size of this wand allows for a controlled cleaning flow, ensuring that water and solution are distributed evenly and accurately. It's like painting a masterpiece; you need the right brush to make the right strokes.


So there you have it, our magical toolkit, designed with the perfect blend of expertise and innovation. Whether you're looking into starting a carpet cleaning business with truckmount equipment or simply upgrading your arsenal, these products are sure to impress. 

truckmount forum the best professional carpet spotting kit

The carpet cleaning equipment we've highlighted doesn't just promise perfection; it delivers it. So put your kit together today with Truck Mount Forums. Happy Cleaning!

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