Commercial Pressure Washing Chemicals

When cleaning floors, you cannot do better than a pressure washing method using a good cleaning tool. But to maximize the results, you have to use the right commercial pressure-washing chemicals. 

There are certain types of chemicals that work best with pressure washing. This article provides a guide on the chemicals to use, and which products you can look for in each category. 

What Kind of Chemicals Should You Use for Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is an effective method to clean both soft and hard surfaces. This can be tiles, concrete, brick, carpets, rugs, and so on. 

This method of cleaning is usually done using a quality cleaning tool that features a jet and vacuum system, cleaning the surface with intense pressure. It uses water in the process, and you can usually add a chemical to the water solution for best results. 

There are a few different types of chemicals that you can use alongside a pressure washing tool, including pre-sprays, rinses, and ecocides. 


Cleaning pre-sprays are generally used to prepare a surface for optimal cleaning by loosening and upending dirt, grime, or soiling so that it is easily eliminated by the pressure washer. They’re a great commercial chemical to clean grease.

commercial power washing chemicals

Our Blue Label Blue Dream Pre-spray is one of the best available. It is non-corrosive, with no unnecessary fillers, so you do not have to worry about it damaging your floors. It has a slight honey linen scent, leaving a fresh fragrance in the area cleaned. 

It is also environmentally safe so no toxic fumes are wafting through the air during and after cleaning. The pre-spray also softens carpet fibers in the process, making the floors feel brand new.


For a chemical that you can use together with your pressure washer, you cannot go wrong with a carpet rinse. It boosts the cleaning process and wipes away any dirt and grime with relative ease. It can also be used as a commercial disinfectant solution.

commercial house wash chemicals

Our Formula 99 Empowered Rinse works with any heat level, does not foam, and does not leave behind any sticky residue. It also softens and brightens carpet fibers in the process, leaving them in brand-new condition after cleaning. 


Ecocide can be used to kill any decay, mold, etc. from a surface, particularly carpets. It can also be used as a commercial rust removal solution. When used together with a pressure washer, it kills all bacteria and molecules, even if it is not visible. 

It is also the perfect commercial cleaning solution to remove bad odors.

Our Ecocide Beachy Peachy is perfect for use on old, decaying carpets or surfaces with pet urine or feces. It’s non-toxic and non-corrosive so it is safe to use in closed spaces, and it has a pleasant peach scent. 


You can use either a rinse, ecocide, or pre-spray when pressure washing to ensure floors are squeaky clean at the end of the process. 

commercial pressure washer chemicals

It is always best to invest in good commercial cleaning solutions, whether you are looking for a commercial steam cleaning solution, or a pressure washing solution, as these have been formulated to get these results.  

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