How to Remove Grout Haze from Porcelain Tile

When you are installing new tiles in your home, you may be left with a nasty surprise shortly afterward: the dreaded grout haze.  

This is the residue that is left behind from the grouting process of the tiles, and you will need to know how to remove grout haze from porcelain tile so that you can tackle this eventuality. 

Unfortunately, grout haze does not go away on its own, nor is it something that can be resolved with a simple wipe down, so the right products and cleaning tools are necessary. 

This article shows you how to effectively remove grout haze from your porcelain tiles, and what to use when you do so. 

How to Clean Grout Haze from Porcelain Tile

Home Remedy

If the grout haze is relatively light, you can clean the porcelain tile by using simple, common household products and equipment that you probably already have lying around. 

We recommend that you try this first, and if it does not remove the grout haze and clean the dirty porcelain tile floors, you can then attempt the more intense cleaning method. 

remove grout haze from porcelain tile

Remove Excess 

First, you should try to remove any loose grout haze that can easily come off before moving on to the more stubborn layers. 

Do this by dipping a soft cloth into warm water, and then wringing it out to remove excess liquid. Use the damp cloth to wipe down the tiles, and clean the porcelain tile grout that can be removed.

Mix Solution

In a small bucket, combine five parts water with one part white spirit vinegar and one part grout cleaner pre-spray. Mix well before applying, so that the vinegar is not too concentrated. 

Our experience shows that Groutmaster Tile and Grout Cleaner effectively cuts through grout dirt without causing a hint of damage to the tiles. Prepare according to the instructions on the packaging before adding it to your solution mix. 

how to remove grout stains from porcelain tiles

Gently Scrub 

Dip a soft cleaning brush into the solution, soaking the bristles, and then get to work gently scrubbing the surface of the porcelain tiles. Do not apply too much pressure, as this can scratch or damage the surface of the tiles. 

clean grout haze off porcelain tile

Our Grout Brush works wonders for this purpose, as the bristles are designed to break down any grime or minerals both on the tiles and in the grout lines. A CRB machine would work well here, too.

how to remove grout haze from porcelain tile surface

Continue with this until the haze clears up. Based on our experience, you may need to go over the tiles with the brush twice or thrice to completely remove the grout haze, especially if you are cleaning porcelain tiles outside

Rinse Well

Once the grout haze has cleared from the tiles, use a fresh cloth dampened with plain water to wipe away any remnants of the cleaning solution and the haze. Leave it to air dry before checking the tiles carefully to ensure they are spotlessly clean. 

Intense Clean

If you find that the grout haze is quite severe and you need to clean the porcelain tiles after installation, and it will not easily be removed by a simple cleaning method, you may need to intensify your approach with a harsher chemical and more advanced equipment. 

best way to clean porcelain tile after grouting

Wipe Off Loose Minerals

To begin, use a cloth dampened with warm water to wipe away any grout haze that is loose and can be removed. 

Apply a light pressure to get off as much as possible, as we often find that this makes the rest of the process slightly easier because you will have less to clean off. 

Prepare and Apply the Solution

When it comes to choosing the right cleaning product, you need something that is going to cut through the dirt, unlike any other product. Our Kick Acid for Grout Pack is just what you need to break down even the most stubborn grout haze. 

how to clean grout off porcelain tile

Based on our research, the biodegradable acid product is strong enough to get through the dirt that other products cannot crack, but it is still safe to use without concern for health risks or exposure. 

Combine according to the instructions on the packaging, and then sparingly apply some of it directly onto the tiles. 

remove grout from porcelain tiles

Use Cleaning Equipment 

For a cleaning tool that is unrivaled for this type of issue, you cannot do better than our Turbo Force Hybrid Tile and Grout Cleaning Tool. This professional cleaner will remove even the most stubborn of dirt and even vacuums any liquid or solution so it will also clean and shine your porcelain tile in the process. 

how to remove haze from porcelain tile

Its sleek and lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to use, and it is an absolute pleasure for large surfaces as it cleans fairly quickly. A general tile cleaning tool would work just as well, too. 

how to clean grout haze off porcelain tile

Use the cleaning tool to go over the tiles once or twice, and together with the cleaning solution, it will remove the stains from the porcelain tiles in no time.

how to clean grout off porcelain floor tiles


Grout haze is a nuisance that you do not often foresee, especially because your tiles are brand new when it generally occurs. But it does not have to be a cause for concern if you are equipped with the know-how and products to remove it. 

Always try the simpler method first, as this may be enough to get rid of the grout haze. If it proves to be fruitless, you can give the intense cleaning method a shot, which is sure to get rid of the dirty mineral from your porcelain tiles. 

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