How to Clean Matte Porcelain Tiles

For a subtle and elegant decor choice, matte tiles are a fantastic option for any space in your home. Whether it is on your floors, walls, or other items, you will need to know how to clean matte porcelain tiles effectively, and without damage. 

While matte tiles may not require you to upkeep the shiny surface like with regular tiles, dirt, and stains do still appear quite clearly on the surface. This means you will need to regularly clean the tiles with the right products to keep them in good condition. 

This article shows you how to clean matte porcelain tiles, and which products and equipment you need for the process. 

How to Clean Matte-Finish Porcelain Tiles

Regular Clean 

If you matte tiles in your home, you will need to clean the porcelain tile floors regularly to maintain a tidy appearance, and also prolong their lifespan. 

You should aim to do a simple cleaning of the tiles at least 2-3 times a week. This method can also be used to clean unglazed ceramic tiles, as the textures are similar.

how to clean matte tiles

Remove Dust

First, you will need to get rid of any loose dust or debris from the tiles. We find that this generally prevents the dust from sticking to the tiles when liquid is added during the process, which makes cleaning even more challenging. 

You can either use a broom or a vacuum to remove the dust. Dust can often stick to matte tiles, so a broom is often preferable to lift and clear these particles. 

Mix Cleaning Solution

Next, prepare your cleaning solution. For a regular clean, our experience has found that you can get away with a simple combination of water and any liquid soap or detergent that you have at home. 

In a small bucket, mix four parts of warm water with one part of the soap. You can make as much as necessary, depending on the size of the area that needs to be cleaned.

Apply Solution

Dip a mop or cloth into the mixed cleaning solution, and wring it out to remove any excess liquid. This is important, as too much water can damage the matte tiles, which is not always the case when cleaning polished tiles

If you are cleaning a big area, it is easier to use a mop. For smaller patches of tile, a cloth will do just fine.

how to clean matte tile

Use the cloth/mop to wipe down the tiles with the cleaning solution, giving extra attention to areas with stubborn marks or stains. You could also use a tile-cleaning machine for this step.

Rinse Tiles

Use a fresh mop or cloth to rinse the area by dipping it into plain, cold water and then wiping over the tiles again. This should remove any remaining solution, and remove stains from the porcelain tiles that may not have cleared during the cleaning step.

Leave to Dry 

Leave the area to dry for 15-30 minutes before walking on the tiles or putting furniture back on. 

Deep Clean

If you have not cleaned your tiles in a long time, they will likely need a serious deep clean to get them back to their former condition. 

From our experience, even if you do clean the tiles regularly, we recommend that you do a deep clean every month or two, so that you prevent any build-up of dirt. 

how to clean matte black floor tiles

Get Rid of Debris

Start by clearing out as much loose debris from the tiles as you can. You can use a vacuum or broom, depending on how big the area is and how much dust needs to be removed. 

Mix Cleaning Solution

In a small bucket, mix five parts warm water with one part liquid soap, and one part white spirit vinegar. 

Stir it to ensure all elements are properly combined. 

how to clean matte tile floors

Apply and Scrub

Next, dip the bristles of a cleaning brush into the solution, and then gently scrub the tiles. For a gentle yet effective option, we’ve found that our HorseHair Hand-Fit Brush works perfectly for this type of cleaning. This is one of the best products to clean porcelain tile floors.

how to clean matte floor tiles

You could also use a CRB machine, if available. 

Scrub the entire tiled area, and go over it a second time if needed. We try to apply a light pressure to prevent damage to the tiles. This can also help to remove dried grout from the porcelain tiles.

how to clean matte floor

If you need to clean the porcelain tile grout, you can use a grout cleaning tool for best results, together with a grout cleaner prespray

is matte porcelain tile hard to clean

Rinse Tiles

Soak a soft, lint-free cloth in plain, cold water and then wring it out to remove excess liquid. 

Use the damp cloth to wipe down the tiles, removing the cleaning solution. You will need to intermittently soak it back into the water to freshen up the cloth. 

Leave to Dry

Let the tiles air dry for 15-30 minutes. 

how to clean matte porcelain tile floors


When it comes to cleaning matte porcelain tiles, we recommend using the above methods and products to achieve a flawless finish. 

It is best practice to clean the tiles regularly, with a deep clean every month or so, to prevent dirt build-up and prolong the fresh condition of the tiles. 

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