Commercial Rust Removal Solution

Are you at a loss when it comes to cleaning rust off your restaurant or shop’s carpets and floors? If you are a business owner that has tried to clean a rust stain, you will know that it can be challenging to remove.

That’s why many organizations turn to a commercial rust removal solution as an answer. 

But how do you choose the rust cleaner that’s right for your business? After all, some commercial bleaching solutions can actually worsen rust stains and make your job far harder than it needs to be.

Other commercial cleaners may be oxygenated and contribute to the rust instead of eradicating it.

Luckily, we have conducted extensive research to help you find the best commercial rust cleaner for your specific needs.

We have subjected each cleaner to our very strict standards to ensure that you find the perfect fit.

The Top 5 Commercial Rust Removal Solutions

Rust Out

This no-fuss product lives up to its name by simply ensuring that it gets rust out of carpets, fabrics, and textiles. It can be used on any fabric that is unaffected by solvents. And it is so easy to use.

Simply apply Rust Out directly onto the stain with a cotton swab and wait until the rust stain disappears. Then, rinse the area with water to remove any residual solution and blot it with a clean white cloth. 

rust removal solution

And voila, your carpet or fabric will look good as new within a matter of minutes.

Just be sure to use gloves when using this product and to use it in a well-ventilated room. The product also does not react well to extreme temperatures, so be sure to store it with the lid on in a cool, dry place.

Why It's Great

  • Perfect for removing rust from carpets and textiles
  • Fast acting
  • Easy to use
  • No equipment necessary

Who It’s Right for

  • Businesses with furniture that often leaves rust stains on carpets
  • Commercial cleaners looking for a strong rust-eliminating product that works instantly

Detailed Analysis


This product is relatively safe to use, but it does have some protective requirements. As mentioned, you need to wear gloves and use the product in a well-ventilated room. 

You also have to ensure that it is not exposed to freezing temperatures or let it get too hot. It is also important to avoid contact with eyes and skin and overall ingestion. 

If the product is ingested, medical help will be required. You also have to rinse the bottle before disposing of it.


From our experience, this product can be used on any fabric that can be exposed to solvents, so this means that it is suitable for carpets and some upholstery fabrics. 

This makes it less versatile since you can’t necessarily use it on hard surfaces or elsewhere in a home or building.


This product scores high on efficiency because it works in seconds. It is also incredibly easy to use. 

This pretty much means you can pull it out whenever you see a rust stain, and it will be gone in less time than it takes you to combine a home remedy. 

The efficiency of this product makes it well worth the effort.


This product is cheap. For less than 30$, you can get rid of rust stains on your carpets once and for all. 

For this reason, it scores high on the price criteria, and we believe one of the best budget-friendly additions to your cleaning repertoire.

best commercial solution for removing rust

Rave Spotter

If you want a versatile stain remover that works for rust, look no further than Rave Spotter

This stain-removing solution comes in a 32oz spray bottle or in a gallon bottle (which will require you to place it in your own spray bottle). 

It is environmentally and pet-friendly and contains none of the unpleasant chemicals you sometimes come across in commercial cleaners. 

We have tested this product on a variety of stains and found that it works wonders on oil, ink, rust, blood, grease, coffee, wine, and even pet accidents. 

No wonder it is considered one of the best commercial-grade cleaning solutions on the market. It is also incredibly easy to use. Simply spray onto the stain and blot to watch the magic happen.

Why It’s Great

  • Effective and versatile stain remover
  • Easy to use
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Pet Friendly

Who It’s Right For

  • Business owners who want a versatile stain remover that works on rust stains.
  • Commercial cleaners that prefer products that are pet-friendly
  • Organizations that prefer a greener and environmentally friendly approach

Detailed Analysis


Rave Spotter is relatively safe to use and it is safe for pets. But it is suggested that you keep it out of reach of children.

So, if you have a family-friendly business, this might be the best option for your carpets and floors. 

In addition, it may cause skin irritation if it comes into contact with the skin. For this reason, we recommend using gloves when applying this product.


This product scores high on versatility. It not only works wonders on rust but also helps with a variety of other stains, including blood, coffee, wine, and pet accidents. 

We also love that it can easily be transferred to any spray bottle of your choosing and that you require no fancy equipment to use it.


This product also scores high on efficiency because it is incredibly easy to use. Simply spray the stain and blot it to see it starting to lift out of the surface or carpet. 

You can also let it dwell for a while when you are dealing with a more stubborn stain (such as a rust stain!). It already comes in a spray bottle when you buy the small one, making it even more efficient.


You can grab Rave Spotter online for less than $30, which is an absolute steal for a versatile and powerful commercial stain remover. For this reason, we score it high on the price criteria.

X Brown Premium Anti Browning & Reducer

This carpet cleaner is specifically designed to deal with brown stains, and as a result, works perfectly for cleaning rusts out too. 

recommended commercial rust removal solution

The only caveat is that it requires some heavy lifting, specifically using water extraction equipment or a Rotovac

commercial rust removal solution

This will ensure that you have enough pressure to allow the product to penetrate your carpet without introducing too much moisture, which may worsen the rust stain.

X Brown is one of the best commercial pressure cleaning chemicals for dealing with brown and rust stains. 

commercial solution for removing rust

It is also odorless and dissolves, but it is not suitable for dilution. 

It also lasts longer since you only require enough to deal with the size of the stain you are cleaning.

The thing we love most about this product is that it is suitable for old and new stains, making it a great addition to your cleaning regime.

Why It’s Great

  • Perfect for a variety of stains
  • Odorless
  • Easily dissolves
  • Requires no dilution
  • Lasts long

Who It’s Right For

  • Places where brown and rust stains often occur, such as restaurants.
  • Commercial cleaners prefer a stain remover that requires equipment and eradicates rust stains.

Detailed Analysis


X Brown is relatively safe as long as it is not ingested. If contact with skin occurs, you need to wash your hands immediately. 

But other than that, the product is relatively safe to use. It is very concentrated, so we recommend wearing protective gear such as gloves or a facemask as a preventative measure.


This product can be applied to various stains but not to various surfaces, as it is specifically designed for carpets. For this reason, it is not that versatile. 

The equipment you need to achieve the desired results also makes it slightly less versatile in its application.


The efficiency of this product is relative to the user. Commercial cleaners with the right equipment might deem it extremely efficient. 

But, without extraction equipment, it may be harder to get the same results from this product. 

Since it is a commercial cleaner, and these often require equipment, we are still going to deem it a very efficient product. Especially because it requires no dilution.


You will pay under $50 for a gallon of X Brown, making it one of the most budget-friendly options on this list. 

Specifically, because you only use small quantities at a time, making it a worthy investment and a strong contender in the “Price” category.

RSF Acid Powder Rinse

When it comes to cleaning rust stains, products with a low pH or more acidic products are your best bet. This can be harder than it looks, considering the best commercial steam cleaning solutions often have a high pH.

commercial rust remover

We have tested the RSF Acid Power Rinse and have found that it works wonders for rust stains. This commercial dry-cleaning solution is both concentrated and effective and comes in powder form.

And with a pH between 4 and 5, it is one of the chemicals with the lowest pH on the market.

You can use it as a carpet cleaning pre-spray or as a commercial disinfectant solution. This acidic rinse will balance out the pH and make your rust stains a worry of the past.

High-quality commercial rust removal solution

Why It’s Great

  • Its acidic nature makes it great for combatting rust stains
  • Can be used as a cleaner, disinfectant, rinse or pre-spray
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Neutralizes pH
  • Safe for all carpets and material fibers

Who It’s Right For

  • Businesses that often need to deep clean carpets that are subject to rust stains
  • Small enterprises looking for a budget-friendly acidic cleaner

Detailed Analysis


This product can be deemed relatively safe but requires you to wear protective gear. So, be sure to glove up when working with it and consider covering your face to avoid inhaling the fumes.

From what we know, you also want to use it in a well-ventilated space.

According to the label, it should also be kept out of reach of children. So, we deem it safe to use when you take the necessary precautions.


This product can only be applied to carpets and acts as a pre-spray or cleaning solution. For this reason, it is not that versatile since it is not designed for use on other surfaces. 

But it can be used on upholstery and most types of fibers, which is a plus.

It is also designed for hot water extraction equipment, making it less versatile in its application and more suitable for commercial cleaners.


If you have the correct carpet cleaning equipment, this product works very efficiently. Because of its acidic nature, it prevents re-soiling, bleeding, and browning from re-occurring on your carpets.

Rinsing is a great way to ensure your carpet comes out clean and bright, so we love that this product is specifically designed for this purpose. 

If you follow the instructions and use the right tools, this might become your most efficient cleaner.


This product, and everything it can do for you, is a steal at only $50 for 6lb of commercial cleaning power. 

When looking at how much of it we used and how much you get for the price, this product is a bargain and certainly a worthy investment.  


Okay, so by now, you must be thinking. Sure, I can clean rust stains and carpets, but what about rust stains on tile and grout? What is the procedure, then?

solution for rust removal

Well, if you often have rust stains on grout lines and tiles, you might be interested in investing in Groutmaster, one of the most powerful tile and grout cleaners on the market.

We love this cleaner because it can be used on its own or added to an existing cleaner for additional grout-cleaning power, making it our preferred commercial tile and grout-cleaning chemical.

It can be hard to find something that directly addresses the stains on grout lines between the tiles. 

And many of those products are not safe for use on the tiles themselves. 

But this product has it all, with its combined cleaning power, it will leave your tile floors and the grout lines clean and bright. And rust-free.

As a bonus, it won’t stain any of the stainless steel appliances that are on the floor (and that were probably the culprits causing the rust stains). 

Just ensure that you wipe down any overspray that occurs during the cleaning process.

best rust removal solution

It has a neutral scent, so you probably won’t be left with a sweet scent afterward, but it can act as a commercial cleaning solution to remove bad odors.

Since it is designed as a pressure washing chemical, it is best used with hybrid floor cleaner machines, such as the sx-12 tile and grout cleaner.

best commercial rust removal solution

Why It’s Great

  • Can remove rust stains from both tiles and grout lines
  • Acts as a great commercial cleaner for commercial building floors
  • Neutral scent
  • Can be used as a cleaner or booster

Who It’s Right For

  • Commercial cleaners who often have to deal with rust stains on grout lines and tiles
  • Business owners with hybrid floor cleaners
  • Organizations that prefer products with a neutral scent

Detailed Analysis


The product is reserved for professional use and with good reason. It can cause harm when coming into contact with skin or eyes. 

So, it is recommended to use this product wearing protective gear, such as gloves or a mask. 

Also, it is always a good idea to use commercial cleaners in well-ventilated areas and to keep them out of reach of pets and children. 

We will say this chemical is only relatively safe and should only be used by cleaners with professional know-how.


Since this product is reserved for professional cleaners, it is less versatile than the other products listed here. 

But the good news is, it can be used on tiles, grout, and carpets, making it a 3-in-solution. 

So, even if you can’t use it at home, it is still a pretty versatile option for commercial cleaners who choose this to clean their rust stains. 

It can also be used with a variety of carpet-cleaning equipment, even though it is best paired with hybrid floor-cleaning devices.

best commercial rust removal solution


When it comes to efficiency, what can be more efficient than a product that cleans tile, grout, and carpets? It pretty much sums up everything a professional cleaner would need. 

And don’t get us started on how great-looking the end results are. 

Grout lines that have never been clean suddenly appear shinier and rust-free. 

For this reason, we score this product high on the efficiency scale, and we highly recommend it to professional cleaners and business owners looking for an efficient product.


This powerful 3-in-1 product can be yours for less than $70. 

This makes it a tad more expensive than some of the other products on this list, but let’s face it, it is still a great price for a commercial A-grade cleaning chemical.


So, dealing with rust stains is no joke.  

And there are so many things to take into account when shopping for commercial rust cleaners. 

As we know, you want to look at where the rust stain is and consider products that do not have oxidizers or bleach. You also want to consider trying a more acidic product for best results. 

The good news is we have done all the hard work for you. 

After reading this, you should be well-equipped to find the perfect rust-combusting commercial cleaner to suit your needs.

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