How To Clean A Chenille Rug

In natural chenille rugs, wool, cotton, silk, or rayon yarn is usually used. If you are a chenille rug owner, you may be understandably nervous about cleaning it. But you no longer need to worry about how to clean a chenille rug, because we’re here to help.

Chenille rugs are warm and fuzzy underfoot with an interesting texture. It is the piling of the threads to make these rugs that lend them this fuzzy look and feel. That’s where their name comes from - chenille is the french word for caterpillar.

But although they seem very delicate, chenille rugs are surprisingly durable. The thing to remember is to match your rug’s cleaning and care to the natural fibers it contains. And in our cleaning and care guide below, you’ll learn exactly how to do so.

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How To Clean A Chenille Rug

how to clean a chenille rug

When choosing a detergent for any rug, carpet, or upholstery, the first rule is always to consider the materials. And cleaning natural fiber rugs like chenille rugs requires products specifically formulated for natural materials. 

Unlike some natural fibers and fabrics, you can wash a chenille rug. But don’t use any detergent that is not formulated for natural fabrics. 

Your rug more than likely has a care label underneath, with instructions for cleaning. But always test it first on an inconspicuous patch of the rug. 

Washing A Chenille Rug 

You can wash a chenille rug in much the same way you do to clean a cotton rug. 

Step 1:Use Detergent Formulated For Cotton Rugs

The best detergent for a cotton or chenille rug is Rob’s Secret Formula Cotton and Linen Shampoo

 how to clean a chenille area rug

It’s specially created for natural materials,  and gentle enough for use on chenille rugs, handmade cotton rugs, and most other natural fabrics. It cleans, brightens, and refreshes your natural rugs in one step, leaving them with a pleasant scent.  

Step 2: Wash Gently

This easy-to-use natural fiber shampoo should be mixed at a ratio of 4 oz of powder to a gallon of cool water. Handwash gently. When you clean handmade rugs, you need to work very gently so as not to damage the fibers. The same goes for chenille rugs. 

Step 3: Rinse

Once you have washed your chenille rug gently by hand and then rinse it thoroughly with cool water. (This is also the best way to clean nylon carpets)

Step 4: Air Dry

Allow your chenille rug to dry naturally in the open air. Don’t tumble dry it or use any other heat source to expedite the drying process. This can cause damage to the fibers. 

Spot Cleaning A Chenille Rug

Sometimes your rug will be clean but might have one or two stubborn stations. In this case, you may spot-clean your rug. It will save you time and resources. 

Step 1: Blot The Stain

Blot up liquid spills with paper towels, and use a spoon to scoop up food spills. And always treat stains as soon as they occur, whenever possible. 

But avoid using hot water to remove stains. Not only is hot water a general no-no for some of the fibers in a chenille rug, but it can set in certain stains. 

Step 2: Apply Stain Removal Product 

Just like you can spot-clean a synthetic rug, you can with a chenille rug. But once again, you have to use products designed for natural fibers. 

Use Super Gel stain remover to clean gum, grease, oil, lipstick, candle wax, and crayon stains from any rug or carpet fibers. Use it to pre-spot the stains, then agitate them with a bit of water, leave them to sit for a while, and rinse them with cool water.

how to clean chenille area rugs

It rinses out easily and has a neutral scent. Always follow the instructions on the packaging for the best results. This liquid can also be used in conjunction with any of our detergents to pre-spray carpet anywhere in your home where there are stubborn stains. 

Spot Cleaning Hack For Chenille Rugs

If you don’t have any stain remover to hand, don’t stress. You can also use a natural stain removal hack to spot-clean your chenille rug. Bear in mind though, that home remedies are never as effective as professional carpet chemicals. Results may vary depending on the type and age of the stain.

You’ll need:

  • A cup of cool water
  • A teaspoon of mild, bleach-free liquid dish soap 
  • A spray bottle
  • Two soft, clean, white cloths or soft sponges 

Step 1:Make A Soapy Solution

Add the water and dish soap to the spray bottle and mix to form a mild, soapy solution. 

Step 2: Apply And Dab With Cloth

Spray the solution onto stubborn stains, and use the cloth to dab gently at them. This can also help to clean bamboo rugs when they get stained, but be careful not to soak them too much. 

To prevent spreading the stain, always start working from the outer edge inwards to the center of a stain. Once you have treated all the stains in this manner, refill the spray bottle with clean water. 

Step 3: Rinse And Blot

Repeat the spray and dab process to remove any soapy residue. Allow your chenille rug to air dry.

Chenille Rugs: 5 Tips For General Care 

Prevention of stains is always better than treating them later. 

For example, It’s a lot easier to clean a leather rug if you take care of it with leather conditioning products, like our all-in-one leather cleaner and conditioner

how to spot clean chenille rug

Chenille rugs also need general care and maintenance to keep looking their best. Follow our 5 tips below to maximize the time between cleaning sessions.

Shake Out Your Chenille Rug Regularly 

As simple as it sounds, a regular shake outdoors will remove surface dust and debris. Do this once a week, or more often for high-use areas. 

Vacuum At Least Once A Week

Regular vacuuming is also essential to keep any rug clean and dust-free. But don’t use the beater attachment on chenille rugs. This can harm the pile which is what makes a chenille rug so attractive. 

Use a regular vacuum cleaner or even a cordless handheld vac, in the gentlest setting. Similarly, don’t use a rug rake like you would use when you clean a furry rug, as you don’t need to fluff up the pile so vigorously. 

Avoid Eating And Drinking On Your Rug

As gorgeous as chenille rugs are, they aren’t suitable for dining areas. Food and drink spills are always harder to remove from natural fiber rugs. 

Instead, position your chenille rug in an area of the home where eating and drinking are not the norms.

Chenille rugs are also not ideal in homes where pets are allowed indoors. But if you have pets and want or own one, be sure to follow the next tip. 

Use A Carpet Protector

To further minimize the staining risk, use a protector to safeguard your chenille rug against everyday household and pet stains. Protect All carpet protector works on all types of carpets and rugs, including natural fibers. 

 how do you clean chenille rugs

This product is pure and super concentrated, yet is safe for delicate fabrics. Always do a test patch though, for colorfastness, as the dyes used in chenille rugs can vary. 

Use A Carpet Pad

While chenille rugs are quite strong, they can easily be damaged by moving heavy furniture around on them. If you are placing heavy coffee tables or armchairs on chenille rugs, use rug pads under the frunishiture’s feet. These heavy foil protector pads will also prevent rust stains from metal furniture. 

how to spot clean an chenille fur rug


Like most natural fiber rugs, chenille rugs require more gentle care than synthetic ones. But with the right tools and products, cleaning your chenille rugs at home is a breeze. 

We offer a wide range of carpet and upholstery detergents and stain removers, backed by over 30 years of experience. You’ll find the right product to suit every type of carpet and rug in your home.

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