How To Clean A Braided Rug

A braided rug is a cozy decor item that adds warmth and personality when added to a room. 

Its composition means there are specific ways to maintain it, so you will need to know how to clean a braided rug. It is best to do a gentle clean where possible, as this prevents damage to the intricate rug fibers. 

This article lists the best ways to clean a braided rug, so you can keep yours clean and as fresh as new at all times.

What this article covers:

Can You Steam Clean A Braided Rug?

how to clean braided rugs

Steam cleaning a Persian rug or a braided rug is a viable and effective way to clean it if you have the equipment available, or if you send it off to a professional company. 

Steam cleaning is a great alternative to a hand wash or machine wash, as it is not too harsh on the rug while still properly cleaning it. This can be used on most rugs, including cleaning a kilim rug.

The steam moves in between the fibers and clears out any bacteria present, leaving the rug as clean as be. It is also incredibly easy to do and saves you from having to get your hands too dirty. 

How To Clean A Braided Rug At Home

Routine Clean

To avoid a massive build-up of dust and dirt, which would require heavy cleaning, it is always best to do a quick and simple routine cleaning of your braided rug. 

This should be done around once a week for a rug located in an area with heavy foot traffic, and once every two weeks if it is located somewhere more remote. This applies to any rug, like doing a regular cleaning of an oriental rug.

You will just need to do a straightforward clean that will not take very long and can be incorporated into your general house spring cleaning. 

Shake and Vacuum

First, you should move your rug to an outdoor space, like a garden or balcony. This allows you to clean it out without making a big mess inside. 

Shake the rug out rigorously to get rid of any loose dust or dirt in the fibers. If the rug is large and/or heavy, you may need a helping hadn’t to do this. 

Next, you can use a vacuum to suction any remaining dirt. This will get rid of the dust that is trapped deeper in the rug, to ensure it has cleared out completely. This should be the first step for any type of rug, including cleaning a woven carpet.

Wipe Down Rug

how to clean a braided rug

Fill up a bucket with warm water and a few teaspoons of liquid soap. Mix well before applying. 

Dip a cloth into the solution, wring it to squeeze out any excess liquid, and then wipe down the rug gently. Do not press too hard as this could damage the rug. Instead, lightly wipe across the rug, making sure to cover the entire surface. 

Go over the rug with the cloth 2-3 times. You can intermittently re-dip the cloth into the solution, and squeeze it out, before going back to wiping the rug. 

This should wipe off any marks or dirt on the surface of the rug. This wiping method can be used when cleaning a Moroccan rug.

Leave to Dry

Leave the rug out to dry for a few hours, or overnight. Once fully dry, you can return it to its original spot.

Spot Clean

It happens to us all: a small spill from a hot drink, a drip of grease from a plate, or perhaps a cosmetics bottle is knocked over. Stains on rugs can be a real hassle, but if dealt with right away, you can effectively remove them.

Spot cleaning means that you will focus on washing out the specific area that has been stained without having to wash out the entire rug. This saves time and is simpler to get done. This method can also be used to spot-clean a Persian Carpet, as it is a mild form of cleaning. 

Remove Excess Dirt

 clean a braided rug

Whether you are dealing with a fresh or old stain, there might be excess debris or liquid to remove from the surface. 

If it was a liquid spill, use a paper towel to dab the area and remove the moisture. If it is a dried-up stain, use a small spoon to scoop up as much solid debris as you can. Do not scoop too hard, as this may damage the fibers. 

Always remove excess dirt, regardless of the type of rug, as this makes the next steps far easier. It is also important to do this when cleaning a Navajo rug.

Mix and Apply the Solution

Combine two cups of warm water and 2 tablespoons of mild liquid detergent in a small bowl, and then transfer to a spray bottle.

Spray the stained area generously, making sure to cover the entire stain with enough solution to soak through the rug fibers. Leave to settle into the rug for 2-3 minutes before you continue. 

Use a soft, dry cloth to blot the stained area repeatedly. Apply a bit of pressure when doing so, and continue this for a few minutes. 

You should notice the stain begin to transfer onto the cloth. When this happens, switch to a new area of the cloth, and continue doing so as the stain transfers off. 

Rinse Rug

clean braided rug

Once the stain has cleared, fill the spray bottle with plain, cold water. Spray the area well to rinse out the soapy solution, and use a fresh cloth to blot the area again to remove the soap and as much moisture as possible. 

Leave to Dry

Leave the rug to dry for a few hours, and then check to see if the stain is gone. If there are still traces of the stain, repeat the process. 

Deep Clean

If your rug has been left without cleaning for a long period, there will generally be a major buildup of dirt in its fibers. To get it back in good condition, a deep clean would be required. 

This can also be the method you use to conduct a deep clean on your rug once or twice a year, to get it extremely clean. It is a heavy-duty method, and the best product you can use for this is a professional carpet cleaning chemical

how to clean braided wool rug

This type of product or carpet cleaning prespray is ideal as it is formulated for carpets in particular, so it gets rid of stubborn dirt and stains while also protecting the rug itself, meaning you won’t have to stress about damage or discoloration. 

Shake Off Excess

First, move the rug outdoors and give it a good shake to eliminate any loose dust and debris. Do this for a minute or two to clear out the excess, before you continue. 

Prepare Your Cleaner

Next, you will need to prepare your specialized cleaner. For tile cleaning, you would use a professional concrete cleaner - for rugs, you need a specialized carpet cleaner.

how to clean a braided wool rug

We recommend using our  Rug Smack Cleaner. This product is specifically formulated for use on rugs and effectively removes all dirt and bacteria, leaving it looking as bright and fresh as when you first bought it. 

how to clean a wool braided rug

Mix the cleaner according to the instructions on the packaging, and then add it to a bathtub or a large, shallow tub container along with warm water. 

Scrub The Rug

Place the rug into the tub, and let it soak in for 5-10 minutes. Ensure the rug is completely submerged underwater. 

Use a soft cleaning brush to gently scrub the rug in the tub. Do not press or rub too hard as you may damage the fibers. You could also take it out and use an Orbot carpet cleaner at this point if you have one available. 

Softly scrub the entire surface, paying special attention to any areas with visible marks or stains. 

Rinse The Rug

Empty the tub, and then refill it with plain, cold water to rinse out any soap. You may have to empty and refill the tub a few times to properly rinse the rug. You could alternatively use a hose or shower head to rinse down the rug.

Dry The Rug

how do you clean braided rugs

Use a large, absorbent towel to pat down the rug and absorb any excess moisture. Leave the rug in a warm place to air dry overnight, and make sure it is fully dry before returning it to its original location. 


Whether you are cleaning a Berber carpet or a braided rug, there are several excellent methods and options that you can choose from regardless of your cleaning needs. 

A routine clean is quick and easy, and a spot or stain removal does not mean you have to undertake cleaning the entire rug. A deep clean does require more labor and specialized products, but can still be done at home in just a few hours. 

It is always best to clean your braided rug regularly to avoid a build-up of dirt, which can result in a damaged rug, or a severely dirty surface.

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