How To Clean A Synthetic Rug

A synthetic rug is a cost-effective way to brighten up your home. But even though you won’t necessarily break the bank when buying one, it is still important to maintain it in order to keep it looking bright and fresh. 

If this is your first synthetic rug, or you need to give the one you already own a good wash, we’ve compiled this guide on how to clean a synthetic rug just for you. 

There are several effective methods you can use to do this. The method you use will depend on what you need to achieve. This may be a regular maintenance clean, or a deep clean.

We list effective methods that you can use to clean your synthetic rug and get it back to a flawless condition. 

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How To Clean A Synthetic Rug

how to clean a synthetic rug

General Clean

A synthetic rug will need to be cleaned regularly, just as you would need to clean a natural fiber rug. This is especially needed if it is located somewhere with high foot traffic. 

If you commit to a light cleaning of the rug every 2-3 weeks, you will avoid a severe build-up of 

dust and/or dirt, which will then require heavier cleaning. 

General cleaning is quite straightforward, and you can use common household items that you probably already have in your cupboard. 

Shake Off Your Rug

First, you will want to remove as much excess dirt and dust from the rug as you can. This is a common first step for most rugs, including cleaning a furry rug.

Take it to an outdoor area, like a garden or balcony, and give it a vigorous shake for a minute or two. You should notice the debris airing out from the rug. 

If this does not seem to do the trick, you can always use a vacuum to suction the dust. This is also the preferable option if you do not have an outdoor space where you can shake out the rug, to avoid making a mess indoors. 

Apply Cleaning Solution

 how to clean synthetic carpet

Next, you will combine 3 cups of water with two tablespoons of liquid soap. 

Dip a clean sponge into the solution, and leave it to absorb the liquid for a few seconds. Then give it a gentle squeeze to eliminate excess liquid, and use it to blot the rug well. 

Continue dabbing the rug with the sponge, making sure you cover the entire surface at least twice. You can intermittently dip the sponge back into the solution to freshen it up. 

An Orbot carpet cleaner could also be used here instead of a sponge but should be avoided when cleaning a leather rug, as it could be too harsh on the fabric.

how to clean a synthetic area rug

Rinse The Rug

Once you have cleaned the rug, swap out the solution for cold, fresh water in a bowl or bucket. Soak a cloth in the water, and then dab the surface of the rug again. Do this several times, covering the whole rug, to draw out the soap. 

Dry Your Rug

Using a dry cloth, blot the rug surface one last time to absorb any liquid that remains. Do this until there is no more water transferring onto the cloth, and then you can leave the rug to air dry. 

Leave it in a cool area for a few hours, before putting it back in its original location. This method can be used for most fabrics, like cleaning a cotton rug

Deep Clean

A general clean might be straightforward, but a deep clean generally requires a bit more work and professional carpet cleaning products

how to clean synthetic area rugs

These products are crucial to effectively remove stubborn dirt and stains, without causing damage to the carpet itself. 

A deep clean will generally be required if you have a nasty stain to remove, or if you have gone a long time without cleaning the rug. 

Remove Excess Dirt

First, you will remove any excess dirt from the carpet. You can either shake out or vacuum the rug to eliminate dust. 

If there is a liquid spill on the rug, use a paper towel or cloth to blot this down. For solids, you can use a small teaspoon to gently scoop it all up. 

Prepare and Apply Cleaner

Next, you need to pick a suitable cleaning solution or carpet cleaning prespray for the rug. 

We recommend using our Ultimate All Fiber Rinse. This product is perfect to remove stubborn stains and dirt while protecting the integrity of your rug. It will also leave it fluffier and brighter like it is brand new. 

how to spot clean synthetic rug

Prepare the solution according to the instructions on its packaging, and set it aside. 

Place the rug in a bathtub, and fill the tub with warm water, just enough to cover the surface of the rug. 

Pour in the mixed solution, and use your hands to spread it throughout the water. Leave it to sit in the solution for about 5-10 minutes. 

Once the wait is over, use your hands or a soft cleaning brush to lather the surface of the rug. You can let out some of the water here if it is too deep in. 

Continue this until you see the dirt and stains come out. Once it seems to be clear, empty the bathtub. 

Rinse and Dry Rug

Leaving the rug in the tub, open the faucet to cold and let the water run over the rug. Use your hands, or the brush, to gently scrub out any solution still on the rug. Continue until the water runs clear, with no murkiness or foam. 

Use an absorbent cloth or towel to dab the rug down and absorb excess liquid. This gentle drying method works perfectly when cleaning handmade rugs

Then leave it to air dry fully for a few hours, or overnight.

how do you clean synthetic rugs


When you are looking to clean a synthetic rug, ensure you pick a method that suits your cleaning needs.

These methods work just as well to clean a nylon carpet.

A general clean can be done with a simple method and common products, but a deep clean requires a more intense clean with specialized products.

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