How to Clean Mice Droppings from Carpet

Ever been a victim of a mouse infestation? Well, then you have probably needed to deal with trails of mouse droppings on your carpets. 

You also may have wondered how to clean mice droppings from carpets and other areas that were inhabited by these unwanted guests.

But did you know the importance of removing mice droppings safely? And to make matters worse, how do you deal with these droppings that are sticky and often cling to the carpet?

Well, that’s where we come in because this article explains the best approach to clean mouse poop on your carpet.  

Simply follow our step-by-step guide for how to clean mice droppings from carpets below and your carpet is sure to look as good as the day you bought it.

How To Clean Mouse Poop From A Carpet

how to clean mouse droppings from carpet

Step 1: Check What You Are Dealing With

before you do anything, it is best to check if these are actually mice droppings you are dealing with.

Unlike home remedies to clean carpet pet stains, the process for removing mice droppings is very specific and can even pose a health risk. 

And it differs from the processes to remove pet odor from carpets. So you need to be certain that they’re actually mouse droppings. 

Mice droppings are minuscule and resemble black rice grains. These spindle-shaped pellets often appear in long trails along carpets, floors, or any other path these critters have followed. 

These differ from rat droppings (which resemble black pepper) and cockroach droppings (which resemble black pepper).

If you think you have mice droppings, do not touch or smell them as these are known for spreading many contagious diseases. Simply do a visual inspection from a distance.

Step 2: Don’t Vacuum or Sweep

once you are relatively sure you are dealing with mice droppings, the first thing you want to do is to resist the urge to grab your vacuum cleaner and take the “easy way” out.

This is because this may allow the bacteria in the droppings to become airborne and spread all sorts of diseases if you breathe them in.

how to clean mouse droppings off carpet

Specifically, vacuuming may create dust particles carrying the Hantavirus, which is spread by rodents and causes flu symptoms in humans.

This also means these droppings can contaminate other surfaces of your house.

You also want to avoid just sweeping them into a dustpan or out the door. These droppings contain bacteria and should be handled with care.

As soon as you disturb them, you risk infection and contamination of the other surfaces of your house.

Step 3: Open Windows and Doors

A well-ventilated room is optimal before conducting any cleaning procedure.

You can keep the door closed if you want privacy from pets and children, but at least crack a few windows so that you create a well-ventilated space.

Let the room aerate for at least 30 minutes. This will also ensure any existing troublesome bacterial particles have left the space before you clean.

how to clean carpet after mice

Step 4: Gear Up

Once the room is ready, you will want to put on gloves.

This is because you will handle the droppings directly and this will avoid the spread of any disease. Also, it can protect you from the cleaning chemicals you use to clean your carpet afterward.

You can also put on a mask and ensure you wear clothes with sleeves for an additional layer of protection.

Step 5: Disinfect The Droppings

Now, you are ready to disinfect the droppings.

This will ensure they are safe to handle and it actually makes them less sticky and adhesive, allowing for easy removal.

You will need to use a carpet-safe detergent with antibacterial properties to ensure that you can easily disinfect the droppings, without harming your carpet. Some carpet pre-sprays may also do the trick.

how to clean mouse poop from carpet

Place the detergent in a spray bottle, dilute according to the instructions if necessary, and spray directly onto the droppings.

Allow the droppings to disinfect for at least half an hour.

Step 6: Pick ‘Em Up

Yes, you will need to do this manually and it will be gross. Use a paper towel and carefully remove the mice droppings one by one from the carpet.

You can also use an adhesive cardboard pad to help you pick them up. Place them in a disposable plastic bag that can seal. After this, place the paper towel you used to pick them up in the same bag and seal it up tightly.

Remember, it is important to wear gloves during this step.

Step 7: Dispose

You’ve made it! Though, the work isn’t done. You need to dispose of the mouse droppings. Place the sealed plastic bag in another plastic bag and place it in a dustbin with a tight-fitting lid.

If possible, place this dustbin outside of the house.

Step 8: Wash Up

Keep the gloves on and wash your gloves for at least 2 minutes with antibacterial soap under running water. Dispose of these gloves as you disposed of the droppings.

how to clean up mouse poop on carpet

Then, remove the gloves and wash your hands in the same manner.

Step 9: Clean & Steam

Now that you have safely disposed of the droppings, it is time to clean your carpet.

You will want to use a suitable carpet pre-spray and carpet shampoo, such as our Rug Smack Cleaner, to clean your carpet.

how to clean mouse poop on carpet

For best results, you also want to follow this with a deep clean of your carpet using commercial carpet cleaning equipment.

In this regard, 360 carpet cleaners are a great option for ensuring a thorough and deep clean. You can also steam other furniture that you fear the mice have been in contact with.

how to clean mouse urine from carpet


So, it is quite the procedure to rid your carpet of mouse droppings.

It can be tempting to whip out a vacuum but it is important to follow the correct procedure to ensure that the mice droppings do not spread disease in your house.

If you follow our tips and tricks, you are sure to safely remove the mouse droppings and remove any residual stain and odor from your carpet as well.

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