How To Clean A Moroccan Rug

A Moroccan rug is considered a quality investment for your home, with its artsy aesthetic and durability. 

You will likely have it situated in a common area of the house to show off its special design. This exposes it to higher foot traffic, which means you will need to know how to clean a Moroccan rug properly on a regular basis.  

This article lists some of the methods you need to know when cleaning your Moroccan rug, whether it is a routine clean, a stain removal, or a deep wash. 

How To Clean A Moroccan Rug

how to clean moroccan rug

Regular Clean

Similar to cleaning a Persian carpet, a Moroccan rug can often be quite thick and sturdy, meaning that dust and dirt can settle into the fibers quite quickly and easily. If you do not clean this out regularly, you may end up with a very dirty rug in your home. 

If the rug is located in a room or area that generates a lot of foot traffic daily, you should tidy your rug at least once a week. If not, you can get away with cleaning it every two weeks or so. Like you would steam clean a Persian rug, you can also steam a Moroccan rug from time to time.

Move Outside 

First, it is important to move the rug to an outdoor space. Attempting to clean it indoors will lead to a huge mass of dirt in the house, which leads to even more work for you, as well as possible mess and damage to furniture and other items. 

You can move it to a balcony or garden space, but if you do need to place it in a grassy area, ensure that there is some sheet of protection underneath it like paper or plastic to prevent the rug from getting grassy or muddy. 

This should be done for any rug type, like when cleaning a wool-braided rug.

Vacuum/Shake Out Rug

You should attempt to shake out the rug as vigorously as possible to remove as much loose dirt and debris as you can. If the rug is large and/or heavy, you may need an extra pair of helping hands or carpet tools

Once you have shaken it out, use a vacuum or Rotovac 360 to suction out any remaining dirt in the rug. This is an important step as it will pull out the dust that has settled deeper into the fibers, which may not come out when the rug is shaken. 

clean moroccan rug

Go over the entire rug with the vacuum 2-3 times to be thorough, making sure that you do not miss any areas. You could also use a carpet-cleaning brush machine for an added, optional step. 

how to clean moroccan carpet

Stain Removal

If you find a spill or stain on your Moroccan rug, there is no cause for panic. With a quick spot removal clean, you can effectively remove the stain without having to clean the entire rug. 

To do this most effectively on any rug, such as when you need to clean an oriental rug, it is always best to attend to a stain as soon as possible. The fresher it is, the easier it will be to remove. Get to work on cleaning it out immediately, and you will have a spotless carpet in no time. 

Remove Excess Dirt

It is key to remove any excess debris or liquid before applying a cleaning solution to the rug, whether you are cleaning a woven rug or a Moroccan rug. 

This makes the cleaning process easier, and also prevents the spreading or pushing of the stain even deeper into the fibers. 

If it is a liquid stain, use paper towels to blot it well and absorb as much of the excess moisture as you can. 

If there is any solid debris stuck on the carpet, use a small teaspoon to gently scrape it off. This should be done with low pressure, as scraping too hard can damage the rug fibers. 

Mix and Apply the Solution

how to clean a moroccan area rug

Mix a cup of warm water with a tablespoon of mild liquid soap, and transfer this to a spray bottle. 

Spray the solution onto the stain, and leave it to settle in for 2-3 minutes. Spray it generously enough to cover the entire stain, and also soak through the carpet fibers. 

Next, sprinkle on some baking soda. The baking soda should cover the entire stained area, with a layer thick enough that you cannot see the rug underneath. Spray more solution on top of the baking soda, and then leave this to set for about 10 minutes.  

Brush or vacuum away the baking soda completely, and then spray on more cleaning solution. Use a dry cloth to blot the stained area with pressure until the stain clears completely. 

Rinse Rug

Soak a fresh cloth in cold water, and dab the affected area to rinse and absorb any soap in the fibers. If you have equipment like  a

Dry Rug

Hang the rug in a warm area to dry completely before returning it to its original spot. 

Deep Cleaning

how do you clean moroccan rugs

Once every few months, you should do a deep clean of your Moroccan rug. This will eliminate all dirt and bacteria, and prolong the lifespan of the rug. This should be done along with the weekly or fortnightly cleaning. 

To ensure your rug is properly cleaned, it is best to make use of professional carpet cleaning chemicals. These work effectively to remove all dirt and prevent damage to the rug in the process, and allows you to mimic how professionals would clean an oriental rug or Moroccan rug.

Remove Loose Dirt

Move the rug outdoors, and shake and/or vacuum out the rug to remove any loose dirt and debris. Do this thoroughly to make the remaining steps a lot easier. 

Prepare and Apply Cleaner

Next, prepare your specialized cleaner or pre-spray. One of the best available on the market is the Truck Mount Forum Ultimate All Fiber Rinse. This is a fantastic carpet cleaner that is specially formulated to remove dirt and stains with ease, and also leave the rug fresher and brighter afterward. 

how do you clean an moroccan rug

Mix the cleaner according to the instructions on the packaging, and then either pour it onto the carpet generously or spray on using a spray bottle, depending on the size of the rug. 

Using a soft-bristled cleaning brush, work the cleaner into the rug. Do this gently, as scrubbing too hard may damage the rug fibers. 

Ensure you scrub the entire rug without missing any areas. Go over the rug 2-3 times to be thorough. You can use an Orbital carpet cleaner here if you have one available.

how to clean moroccan rugs

Rinse Rug

Next, you will need to rinse out the cleaner from the rug. You can either hose down the rug well, or use a water extraction machine if you have it available. 

best way to clean moroccan rugs

Dry Rug 

Use a large, absorbent towel to get rid of as much excess liquid as possible by pressing it into the rug. Then hang it up in a warm area to air dry fully before moving it back indoors. 


A Moroccan rug is a chic decor item to have, and one that will last a lifetime. To ensure its longevity, it is important to keep it clean throughout the year. 

The methods you use will be very similar to cleaning a Berber carpet. It is best to tidy up the rug every week or two, and then do a deep clean and wash with carpet cleaning tools and products once every few months. 

For spot removal, attend to any stains as soon as you spot them for quick and fuss-free elimination.

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