How to Clean a Water Tank on Truckmount

Ever wondered how to clean a water tank on truckmount? Trust us; it’s not as daunting as it may seem! Just like any piece of equipment, your truckmount water tank needs regular TLC. And when it comes to truck mount maintenance and cleaning your water tank, we’ve got you covered.

That’s because, in this article, we’ll be breaking down exactly how to clean your water tank. And, if you’re still not sure, we’re also going to give you the inside scoop on why this process matters so much in the first place.

What this article covers:

Cleaning The Water Tank: 5 Steps To Success

Cleaning truck mount water tank

Put on some tunes, grab those gloves, and let’s walk through these simple steps to make your tank sparkle like new.

1. Drain And Rinse

Before the deep cleaning, ensure you’ve drained out every last drop and given it a good rinse. Fill it up with clean water, give it a gentle swirl, and drain. This ensures any leftover gunk and contaminants are removed.

2. Descale

After years in the cleaning industry, we can’t emphasize the importance of regular descaling enough. It not only improves the overall performance of your machine but also keeps those nasty build-ups at bay. For a smooth run, ensure you know how to descale your truckmount using a reputable descaling solution.

3. Scrub

After putting it to the test, we found that a concoction of mild detergent and warm water is the best way to bring the sparkle back to your water tank.

Take a long-handled brush and scrub the interior, ensuring you reach every nook and cranny.

4. Winterize

This step is crucial, folks. Knowing how to winterize a truck mount isn’t just for show; it’s essential. 

Maintain and clean truck mount tanks

Ensure you have antifreeze on hand and understand how to keep a truck mount cleaning machine from freezing. It’s a step you won’t regret, especially when you’re the only cleaner in town operating without a hitch in the cold.

5. Rinse And Shine

After all that scrubbing and descaling:

  1. Rinse out any lingering suds or residue.
  2. Make sure you’ve gotten rid of all the cleaning agents.
  3. Once your watertank is spotless and clear of any lingering chemicals, you’re good to go!

With these steps, your truckmount water tank won’t just function better; it’ll practically gleam. Regular maintenance might feel like a chore sometimes. Still, from what we’ve learned in the industry, it’s the golden ticket to ensuring your equipment works seamlessly and efficiently in the long run.

Why Is Regular Cleaning Of The Water Tank Essential?

Just like any piece of equipment, your truckmount’s water tank needs regular refreshing. Let’s dive into why this isn’t just a recommendation but a necessity.

The Power Of Prevention

Imagine spending a day with your trusty water extraction machine, only to realize that the water coming out isn’t as clean as it should be. Yikes! That’s not a scenario anyone wants. Regular cleaning not only ensures efficiency but also prolongs the life of your equipment.

Cleaning procedures for truck mount water tank

Protects Your Reputation

No client wants dirty water marks on a freshly cleaned carpet. And if your water tank isn’t clean, this is always a possibility. Cleaning it regularly will ensure that the job is done properly, and keep your customers happy - in turn protecting your reputation as a gold star cleaner.

Saving On Maintenance Costs

Regular cleaning can prevent bigger, more costly issues down the road. If you’re trying to run any piece of machinery while it’s gunked up, it’ll affect its performance and increase wear and tear more quickly. The same goes for a water tank on a truck mount. Even the best carpet cleaning equipment, from carpet wands to water tanks, needs to be looked after.

How to maintain and clean truck mount water tanks

Safety First

Neglecting the cleanliness of your tank isn’t just a matter of efficiency—it’s a health concern too! 

In our experience, clean water tanks mean safer, healthier environments for your clients and workspace. Regularly cleaning your water tank will remove any nasty germs that might have built up from cleaning carpets, and will also clear out old chemical residues left over from previous jobs.


Maintaining and cleaning your equipment, especially something as essential as your water tank, is fundamental for any cleaning business. By following the simple steps we’ve outlined above, you’ll have your water tank spink and span in no time - and you’ll be back to getting your client’s carpets clean and fresh.

Steps to clean the water tank on a truck mount system

For all your carpet cleaning needs, from equipment to carpet cleaning products, be sure to check out Truck Mount Forums.

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