How to Winterize a Truck Mount

Winter is coming, folks, and we all know what that means for our beloved truck mounts! In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the ins and outs of how to winterize a truck mount. We’re going to give you all the steps you’ll need to protect your equiment for the winter months, as well as the benefits of doing so and some insider tips for when springtime comes and the frost thaws.

What this article covers:

10 Quick and Easy Tasks to Winterize a Truck Mount

Winterizing your truck mount isn’t just essential; it’s your ticket to a hassle-free winter. And if you’re picturing hours of complicated tinkering, think again! Here’s a tried and tested guide to ensure your machinery stays frost-free and in tip-top condition.

Prep truck mount for winter

1. Empty the Water Tank

Any leftover water in the tank is a recipe for a freezing disaster.

So, the first step in learning how to keep a truck mount cleaning machine from freezing is to start by draining it completely. Start by draining it completely. Make sure every last drop is out to avoid any sneaky ice formations.

2. Inspect And Protect The Pipes

Pipes are the lifelines of your truck mount. A quick inspection can help spot any issues before winter hits in full force. Look for any visible damage or areas prone to freezing. Then, insulate them. Insulated wrap or foam sleeves are your best bet here.

3. Add Antifreeze

This is the magic potion for winter. Pour a safe RV or marine antifreeze into the water box. After putting it to the test, we can safely say it’s the truck mount’s best friend during chilly months. It prevents the water from freezing inside your machinery, which could cause damage.

4. Check The Fuel System

Your truck mount runs on fuel, and fuel can gel or become viscous in colder temperatures. Make sure you’re using winter-grade fuel. If you’re unsure, consult the carpet cleaning equipment manual or your supplier.

winterizing truck mount

5. Protect The Interior

Your truck mount’s exterior is not the only thing that needs winterizing. The interior should be shielded from extreme cold, especially any electronic components. Consider using a small space heater or an insulated blanket to keep the inside warm.

6. Lubricate Moving Parts

The cold can make moving parts stiff. A good lubricant can help keep things running smoothly. Check all belts, pulleys, and other moving parts, ensuring they are well-lubricated and ready to brave the cold.

7. Inspect And Clear The Exhaust

Winter means more debris, like fallen leaves or snow. Make sure that the exhaust system is clear of any blockages. This ensures optimal performance and prevents unwanted build-ups that can harm your machine.

8. Store In A Sheltered Place

If possible, park your truck in a garage or under a carport. This protects the machine from direct exposure to snow and freezing rain. If this isn’t an option, consider using a durable cover to shield your equipment from the elements.

9. Regularly Run Your Machine

It might sound counter-intuitive, especially when it’s cold outside, but running your machine periodically can prevent freezing. It helps prevent anything from locking up and ensures that all the parts continue to run smoothly and effectively.

10. Keep Spare Parts Handy

Even with the best preparation, winter can be unpredictable. Having some essential spare parts on hand is always a good idea. Whether it’s replacement hoses or additional antifreeze, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Remember, folks, winterizing your truck mount isn’t just about prolonging the life of your machine; it’s about ensuring that you can deliver the best service to your clients, even in the frosty months.

Why Is It Essential To Winterize Your Truck Mount?

How The Truck Mount Is Built

Because your truck mount is made up of pipes and tanks that hold water and other fluids, cold temperatures can do some serious damage. 

Imagine a day when you’ve geared up for a big cleaning job, only to find that the machinery pipes resemble an ice pop more than functional equipment. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Benefits Of Winterizing Your Truck Mount:

  1. Protection from Freezing: In our experience, when water freezes, it expands. So, any water left in the pipes or machinery can wreak havoc, leading to cracks or, even worse, broken parts. Winterizing ensures that every drop is taken care of.
  2. Extended Equipment Life: A well-maintained, winterized machine is less likely to face wear and tear from the harsh winter conditions, ensuring you use it for many more winters.
  3. Cost Savings: Think about it this way - winter can cause some serious damage to your machinery if you’re not prepared. By taking the time to winterize your truck mount, you’ll avoid those breakdowns and hefty repair bills.

Your truck mount needs winter gear to face the season head-on. It’s a small investment of time and care for smooth sailing all winter long.

When Is It Best to Winterize the Truckmount?

Simple answer: As soon as temperatures start dropping to the freezing point, usually late fall or early winter. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Can I Still Use The Truck Mount After Winterizing It?

Absolutely! But remember, if you’re using an antifreeze solution, flush it out before the next job. And if you’re wondering, “How do you clean your truckmount?” especially after winterization, removing all antifreeze residues is essential.

5 Post-Winter Checks: Ensuring Your Truck Mount Springs Back to Action

Winterizing is essential, but so is getting your truck mount back into prime shape once the snow melts. A thorough post-winter inspection ensures your machine runs optimally and is a preemptive measure against potential issues.

1. Thoroughly Clean The Water Tank

Starting the warmer months with a clean slate is always good. With that in mind, you should know how to clean a water tank on truckmount.

Flush out any remaining antifreeze, thoroughly clean the tank, and ensure no residue is left behind.

2. Check For Any Freeze Damage

Even with meticulous winterizing, the extreme cold can sometimes sneak through the cracks. Check for any signs of cracks or damage in the hoses, pipes, or the main unit. Immediate repairs can save costly replacements later.

3. Replace Filters

It’s an opportune time to replace any filters. Over winter, dirt, dust, or even salt (if you’re in areas where roads are salted) might have accumulated. Fresh filters ensure cleaner operations.

4. Test Out All Functions

Before you embark on your first cleaning job post-winter, test all functions of your carpet cleaning equipment. This includes the water extraction functions, heating systems, and vacuum functions.

5. Revisit The Fuel

If you’ve used winter-grade fuel, consider switching back to your regular fuel. Clean the fuel system if required.


By winterizing your truck mount, you’re protecting it from potential damage and mishaps, ensuring that it functions properly for years to come. By following the simple steps we’ve outlined above, your truck will be winterized and ready to operate no matter the weather.

Winterize your truck mount

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