How to Get Human Urine Smell out of Carpet

If you have babies or toddlers in the house or even elderly people who suffer from incontinence, there’s a big chance that your carpet may be plagued with the pungent smell of urine. 

While this is an awful odor to fill your house, it is not something that can’t be rectified. We are going to offer you some advice on the best products and techniques that will help you to figure out how to get human urine smell out of a carpet. 

There are both specialized cleaning products, as well as home remedies, that will help you to get the smell of urine out of your carpet. While both work, our products leave your carpet smelling better than it did before the incident, and are useful to keep on hand. 

How To Remove Human Urine Smell From Your Carpet

Step 1: Gather Your Products

The first step is to purchase some of our products. The ones that we highly recommend for urine odor removal are our USOR Unchained (Urine Stain and Odor Remover) with Ecocide, as well as our carpet cleaning pre-sprays

how to get human urine out of carpet

Getting one of our rinses would also be helpful for the final step of the process.

Our USOR Unchained is one of the best things to remove urine odor, as it breaks down the urine molecule chain, destroying the odor at the molecular level. 

It is also a great booster when used before our pre-sprays. Both our USOR Unchained, and our pre-sprays, are also scented. So not only do these products remove the urine odor, but they also leave a lovely fresh smell once they have been used. 

The USOR Unchained comes in a scent called Sweet Breeze. You can get a carpet pre-spray with the same scent, or choose another one of our many options. 

While USOR Unchained is advertised as mainly a urine stain and odor remover, and really is great for cleaning toddler pee from a carpet, it can also be used when trying to figure out how to clean a blood stain from your carpet, or how to get rid of poop stains on your carpet

It is an extremely versatile product and a great thing to keep in your house. 

Step 2: Apply The USOR Unchained To The Urine Patch

If the urine is wet, make sure that you dry the area first. Do this by dabbing it with a paper towel, and absorbing as much of the urine liquid as possible. 

If the urine is dry, then go straight into this step. 

Dilute your USOR Unchained with water as specified on the back of the bottle. Saturate the stain with this mixture, and press it into the carpet. 

Let the USOR Unchained sit on the urine area for a few minutes so it can work to break down the molecules of the urine chain. 

Step 3: Apply Your Carpet Prespray Of Choice

The next step is to apply the carpet pre-spray that you have chosen. The pre-spray also needs to be diluted with water, and as with the USOR Unchained, dilution instructions and quantities can be found on the back of your pre-spray bottle. 

Use a spray gun to apply this diluted mixture onto the same urine spot where you used the USOR Unchained. Once fully saturated, allow for the pre-spray to sit on the carpet for at least 10 minutes.

Step 4: Agitate The Carpet

Once it has been about 10 minutes, it is now time to agitate the carpet. 

Agitating your carpet is the process of loosening any dirt or particles that are stuck on the fibers. In this case, it also helps the prespray and USOR to get into the fibers properly. 

how to clean human urine from carpet

If you don't agitate the carpet, the cleaning stage won’t be as effective, and it could leave residue from the cleaning agents stuck in the carpet. 

This can be done with a carpet brush, which you will use to rub the fibers up and down. We would suggest using a carpet brush with rubber bristles, as this is less likely to pull any carpet fibers loose and cause damage to the carpet.

Be sure not to be too rough with the agitation either. 

Step 5: Rinse The Carpet

The carpet needs to be rinsed so that the products you just used do not build up in the carpet or leave any residue. 

We would suggest using one of our rinses to do this instead of water. The reason being is that our rinses are acidic, which neutralizes the alkaline products that you used in the first few steps. 

how to get rid of human urine smell in carpet

This prevents build-up and re-soiling of the carpet. 

Step 6: Allow The Carpet To Dry

Make sure the carpet dries properly before you put it back in its place. If it doesn’t it might retain the smell of dampness, and the process will have to begin again. 

Just using these products and allowing them to break down the molecular chains of the urine removes the urine smell from the carpet, and leaves it smelling much better than it would have before since all of these products are scented. 

They really are one of the best remedies for figuring out how to remove dried urine stains, and smells, from a carpet, and they are also very useful if you ever need to know how to get rid of puke smells on your carpet.

how to get human pee smell out of carpet


While all these methods are effective in removing the smell of human urine from carpets, only our products will leave your carpet smelling better than before. 

Our products are also very gentle on your carpets, whereas vinegar and vodka might be quite harsh, depending on what carpet you have. 

The best thing about them is the versatility and the fact that they can even clean throw-up out of a carpet.

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