How to Get Dog Pee out of Carpet

Pets bring so much joy into our lives. They're a part of the family, and we love them. But when faced with the issue of how to get dog pee odor out of the living room carpet and couch, that joy can turn to despair.

Like all urine, dog urine is acidic and can cause damage to carpets if left untreated. But that’s not the main problem with dog pee on a carpet. If not removed, dog pee can cause damage to your carpets. The moisture can weaken the bond between the carpet layers, causing the backing material to separate. 

Urine spots can also sometimes affect the dyes used on carpet fibers. A dog’s urine is much more concentrated than human urine is, and contains elevated levels of nitrogen. Don’t worry, we are here to help. We have compiled this easy-to-understand guide so that you can tackle this task with confidence.

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How To Get Dog Urine Out Of A Carpet

how to get pee smell out of carpet

The first step is to clean up the dog's urine while it is still fresh. The quicker you do this, the less risk of damage to your carpet or rug. 

You will need the following:

  • A couple of old, clean towels 
  • Carpet cleaning solution (or mild dishwashing detergent solution, but NOT automatic detergent) 
  • Lukewarm water
  • Soft, clean cloths

Soak Up The Dog Urine ASAP Before Further Cleaning

Step 1

The best way how to get rid of urine on carpets is to first soak up the urine with one of your old towels, by dabbing the carpet with it. Do not push down on the towel, as you will drive the urine into the deeper layers of the carpet. 

Step 2

Use the carpet cleaning solution and a soft clean cloth to remove any residual urine. This will help to prevent a permanent stain. Do a colorfastness test patch if you have not used the product on your carpets before, and follow the usage instructions on the packaging.

Use A Mild Dish Detergent In A Pinch

If you do not have a professional carpet cleaner, you may use a mild dishwashing liquid/water solution and a soft cloth to clean the area. Use another cloth and warm water to remove excess detergent afterward, and blot with a fresh towel to soak up excess moisture.

Bear in mind that although this should not damage your carpet, it will not be as effective as a professional carpet care product. While there are many home remedies to remove urine from carpets, in the case of dog urine it is best to use products made for the job.

How To Get A Dog Pee Stain Out Of A Carpet

If the urine spill has sat for more than a few minutes, it will start to seep into the fibers and will start to leave a stain. It is more difficult to remove dried dog urine from a carpet with household cleaners.

In this case, you will need to employ a different method for lifting the stain out of the carpet. And one of the best-known methods is the white vinegar and baking soda stain removal method.

how to get urine smell out of carpet

White Vinegar & Baking Soda For Stain Removal 

This method is recommended by many people as an emergency stain remover for dog urine. This is a handy hack that will work on many different types of stains and odors caused by your pets. It should be safe on most carpets and will get the pee color out of your carpets. 

For this, you will need:

  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Tepid tap water
  • A spray bottle
  • Baking Soda

Step 1

Mix equal parts of the vinegar and warm water in the spray bottle. Spray the stained area. 

Step 2

Spread a thin layer of baking soda over the sprayed stain. When the baking soda interacts with the vinegar, it will foam, lifting out the stain. 

Step 3

Once the foamy mixture has died, vacuum it up with your vacuum cleaner or a handheld mini vac. 

How To Get Dog Urine Smell Out Of A Carpet

how to get dog pee smell out of carpet

If you have to use what you have in the home, then the white vinegar and baking soda method mentioned above is quite effective. It can also be quite suitable for getting dog odors out of a carpet. But a dog's urine smell is another matter. 

Left untreated, the dog's urine smell will linger and become far worse. This requires specialized treatment, and we have the solution in one easy step. Our Unchained stain and odor remover is the best treatment for this smelly problem. 

how to get dog urine smell out of carpet

It not only removes dog urine stains but urine odors too. Unchained urine stain & odor-remover is specifically formulated to remove ALL stubborn pet stains and odors. And because it breaks down odor-causing molecules instantly, it can even get rid of a poop smell from carpets

Use Specialized Odor Removal Products

We also have other deodorizing carpet products that will instantly rid your carpets of all pet odors, leaving behind a fresh fragrance. 

Try our Ecocide Citrus Lush for all your carpet odor removal needs. This natural concentrate is compatible with our other carpet cleaning and stain removal products, and can also be used as a pre-spray to boost every cleaning session. 

how can i remove dog urine odor from carpet

But spot cleaning can sometimes leave a lighter patch that is very visible against the rest of your carpet. Avoid this problem by going over the carpet with a professional carpet cleaning machine. 

We recommend that everyone deep cleans their carpets with a carpet machine at least twice a year. But more regular cleaning is best if you have pets.

Deep Clean Carpet For Even Better Results

Deep cleaning with a carpet cleaning machine is the easiest and best method for keeping carpets clean in homes with pets. So for better results, deep clean your carpet after soaking up dog urine and treating the stain. 

A counter-rotating brush carpet cleaning machine will thoroughly clean your carpets right down into the fibers. This machine has the added advantage of being able to clean various types of flooring.

how to get old dog urine smell out of carpet

Open your windows and allow your carpet to air dry afterward. But don’t worry, it will not leave your carpets too wet. You can move your furniture back in place and get back to your daily routine as soon as possible. 

An important issue we have to raise is that of dog hair. If hair is allowed to build up on the carpets, it eventually gets embedded between the carpet fibers. This makes any subsequent cleaning difficult and can lead to more unpleasant odors. Therefore, you must regularly vacuum your carpets.

If your dog is allowed to roam freely through the house, that hair will add up pretty quickly. All dogs shed hair to some degree. Vacuum your carpets 2-3 times a week to keep this problem under control. Some types of upholstery can also become fur magnets, so vacuum those too when you do your carpets. 

Don’t Forget The Car

It can be more difficult to know how to get rid of dog hair from carpets in the home. The type of carpets you have in the home will be very different from the flat pile type you have on the floor of your car. But if you transport your dog in the car, you will have to address the issue there too. 

It is usually a quick and simple matter to remove hair from a car carpet with a carpet brush or a portable mini vac. Try to get into the habit of doing this at least once a week, if necessary.

how to get rid of dog pee smell in carpet

Get The Right Tools For The Job

Your attempts at carpet cleaning and stain removal are only as good as the tools and products that you use. One of the most effective things you can do to keep your home looking its best is to vacuum your carpets regularly. And yet many people don’t pay much attention to getting a good quality vacuum.

If you have pets, you must invest in a good vacuum, a portable mini vac, and a carpet brush. These are essential tools for any home that has both carpeted floors and pets. Buy the best you can afford. They will be well worth it. Also, groom your dog regularly to lessen hair shedding indoors.


By following the steps above, you’ll be well prepared to remove dog pee out of carpets and leave them looking clean and smelling fresh. But always choose professional tools and products for the best results. 

Carpets are expensive to repair and replace, and a small investment now will save you lots of hassles down the line. Contact us for professional carpet cleaning tools and products, for all your carpet care needs.

How To Get Dog Urine Out Of A Carpet (FAQs)

how to remove dog urine from carpet

Can you use a carpet cleaner to remove dog urine?

Yes, you can use any good carpet cleaner to remove dog urine. But the important thing is to act quickly. The longer you wait, the more chance of the dog's urine leaving a stain and causing lasting damage and discoloration.

What is the best product to clean dog urine from a carpet?

The best product to clean dog urine from a carpet is our Unchained urine stain and odor remover. It uses the power of high-grade hydrogen peroxide, combined with ecocide, to remove dog urine stains and neutralize pet odors.

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