How to Replace the Filter From Truckmount

Have you ever wondered how to replace the filter from truckmount? Well, you're in luck. We've got the lowdown on how to get your truckmount back to peak performance. After encountering more than one maintenance issue, we found that a new filter can significantly improve your machine's efficiency. 

And after going through this process more than once, we can confidently say that replacing the filter is easier than you think. From needed tools to steps to a troubleshooting guide, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in!

What this article covers:

What You’ll Need

Before we roll up our sleeves, let's ensure we have all the essentials lined up for a smooth filter replacement journey. And hey, while you're at it, a quick general inspection of your machine's wiring, nuts, and bolts is a good practice. Regular inspection and maintenance will reduce your replacement hours on truckmount carpet cleaning.

Time: About 30-45 minutes

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools & Parts Needed:

  • Replacement filter
  • Wrench set
  • Screwdriver
  • Safety gloves
  • Bucket or pan (for old filter disposal)
  • Maintenance logbook (for record-keeping)

How to Replace the Filters on a Truckmount

Step 1: Turn Off The Truckmount

Before you even think about touching that filter, ensure the truckmount is completely turned off. Disconnect it from any power source and secure the ignition in the "off" position.

Pro Tip: Always remove the keys from the ignition and keep them in your pocket. This prevents accidental startups while you're working.

Step 2: Clean The Y Filter Screen And Control Orifice

Locate the Y filter screen, usually in front of the control orifice. Use a pair of pliers to remove it carefully. Clean off any debris or sediment that might have built up over time. If the screen looks damaged or overly worn, replace it. A clean Y filter screen ensures optimal performance for your new filter.

Step 3: Locate The Filter Housing

The filter housing is generally located near the engine. You'll likely need a wrench to open it up. Make sure you have the right size to avoid stripping any bolts.

Pro Tip: Take a photo of the filter housing before you start. This gives you a reference point in case you get confused during reassembly.

Step 4: Remove The Old Filter

Put on your safety gloves. Carefully unscrew or unclip the old filter, depending on your truckmount model. Once it's loose, lift it out and place it in a bucket or pan to contain any residual fluids.

Step 5: Clean The Filter Housing

Before you pop in that shiny new filter, let's make its new home spotless. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the interior of the filter housing. Remove any grime or debris that could compromise the seal or performance of the new filter.

Step 6: Install The New Filter

Now, for the moment we've all been waiting for. Take your new filter and place it into the housing. Make sure it sits snugly. Use your wrench to tighten any screws or clamps, securing the filter in place.

Step 7: Test The Truckmount

You've done the work; now let's see the results. Turn your truckmount back on and let it run for a few minutes. Listen for any unusual sounds and observe its performance. If everything seems in order, give yourself a pat on the back—you've successfully replaced your truckmount filter!

Troubleshooting Filter Replacements

If you're facing issues while replacing the filter, don't fret. We've all been there, so we've compiled a list of common problems and their solutions. Let's troubleshoot:


If you notice any leaks after replacing the filter, first, ensure that the filter is tightly secured. Use a wrench to double-check the tightness of all screws and clamps. If the leak persists, inspect the filter housing and the new filter for any defects that might compromise the seal.

Pro Tip: Use a flashlight to closely inspect the area around the filter housing for any signs of leakage. Sometimes a small leak can be hard to spot with the naked eye.

truck mount carpet cleaning filters

Poor Performance

Are you experiencing a drop in performance after the filter replacement? Double-check if you've installed the correct filter type for your specific truckmount model.

From our experience, using the wrong filter can lead to inefficiencies and even long-term damage. Refer to your truckmount's manual or consult with experts to ensure you've got the right fit.

If you’re still running into performance issues, it might be a good idea to check for any other issues. You might need temperature and pressure relief valve replacement on truckmount, or you might need to replace truckmount water tank.

Noisy Operation

If your truckmount makes more noise than usual after the filter replacement, this could be due to air trapped in the filter or the system. Run the machine for a few minutes to allow the air to escape. Inspect the filter and housing for proper installation if the noise continues.

Pro Tip: If running the machine doesn't resolve the noise, try turning it off and gently tapping the filter housing with a rubber mallet. This can help dislodge any trapped air bubbles.


There you have it! Replacing a filter on your truckmount is a breeze if you follow these steps. And if you run into any issues after running through this process, just follow our troubleshooting tips.

Remember, Truckmount Forums is your go-to for quality commercial carpet cleaning equipment that stands the test of time. We're a family-owned business with 31 years of experience, and we take pleasure in helping you excel in your cleaning service.

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