Best Solution for High Traffic Tile Floor

Everyone has an area on their property where people tend to populate or congregate regularly. This might be the kitchen, a showroom, or even a reception area, depending on the type of space it is. This usually means that the floors in these areas get very dirty, very often. 

To keep the home tidy, you need to know the best solution for high-traffic tile floors. With the right cleaning products and equipment, muddy footprints and dirty grout will be a thing of the past. 

This article guides you on the best solutions and tools that you can invest in to keep your high-traffic tile floors spotlessly clean at all times. 

What this article covers:

Top Solutions for Tiled Floors

Groutmaster Tile and Grout Cleaner Pre-Spray

If you’re using a cleaning tool on your tiles, you need a great pre-spray to accompany it. Our Groutmaster Tile and Grout Cleaner Pre-Spray is just the product for this purpose. 

what kind of solution do professional tile cleaners user

Just like with commercial carpet cleaning pretreat solutions, the pre-spray breaks down the dirt and grime both on the tile surfaces and in the grout so that it easily slides off when a cleaning tool is used. It is effective but not too harsh, so you don’t have to worry about any damage to your tiles. 

All you have to do is mix it, apply it directly to the floor or into your cleaning tool, and you will see the dirt vanish before your eyes. This is one of the best chemicals to use in a floor scrubber

Why It's Great

  • Cleans tiles and grout
  • Works well with cleaning equipment 
  • Cuts through grime 
  • Can be used on surfaces or in cleaning tool

Who It’s Right for

  • Properties with tiled floors
  • Those who need a two-in-one solution for tiles and grout 

Kick Acid for Grout Pack

Cleaning the grout between your tiles can be challenging, especially if they have not been cleaned in a while. For a punchy product that makes this process so much easier, you should opt for our Kick Acid for Grout Pack

This is specially formulated to work on grout dirt build-up that is stubborn to remove. If you have tried other cleaners to no avail, this is going to be the holy grail. It cuts through the toughest stains like butter and makes it easy to scrub off in no time. 

It is also biodegradable, so you do not have to stress about harmful fumes that may become a health hazard for occupants of the area or property. 

professional tile cleaners

Why It's Great

  • Tackles the tough stains
  • Cuts through dirty grout
  • Biodegradable - no toxic fumes 

Who It’s Right for

  • Those who have struggled to remove grout stains
  • Properties with tiled showers and bathrooms
  • Fans of biodegradable products 

Concrete Master

The industrial-style decor is a major trend at the moment, so naturally concrete tiles are all the rage. While this type of tile looks phenomenal in any space, it often requires specific cleaning products to keep it shiny. Our Concrete Master cleaner is perfect for these tiles. 

solution for high traffic tile floor

It is a versatile product that works well on concrete tiles but can even be used for brick, grout, and more. This makes it the perfect product for that impressive brick statement wall in your office or showroom. 

Paired with a quality cleaning tool, it wipes away any built-up dirt on the tiles, similar to a chemical for hot water extraction carpet cleaning. Some dirt may not be visible on concrete, but this tackles it so that you do not have to wonder. 

Why It's Great

  • Formulated for concrete tiles
  • Also works on grout, bricks, masonry, and more
  • Tackles visible and invisible dirt

Who It’s Right for

  • Spaces with concrete and brick tiles 
  • Those who want a thorough tile clean 

Contec Sporicidin Hospital Grade Disinfectant Citric Acid

If you have a high-traffic tiled area, this could mean that there are many people in and out, which inevitably means a spread of germs in the vicinity. This often requires more than just a cleaning solution, like a disinfectant. 

Our Contec Sporicidin Hospital Grade Disinfectant Citric Acid kills any and all germs on your tiled floors. It is organic, so you do not have to worry about toxic fumes, but it will kill nasty bacteria and viruses in a flash. This keeps the space clean and keeps its occupants healthy. 

It is hospital quality so it can be used in medical facilities, but its organic composition means that it is also safe to use in offices, schools, and homes. The odor is not too strong, so you will be able to occupy the area after it is applied. 

high traffic tile floor

Why It's Great

  • Hospital-grade product 
  • Kills all viruses and bacteria present 
  • Organic 
  • No toxic fumes
  • No overwhelming odor  

Who It’s Right for

  • Properties with high traffic 
  • Areas that have new people in and out daily
  • People with vulnerable immune systems 

Rob’s Solvent Sealer

Cleaning up a mess is a tedious process, so it is best practice to protect tiled surfaces from gathering that dirt in the first place. You can protect your floors using Rob’s Solvent Sealer

solution for professional tile cleaners user

It is an impregnating sealer that can be applied to tiles surfaces. Our research shows that it also works on soft surfaces like carpets and rugs, so you can use it throughout your property in all areas. This is one of the best carpet cleaning solutions for pet odor prevention.

It forms a protective seal over the floors to prevent a build-up of dirt, soil, and spills. Fortunately, it does not change the look and feel of the tiles in any way, so you will barely notice that it is there. 

All you will need to do is clean the floor, spray a decent amount onto the surface, and leave it to dry for a few hours. 

Why It's Great

  • Protects floors from spills, soil, and dirt
  • Works on both hard and soft surfaces
  • Does not change the look or feel of the floor
  • Easy to use 

Who It’s Right for

  • Properties with pets and small children 
  • High-traffic areas

Top Tools for Tiled Floors

Westpak Tile Blaster Wand Combo II 

Cleaning with large, heavy equipment can be challenging for some to operate. For a streamlined tool that is light and sleek, look no further than our Westpak Tile Blaster Wand Combo II

what kind of solution do tile cleaners user

This cleaning tool comes with both a brush head and a squeegee head attachment, so you can switch between these depending on your cleaning needs. Based on our experience it is best to pair it with a pre-spray of your choice, and you can clean away all dirt from your tiles in no time. 

The cleaning head is 14 inches long and is fitted with jets. This guarantees a thorough cleaning motion with a sufficient solution at every step.

recommended solution for high traffic tile floor

Why It's Great

  • Light and sleek design
  • Comes with a brush head and a squeegee head attachments
  • Can be used with pre-spray
  • 14-inch head with 4 jets fitted

Who It’s Right for

  • Those with tiled floors
  • Those who have spaces with heavy foot traffic 
  • Those who want a smaller cleaning tool for ease

15” Turbo Hybrid Tile and Grout Tool

Deep cleaning large areas of tile, especially in an area with high foot traffic requires a powerful piece of cleaning equipment. With our 15” Turbo Hybrid Tile and Grout Tool, you will have just that. 

best commercial carpet extractor solution for high traffic areas

The Turbo Hybrid Tile and Grout Tool is a high-intensity, heavy-pressure cleaner that functions to remove the most stubborn of stains and dirt that will not budge. It works up to 2500 PSI (pounds per square inch) so it will get the job done. 

The deck is low down, so you will find it easy to get into the difficult spots to clean, like under furniture and counters. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose which you like best.

Why It's Great

  • High-intensity cleaning
  • Up to 2500 PSI
  • Low deck for precise cleaning 
  • Range of colors to choose from

Who It’s Right for

  • Spaces with large, heavy-traffic areas to clean
  • Those who need a solution for stubborn dirt 
  • Those who have many shelves, counters, and furniture 

Hydro-Force SX-12 Tile Cleaning Tool

For professional quality cleaning equipment for your tiled areas, you need our Hydro-Force SX-12 Tile Cleaning Tool

This is the ultimate tool to clean your tiles with ease and precision. It has a 12” cleaning path, so you cover significant ground in a shorter space of time. The product also has toe-adjustable adjustable vacuum relief so that you can change it according to the tiles you are using it on, the stage of the cleaning process, the severity of the dirt, and so on. 

effective solution for commercial high traffic tile floor cleaning

The tool is designed for quick water removal, with a progressive vortex in the cleaning ahead. We have found that the water is removed almost twice as quickly than other similar models available. It also has a low deck, so you can maneuver it under tight spaces so that no part of the floor is left uncleaned. 

Like with the best commercial carpet extractor solutions, this is a tool that you will invest in to last you a lifetime. The design and quality are incredibly durable. It ranges between 700 to 1500 PSI, adjusted according to the level of dirt that needs to be removed. 

Above all, it is incredibly comfortable to operate, so you will not feel deflated after cleaning. The stainless steel handles are positioned at shoulder width, and the tool is light to push around. It suits any height and it slides over the floors with unmatched ease, even if the tiles are bumpy or uneven. 

Why It's Great

  • Cleans and removes water quickly
  • Toe-adjustable vacuum relief
  • Low deck for tight spots
  • Durable design
  • Comfortable to operate 

Who It’s Right for

  • Users who want a comfortable, easy cleaning experience
  • Those who want a quick cleaning process
  • Those looking to invest in a durable product 

TMF Grout Brush

Sometimes you just need a small, simple cleaning tool for spot removal or small areas of tile grout without the fuss. In this case, you should for our TMF Grout Brush

solution for commercial high traffic tile floor cleaning

This simple yet effective product is perfect if you have a small area of tile grout that needs cleaning, or you want to do a more precise, hands-on clean.

All you need to do is attach it to a handle or pole and get to work on scrubbing the grout between the tiles. You can even skip the holder, and use it handheld for more pressure when cleaning.

The bristles are not too hard, so you do not have to worry about digging up the grout or damaging it in any way. 

Why It's Great

  • Perfect for spot removal 
  • Works for small areas
  • Can be handheld or attached to a holder
  • Gentle bristles prevent damage 

Who It’s Right for

  • Spaces with smaller areas of tile
  • Those needing a tool for spot cleaning 

Turbo Force Hybrid Tile and Grout Cleaning Tool

If you have a large property, or massive tiled areas to clean, you probably dream about being able to race through the cleaning process in a flash. With our Turbo Force Hybrid Tile and Grout Cleaning Tool, you can do it. 

The 12-inch Turbo Force Hybrid Tile and Grout Cleaning Tool is a professional-level tool that works up to 2500 PSI, so the dirt and grime quite literally disappear in the blink of an eye. Generally, you can clean between 400- and 1000 square feet of tiled floors in about an hour on average. 

 commercial carpet extractor solution for high traffic areas

The product has a sleek design that is easy to operate, and it is made up of extremely durable material. 

The automated vacuum feature also works to remove water at a fast rate, so the floor is left relatively dry afterward. This cuts down time on the cleaning process, which is always favorable.

Why It's Great

  • Works up to 2500 PSI
  • Cleans between 400-1000 square feet per hour
  • Lightweight and easy to operate 
  • Durable design
  • Vacuums water and leaves the floor dry

Who It’s Right for

  • Those with larger properties 
  • Fans of quick and thorough cleaning 
  • Those wanting to invest in a durable tool

18” Crevice Tool

When cleaning a tiled floor with large cleaning tools, it can sometimes be tricky to get into tight corners of the room or area. To remedy this, look no further than our 18” Crevice Tool

The tube head is small so it fits perfectly into tight spaces to clean. This can be under furniture, between cupboards, and so on. The valve has a single spray jet and works around 1200 PSI, so it is heavy pressure for precise and effective cleaning. 

It is a durable product to invest in, with its stainless steel design. It also has a vinyl-covered handle which makes it easy and comfortable to operate.

 recommended solution for cleaning high traffic tile flooring

Why It's Great

  • 1200 PSI for precise cleaning 
  • Single spray jet
  • Small head to fit into tight spaces
  • Durable design
  • Easy and comfortable to operate 

Who It’s Right for

  • Those seeking a solution to clean between tight spaces
  • Fans of durable products 


It is a challenge to keep high-traffic tiled floor areas clean, especially when people are constantly in and out. But whether it is a commercial window washing solution or tile cleaning solution, professional cleaning solutions are always best. Pair this with handy cleaning equipment, making it far easier to keep up with. 

It is important to clean tiled floors regularly, at least 3-4 times a week, especially if it is a high-traffic area. This prevents serious build-up of dirt and grime which then requires more intense cleaning after a while. 

Good tile cleaners are important, but you should not forget the grout. Use the right solutions and tools to keep this clean, as old and stubborn grout dirt can become an issue. 

Top Solutions for Tiled Floors (FAQs)

How do I keep my floor tiles clean and shiny?

To keep your floor tiles clean and shiny, you should use a quality cleaning solution or pre-spray, along with a cleaning tool. This can range from a simple mop or brush, all the way to large cleaning tools that use pressure. 

Is it better to remove tiles, or tile over them?

You can either remove tiles, or tile over them - both are commonly done in households and by professionals. The latter is generally preferred as it is a much quicker solution. 

But some professionals prefer removing old tiles before installing new tiles in a space. This is because installing tiles on a flat surface rather than placing them on top of other tiles often creates a more stable surface, which is especially important when tiling floors. 

How do I keep tiles looking new?

To keep tiles looking new, you should be cleaning them regularly with a good cleaning solution and cleaning tool. 

For high-traffic areas, tiles should be cleaned at least 3-4 times a week. For areas that do not have heavy foot traffic, 1-2 times a week is sufficient. 

What is the best tile flooring for a high-traffic area?

Porcelain tile is generally considered one of the best types of tile flooring for areas with high foot traffic. This is because porcelain is relatively durable and low maintenance when compared to other types of tiles. Its water-resistant nature is also favorable, as it will not take on water damage if there are leaks, floods, or spills. 

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