Best Product to Clean Porcelain Tile

Do you have porcelain tile in need of a good scrub down?

Keeping your porcelain tiles clean may seem daunting, but you can cut your work in half with the right products.

But what is the best product to clean porcelain tile? Well, there are a variety of great options to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a tool to improve your life or need a cleaning product to make your tiles shine, we will show you the best products to clean your porcelain tiles.

We will also include some great products for cleaning glossy porcelain tiles and removing excess grout from porcelain tiles.

Best Products for Cleaning Porcelain Tile

Best General Cleaning Products

You can’t properly clean your porcelain tiles without the right cleaning agents, so we have outlined our top picks for cleaning agents below. These are all easily accessible and budget-friendly.

Black Label Soap Free Rinse

The Black Label Soap Free Rinse is a highly concentrated cleaning formula and is incredibly effective for cleaning tiles. It is soap-free and contains no acids, polymers, bleaches, ammonium, or sticky residues.

how to deep clean porcelain tile floors

It smells great and is powerful enough to deal with virtually any type of stain, from red wine to pet accidents.

This product is suitable for cleaning unglazed porcelain tiles, glossy and even stone, marble, and terrazzo tiles. It’s good value for money too.

Rave Spotter Stain Remover 

Sometimes a general cleaning agent won’t take care of stubborn stains on your tiles. 

In this case, you must get reinforcements and clean the stained area with a targeted stain remover. 

And when it comes to removing stains from porcelain tiles, efficiency is key, which is why we love the Rave Spotter. It works quickly and can almost instantly remove 98% of the stains on your tiles.

how to clean dirty porcelain tile floors

This product can instantly eliminate oil, ink, food, grease, coffee, and wine stains.

Simply spray the stain, blot it, and watch the magic happen. It is also safe, non-toxic, and pet-friendly.

Top Eco-Friendly Products

Want to clean your tiles but be kind to the environment at the same time? We’ve got you. 

Luckily, many floor cleaners are made from biodegradable ingredients that work perfectly for any sealed floor tiles and have no dyes, scents, or harsh chemicals.

Below are our top picks for environmentally friendly tile cleaners so you can enjoy cleaning without the guilt.

Green Label Thymol Infused Prespray

This plant-based Thymol-infused prespray is one of our favorite products for cleaning tiles. It smells great and also includes some ingredients that will boost and brighten the look of your porcelain tiles.

It requires dilution but dissolves quickly, and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind. This product will give you great bank for your buck while being kinder to the planet.

how to clean polished porcelain floors

Ecocide Citrus Lush

If you want to clean and enjoy the fresh scent of essential oils while you are at it, look no further than Ecocide Citrus Lush.

Because of the scent and the powerful ingredients, it has been recommended for urine, feces, vomit, mildew, and organic stains and odors. But this can also be an excellent product for general cleaning and maintenance.

The best thing about this product is that it never expires. So, this is a once-off and fuss-free investment you will surely be grateful for in the long run.

how to clean porcelain wall tiles

Best For Pet Owners

USOR Unchained Urine and Stain Remover (With Ecocide)

If you are a pet owner, your pet has probably left unsightly urine or fecal stains on your tile floors. Peroxide products are very effective in removing pet stains and odors, and we have found the best one on the market for you. 

USOR Unchained is clinically proven to break the molecular odor chain, which will remove the odor and prevent your pet from returning to the same spot. 

This product has a divine scent and can be used independently or as a booster with other cleaning agents. 

Simply follow the instructions on the label and watch the magic happen. 

the best way to clean porcelain tile floors

Pet Hair Remover Brush

Let’s face it, pets are wonderful, but their hair accumulates on all surfaces of the house. For example, if you have dark tiles, you probably notice pet hairs all the time.

This is why we love the TMF Pet Hair Remover Brush. This brush will allow you to easily gather pet hair from your tiles without damaging them.

You can use it weekly to get rid of excess pet hair or as a way to prep your tiles for cleaning.

best product to clean porcelain tile floors

Good For Grout

People who clean their tiles often need to pay more attention to cleaning the grout lines between them. But, it is vital to clean these areas to avoid the build-up of dust and debris. 

Below are our product recommendations for making this process easier.

Groutmaster Tile and Grout Cleaner Prespray

Tile and grout go hand in hand, which is why it is so convenient to get a two-in-one cleaner.

The Groutmaster Tile and Grout Cleaner Prespray needs to be diluted but does not require any pre-scrubbing. Simply spray it on, wait ten minutes, and clean your tiles.

The product works magic in cleaning your tiles while cutting through the grime and dirt that collects in the grout lines.

clean porcelain tile

Premium Grout Brush with Handle

When it comes to tile cleaning, you really can’t go without a grout brush. Grout brushes are a great way to thoroughly clean the dirt and grime that collects between the tiles.

We highly recommend this premium grout brush because it has softer bristles. There are hard-bristled grout brushes on the market, but these may damage the surface area of your porcelain tiles.

In addition, the detachable handles allow for versatility when switching between cleaning walls and floors. The brush easily detaches from the lightweight handle.

clean porcelain tile floors

Best Mops

Mops are the most popular tools for cleaning tiles since tiles are often used on floors. Below is our round-up of the best mops to clean your tile floors.

Flat Mop Applicator

If you still use a spaghetti mop to clean your tiles, it is time to change.

Using a flat mop is revolutionary when it comes to tile cleaning. These mops allow you to easily scrub the surface area of your tiles without introducing excess water or damaging them.

We love the flat mop finish applicator for its simplicity. Simply attach a microfiber cloth of your choosing and let this handy mop handle take care of the rest.

clean dirty porcelain tile floors

Steam Mop

Tile cleaning has evolved in recent years, and steam mops are one of the biggest new products on the scene. According to cleaning experts, steam mops utility rely on the fact that they require zero water or chemicals and allow steam to do all the cleaning work.

We love a steam mop because of its durability, versatility, and price.

These mops can clean any surface and allow you to get into the nooks and crannies of your tiles.

It usually comes with a large enough tank to allow you ample time to clean. As a bonus, it heats up quickly too. 

Best Tools

Westpak Tile Blaster Wand

If you are looking for a multi-functional tile cleaning tool, look no further than the Westpak Tile Blaster Wand.

This tool has a brush head and a squeeze head attachment, allowing you to move between sweeping, brushing, and cleaning seamlessly.

clean polished porcelain floors

This makes it perfect for removing wax from porcelain tiles or cleaning outside porcelain tiles, which often fall victim to all sorts of debris.

The brush feature is also great for cleaning the porcelain tile grout lines between the tiles, which is often missed during mopping.

The Gum Getter

This handy little tool might not look like much, but it can revolutionize your stain-removing practice. 

When cleaning stains, the first step involves removing as much residual stain as possible. But it can be hard to do this, especially with solid stains, which can’t be absorbed with a cloth or paper towel. 

That’s where this handy tool comes in. The Gum Getter is designed to remove gum from carpets and tiles but can be used to clean the remaining debris of any type of solid stain from your tile. 

clean porcelain wall tiles

From hardened food crumbs to nail polish stains, this tool is essential for scraping up some of the stain residue before you can start cleaning. 

For less than 20 dollars, it is a steal at the price.  

Best Commercial Cleaning Tools

If you are interested in investing in serious professional carpet and floor cleaning equipment or are a commercial cleaner by trade, consider our top picks for the best commercial equipment to take your tile cleaning business to the next level. 

best way to clean porcelain tile floors

Professional Hydro-Force Sx-12 Tile Cleaning Tool

After extensive research on commercial tools, the first one that made our list is the Hydro-Force SX 12 Tile Cleaning tool.

The biggest drawback is that you need a portable or truckmount machine capable of handling 1,000+ PSI, which can operate at pressures of up to 2,500 PSI and clean 400–1,000 square feet per hour.

The good news is that this lightweight tool is made from stainless steel, making it incredibly durable. It also comes with a comfy non-slip handle, allowing you to maintain a good grip.

product to clean porcelain tile floors

Rotovac Bonzer

If you are looking for a piece of equipment that will transform your tile-cleaning practice, look no further than the Rotovac Bonzer.

This machine comes equipped with seven spray jets that are encapsulated to ensure that no steam escapes during the cleaning process. 

It also boasts a front and rear vacuum to double your cleaning efforts. The brush effortlessly runs over tile and grout lines to ensure effective cleaning. 

You will need a commercial extractor to operate it, though. But don’t worry, it only weighs 24 lbs, making it significantly lighter than other commercial cleaning equipment.

best product for porcelain tile floors

Best For Maintenance 

Robs Solvent Sealer

According to our research, solvents reduce tiles’ porosity and increase their resistance to dirt, grime, and spills, making them a useful way to prevent stains and dirt from ruining the appearance of your tiles.

We highly recommend Rob’s Solvent Sealer, a solvent-based product suitable for stone, tile, and grout.

As a bonus, it is easy to use. Simply pour it into a pump-up sprayer and spray it onto the tiles before running a mop or cloth over them.

best product for porcelain tile

Cordless Vacuum

A tile floor is going to need a vacuum from time to time. And some vacuums are better suited to tiles than others.

Cordless vacuum often boasts excellent suction power, a lightweight design, and extensive filtration systems.

Some of them even include a soft brush, which you can use to gently scrub off stains and grime on your floor.

According to our testing experts, these lightweight vacuums will give you about an hour of uninterrupted cleaning time. Also, the fact that it is cordless means you can take it anywhere your tiles are.


Tile cleaning will be much easier with the right tools and products. 

But it can be daunting to shop around until you find the right fit. 

Now, you don’t have to because our comprehensive guide is all you need to find the perfect tile cleaning product to suit your needs.

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