How to Clean a Karastan Rug

Karastan rugs are high-quality, luxurious rugs that are loved throughout the US. Although many people believe it to be a type of rug, Karastan is, in fact, the brand name of these high-end products. That said, Karastan rugs share a similar design and composition. 

They are made of either wool or synthetic fibers, and some rugs are a blend of the two. They are very durable and will look beautiful for a long time if well cared for. But eventually, you’ll need to know how to clean a Karastan rug. Learn how with our simple guide to Karastan rug care.

How to Clean a Karastan Rug 

how to clean karastan rugs

General Care 

  1. Just like when you clean an Oriental area rug at home, or professionals do clean Oriental rugs vacuuming is the simplest way to keep Karastan rugs fresh and clean. But don’t use turbo vacuum settings or pile fluffing attachments as this may damage the fibers.
  2. Alternatively, give your rug a good shake outdoors to free up any trapped dust. It’s often the easiest way to clean a woven rug if you’re unable to vacuum it.
  3. Hanging them up in the fresh air for an hour or two can also help to reduce any musty odors.
  4. Most Karastan rugs are treated with stain-resistant technology. But always mop up spills as soon as they occur. Don’t leave liquid spills sitting on your rug.

Wool Karastan Rugs (Or Blends of Natural & Synthetic Fibers)

Wool rugs are prone to over-absorption, so cleaning methods that leave it wet for too long are not advised. Shrinkage is also likely when exposed to high temperatures. 

Cleaning Method for Wool or Hybrid Karastan Rugs

how to clean karastan carpet

We recommend using the same method as you would for cleaning a Moroccan rug or when cleaning a Persian rug. It’s much better to hand wash rather than use a heavy-duty machine. 

  • Exercise great care when scrubbing a Karastan rug. Avoid using hot water on wool rugs, although lukewarm water is fine. 
  • You may also do a light steam cleaning of your rug. Take care not to hover too long in one place as this will cause over-saturation and prolonged exposure to heat. 
  • Never use artificial heat to dry wool rugs after cleaning. Allow them to air dry in a well-ventilated area, or place them outdoors in the fresh air.

Detergent for Wool or Hybrid Karastan Rugs

We recommend that you clean your wool rugs (or rugs that are a blend of natural and synthetic fibers) with detergents formulated for natural fibers. 

  • RSF Cotton and Linen Shampoo can be used on various natural fibers, including wool.  It also imparts a fresh scent. Follow the dosage instructions on the pack before dissolving this powder in water to wash your rug.

how to clean karastan smartstrand carpet

  • Alternatively, use a detergent safe for all fibers. Ultimate All-Fiber Rinse can be used on both synthetic and natural fibers like wool. If you haven’t used this product before, do a small test patch under the rug first.

karastan rug cleaning

Synthetic Karastan Rugs

Many Karastan rugs are made using their patented stain-resistant SmartStrand® and colorfast EverStrandTM fibers. These synthetic fibers are renewable sources with the latter produced from recycled plastic products.

Cleaning Method for Synthetic Karastan Rugs

Synthetic Karastan rugs can withstand hotter water than wool ones but always defer to the manufacturer’s recommended heat settings when cleaning.

  • Hot water extraction machines can usually be used. But synthetic fibers are not impervious to shrinkage, so first check the care label for further instructions.
  • Only use products indicated as safe for stain-resistant finishes, as harsh chemicals may strip protective properties from your rug.
  • After cleaning, allow your rug to dry naturally in a well-ventilated room or outdoors in the fresh air. Don‘t use an artificial heat source to speed up the drying process.

Detergent for Synthetic Karastan Rugs

Use detergents designed for synthetic fibers, or products that have been designated for use on all fibers. 

  • Formula 99 Empowered Rinse is a liquid detergent designed for hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines. But you don’t have to use it with hot water. If your rug’s care instructions indicate low heat is best,  this detergent can be used with low heat and even no heat. 

howdo you clean karastan rugs

  • Formula 99 is safe to use on stain-resistant rugs like synthetic Karastan rugs with SmartStrand® fibers. Follow dosage instructions on the pack carefully for best results. And for peace of mind, do a small test patch underneath before cleaning the entire rug.


Karastan rugs are known for their durability and longevity. But like all rugs, such as cleaning Berber rugs, they need proper care and maintenance. Rug cleaning is simple when you have the right know-how and top-quality carpet cleaning products. Get your professional cleaning agents today to get your Karastan rugs looking like new again.

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