How to Clean a Navajo Rug

Nothing adds traditional charm to your home quite like a traditional, handwoven Navajo rug. But do you know how to properly clean one? 

To preserve the beauty and integrity of handwoven textiles, special care must be given to their cleaning and maintenance. And like all handwoven textiles, Navajo rugs need gentle cleaning and special care to look their best. 

We take the guesswork out of it for you, with this handy guide on how to clean a Navajo rug. So for the best Navajo rug cleaning method, and top product recommendations, keep reading. Your rug will be looking as good as new, in no time.  

How to Clean a Navajo Rug

how to clean navajo rug

Authentic, traditional Navajo rugs are made by weaving natural wool fibers on a continuous loom. Lookalikes are often made of cotton. But whichever type you have, similar cleaning methods apply. 

As they are handwoven, and consist of all-natural fibers, always clean them with a gentle approach. This should be the norm when cleaning oriental rugs too, as they are often also handwoven from natural fibers. 

Follow the steps below to clean a Navajo rug. And just as when you clean a Persian rug, only use carpet care products that are suitable for natural fibers like wool. 

Shake Out Loose Dust

You’ve probably heard that you should always let professionals clean oriental rugs. That’s because those rugs are usually made from natural fibers like wool or silk. And their professional dry carpet cleaning chemicals are specially formulated for use on those fibers. 

clean navajo rug

Regular vacuuming is the best way to keep carpets and rugs dust-free. But most modern turbo vacuum cleaners exert too much force for a handwoven rug. If you’re concerned about this, rather give your Navajo rug a good shake outdoors.

This will loosen any dust particles and debris in the rug. Doing this frequently, at least once or twice a week, will keep your rug cleaner for longer.

Choose a Natural Fiber Detergent 

It’s unnecessary to call in the professionals when you have the right products to clean a Navajo rug at home. And the best product for cleaning natural fibers, gently, is our RSF Cotton and Linen Shampoo

how you should clean a navajo rug

This product can of course be used to successfully clean a cotton rug. But despite its name, it is safe for use on wool as well. It is a powdered product, gentle on natural fibers and soluble in water, with our patented Sweet Breeze scent.

Wash & Rinse With Cool Water

Our RSF Cotton and Linen Shampoo are formulated to use in hot water extraction, but for cleaning a Navajo rug, you should hand wash it with a cold water solution. Follow the dosage directions on the pack closely for the best results. 

Gently scrub by hand, with a rubber brush, or use your fingers to agitate the rug in the solution. Once your rug has come clean, rinse it with cool water until all traces of the soapy solution have disappeared. There is no need to use a deodorizing product, as the shampoo will deodorize your rug as it cleans.

Allow to Dry Naturally

navajo rug cleaning

Gently squeeze excess rinse water from your rug, but take care not to wring it excessively. This can cause your rug to lose its shape. Place it where it can dry naturally.

The best is to hang it over something outdoors so that air can circulate it. Never use a heat source to dry your rug more quickly. This will damage the wool fibers. Only place it back in position once it has thoroughly dried. 

Spot Clean When Necessary

Only use products formulated for natural fiber or wool carpets when spot-cleaning a Navajo rug. This is just as important when cleaning a Moroccan rug.

Our Super Gel spot and stain remover are safe and effective on all kinds of stains and all kinds of fibers. Pre-treat the spots or stains with the gel, agitate it a bit, and let it sit. 

 how to clean a navajo rug by hand

Then rinse with cool water as before. Remember to always avoid excess heat on natural fibers. This is true for cleaning a Navajo rug just as when steam cleaning an Oriental rug

Navajo rugs may not be colorfast. So always follow the instructions in the bottle carefully, and do a test patch underneath the rug before first-time use.


With our comprehensive range of carpet care products, no dirty rug or carpet presents a challenge. It’s easy to clean a Navajo rug when you have the right know-how and products. 

So contact us today for the best carpet chemicals for keeping your Navajo rugs fresh and vibrant. 

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