How Do Professionals Clean Oriental Rugs?

If you own an oriental rug, you know how valuable and delicate it can be to maintain. They are pricey yet timeless home decor pieces, so you will want them to last you a lifetime.  

Cleaning your oriental rug safely and effectively can be difficult, and it may not always be possible to send it to a cleaning company. So how do professionals clean oriental rugs? In this article, we’ll show you the ropes so you can execute professional methods well at home. 

In this article, we provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how professionals clean oriental rugs that you can mimic to achieve the desired result in the comfort of your own home. 

How Do Professionals Clean Oriental Rugs?

how do professionals clean oriental rug

Step 1: Clear Out Excess Dirt

When you have a rug laid in any area of your house, especially an area with heavy foot traffic, there will be a build-up of dirt and dust over time. This comes from people stepping on the rug, food and drink spills, or just dust from the outside or other furniture, landing on the surface. 

Because of this, the first step to cleaning your oriental rug is clearing out any excess dirt or debris from the fibers. If you do not clear loose particles before the washing process, you may find it difficult to properly clean out the rug. 

Move the rug to an outdoor area, like a driveway, garden, or balcony. Start by holding the rug sideways, and shaking it vigorously to expel the loose debris. This will get rid of anything lying on the surface. 

To eliminate the debris that has settled into the fibers, use a vacuum. Run it over the entire surface of the rug at least twice to draw out as much dirt as possible. 

Do this in a pattern, starting from one corner and working across, so that you do not miss anything. You would skip the vacuum when cleaning a braided rug, as it may pull apart the fibers.

Step 2: Clean with a Professional Solution 

Next, you will need to prepare your cleaning solution. 

A good carpet chemical is key for this step, as you need something that will effectively remove any dirt or stains, but that is also safe to use on your rug without causing damage or discoloration. 

 how to clean oriental rug professionaly

For safe and effective cleaning, it is generally best to use a professional cleaning prespray or solution. These are specially formulated for use on rugs, which means that they are strong enough to clean properly without being too harsh to cause any damage. 

how do you professionals clean oriental rugs

One of the best available on the market right now is the Truck Mount Forum Rug Smack Cleaner. It does not only clean a Moroccan rug or oriental rug thoroughly but also leaves it as fresh and bright as when it was brand new. 

The cleaner has a neutral pH range, so it is incredibly safe to use on your oriental rug, or even when you clean a Navajo rug

Mix the solution according to the instructions on the packaging. Transfer it to a small bowl or bucket. 

Dip a soft sponge into the solution, and then gently scrub the carpet. Do not press too hard as this may fray the rug fibers. 

Scrub the entire rug surface, going over it 2-3 times for best results. Be careful not to miss any spots, and this will be evident when the rug dries. 

Intermittently squeeze out the rug into a separate container, then re-dip into the solution. 

Step 3: Rinse the Rug

how professionals usually clean oriental rug

Once you have cleaned the rug, you will need to rinse it out to remove any lingering dirt and cleaning solution. 

Fill up a clean bucket with cold water. Dip a cloth into the water, then wipe the rug with light pressure. This should absorb any excess solution that is still in the fibers. 

After each wipe, squeeze the cloth out into a separate bucket before dipping it back into the water. 

Go over the rug like this at least twice to ensure you have removed all solution and remaining dirt. 

Step 4: Dry the Rug

Finally, you must dry your rug properly before returning it to its original spot. 

Lay one or more dry towels (depending on the size of the rug) onto the surface, and press down with pressure. This should soak up any excess moisture, which speeds up the rest of the drying process. 

cleaning oriental rug buy professionals

Leave the rug in a warm, open spot to air dry the rest of the way. Avoid leaving it outdoors as the dust will mess it up again, and strong sun can cause fading. 


Cleaning your oriental rug regularly is important to maintain it so that it retains its majestic appearance for years or even decades. The cleaning method is very similar to how you clean a Persian rug

This type of rug should be deep cleaned at least twice a year, in addition to quick and easy shakedowns or vacuuming every week or two. 

You can send it off to a professional cleaner or get someone to steam clean your oriental rug, but with the right products and know-how, you can save a few bucks and clean it safely at home.

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